Free Services: Look Before You Leap! (Applies to buying as well)

No one would probably care anyway, because it doesn’t line up with what they want at moment. That might be my depression that is creeping in talking.

My old mentor in the occult was really toxic, and went to levels he shouldn’t have and was one the most intense experiences of my life.

But as Enki told that opened the door to what is here and now.


I agree, yet part of me doesn’t. I know this is kind of pathetic, but who cares?

I used to be very paranoid to even react with other humans in our world, because I would see things other didn’t. It isn’t just physical things, but ideas/situations that line up. I’ve overcome that paranoia and realize that others do not notice these things at all.

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It has nothing to do with being respectful, it has everything to do with the amount of work Kurtis Joseph did with his research and provided his experiences in the form of a book. Is it the absolute best book on Ahriman out there, in my opinion, no. However, I respect the man and his work!

However, Kurtis Joseph was one of the first practioners I started learning from about the Kundalini and the Dragon current. I was watching his stuff LONG before I started watching videos by EA.

As of right now, my head is under lock and key. I have zero desire to discuss back and forth about the ideas going on in my head, due to a recent negative experiences with another male member of the forum. If you are female, then I apologize for making an assumption

I have read through some of your posts and it automatically makes me think of someone I should not be thinking about. So, right now, my mental health is of the upmost importance and I’m sticking close to the female who I see as my mentor right now on the forum. Maybe at a later time when I’m a little stronger mentally. I’m also facing some life changes and my energy gets drained pretty easily still.

As of right now, I have a hard time staying in astral and just allow myself to do what I need to do things on the earthly plane.



Giving someone a free reading to practice is not giving them a free reading for nothing… the person is doing it to sharpen their own skills. Everything is reciprocal. Some people like to do things to help others because it makes them feel good… that’s still getting something out of it.

I’m not saying there’s always a malicious intention… but every time someone does something they do it because they get something out of it. Personally I like to know what they’re getting out of it before I just take free stuff…that’s all

There just isn’t a situation where someone gets something for absolutely nothing. Even if you ask doctors at free clinics or counselors or social workers why they do it… they generally have a reason. I’m an addiction counselor and every single one of my co-workers has a reason. For a good majority of us, it’s just to pay it forward and make sure there are resources out there for people like us. But it isn’t technically free help. When I go to work it makes me feel good inside because I’ve been there and I know what they’re going through. I probably wouldn’t work at a nursing home for free because that isn’t my calling and it doesn’t feel good inside my soul… hopefully you understand what I mean. I just don’t want you to think I’m suspicious of everyone…and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with free mediumship readings (as I give them out all the time - to sharpen my skills). I just mean that things are reciprocal in nature. That’s all.


I see you deleted that, but it was well said imop. I’m glad you guys are continuing the discussion while I am away, but I do have to say the reason I help others, is because it helps me. It helps me grow stronger and learn and it feels damned good too, and seems to be something that resonates with my soul- my innate desire is always to help and defend the weak.

Sorry, don’t mean to interrupt, it looks like you guys are having a great discussion on the topic and I’m glad to see it :slight_smile: Busy in my own little world today but good job everyone.


Just wanted to bump this before I head out for the night and link to you guys an experience, that can happen, even to the experienced:

@Angelb1083 took a hit for us, because she was helping others, and then the parasite/shadow creature was attracted to her, through scanning another member.

Side note: If anyone is unaware, it’s against our forum rules to pm you about paid services, anything in relation to that needs to be taken off site, so please report anytime someone pms you and offers you a paid service, particularly if you were not asking them where they can be contacted for that, to @Lady_Eva Anyone reaching out to you about it without your inquiry, is without a doubt actively breaking the rules.


That’s correct.


  • links, images, even a description of your services, IN your forum Profile
  • offering free readings after 3 month’s reasonably active posting
  • responding if someone contacts you first enquiring about paid services from you

NOT permitted:

  • offering free readings (or other services) before 3 months
  • spontaneously contacting people to OFFER paid work, or actively trying to convert any free readings into a paid-for service (“upselling”)
  • any other activity which is plainly intended to convert your time on the forum into a sales pitch, or create a funnel for clients.

For people who do want to get involved with BALG in a professional and commercial way, the business have a contact page - I am only a volunteer mod and not connected with the business side of this forum at all, if anyone wants to approach BALG with a business pitch please do it via this page:


Thank you @Lady_Eva for elucidating on that so well :slight_smile:

Greatly appreciated!

Good. This is inspiring.

I’m glad to hear this and confident you’ll get there. Do I know that we’ll still be on this forum? Ofc, not as the universe and/or entities use their great resources and ideas to lead us, which obviously can include one leaving the forum.

I think everyone can relate; it’s important to ground and balance oneself. Good luck.

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I completely agree. It would be an interesting challenge for one to try to do something good w/o receiving benefit.

This is a great tip to promote

What if the reason is to fight drug abuse?

I understand; it’s wise to be careful, i.e., to “look” before you “leap” as the OP would say.



Thank You!

Good luck to you as well.


Depends on the request of the person. The time I offered free rituals, and it’s only been once, I was looking for things that the magicians had already tried everything they knew, and still had not obtained their goals. I asked for the impossible things. I also offered servitors when I this did. I ended up taking nine individuals requests and all but two received either what they requested, or reported that their servitors made a notable appearance when they attempted to summon them.

Possibly, but quite simply, I think many are too pompous to believe that they could find themselves under attack by such things. Others think simply that a few replies or thanks you’s means the magician must know what they are doing. Sometimes drug use or mental illness and delusions are an issue. But most often, I think it just doesn’t seem like an interesting topic, I’m not offering anything but my own opinion here, and well that’s rather boring, is it not?

At least to the newbie, who just wants to get right to summoning demons and angels and all sorts of spirits, with no notion that things could go awry, because they haven’t put in the time and effort to comprehend that magic doesn’t just work at a snap of a finger. I see a lot of people that have be warned about possible consequences and they still don’t care, but they see so many posts about how someone summoned this amazing spirit on their first try and all their worries were just wiped away within a blink of their eyes. I find the newbies often have trouble distinguishing between larpers, role players, those that are just plain bat shit crazy and the real deal.

Personal conjecture based on what I see, and I imagine opinions will vary greatly on this one.


I agree. Imo, many people walking around us are being negatively influenced by energies they don’t understand. I understand it’s possible that it is just negative energy being created by them (one’s self), though.

Agreed. Many people just want to be thankful to the magician for trying to help them. That’s not to say they didn’t receive some positive benefit; perhaps its a placebo effect or the positive effect was obtained by working with another individual (since we are social creatures).

I was glad to follow JOS as a newbie. It promotes to mostly work on yourself first. I cannot give JOS my full support though, as bad things have happened when I went through “Satan”. On the other hand, I cannot blame “Satan” nor spirits. I could have been my own worst enemy.

I’ve had experienced people accuse me of larping when I’ve made initial claims about things in the past. They did let up when I clearly explained myself.

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Honestly, in my opinion, anyone whose actually walking a true path for real, has at least one thing they are not going to tell a damned soul, because it’s so unbelievable that they barely believe it themselves :slight_smile:


That’s still a reason…
And it still feels rewarding. Trust me I teach DUI classes part-time ( I did before the pandemic anyway) and it was so rewarding when the information finally clicked for a person and I felt they really would stop drinking and driving. I thought of all the families ripped apart by a drunk driver and I felt like the world was just a tiny bit better. So in essence… fighting drug abuse is rewarding. It doesn’t matter what the reason is - there is a reason.

I think the whole message was…people have a reason for doing things, so be cautious if it seems like someone helped you for no reason.

Some of my coworkers are trying to improve the community and that’s the reason. Others are actually trying to help the addict specifically because maybe they know what it’s like or something. Maybe they want to give help the way they received it. Pay it forward.

Some of my co-workers do it because someone they love is addicted. Some of them do it just to better understand addiction and their not really that invested. Everyone has their reason though serious there’s a million jobs you could have. There’s a reason why you do the one that you do…

I agree with everything else you said. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m one of those people that will offer free services from time to time and now that I think about it, I was once banned from a forum precisely for the reasons stated in this thread, because it was assumed that I have introduced a malevolent entity either inadvertently, or for my own ends.

I am satisfied, that I did no such thing, but people can get scared when real entities are involved and since I work with the Anunnaki, amongst others, paranoia and a literal witch-hunt can easily follow any attempt to help others.

Why do I offer my services for free, you may ask?

That is a good question and has a complex and varied answer.

The best I can give, is that there is a divine force inside me that wants to get out and express itself, mostly by helping others. It is like the compulsion for the artist to create, the inner compulsion and drive needs an outlet, otherwise the person who acts as a vessel for divine inspiration and a downflowing of creative wisdom and healing will risk going mad.

Just as it is necessary for the true artist to create, it is necessary for me to channel divine power into others, to lift them, heal them, or improve their lives in other ways.

I actually tried doing paid gigs online, but I did not like what the nature of the buyer-seller relationship did to the energy between us, it tainted the experience in unexpected and wholly unnecessary ways. I now think that the only way one can truly be a divine channel is to offer the blessings of heaven (and its Queen) freely and perhaps accept donations, freely given, in return.

Sorry if that last part was off-topic, but I had to give my own 2 cents’ worth on the subject.


I can relate to that for sure. When I first was learning to become a medium… a guy told me that he doesn’t believe in that stuff so I could practice on him because he wouldn’t be easily swayed into being amazed…

So I gave him a free reading just to practice…

At first he was truly amazed. Then that turned a little bit of paranoia. That turned into terror… and telling everyone in the world about it.

“She’s so accurate freaked me out. She must be a witch or something…”

I started to be worried it but luckily the universe abruptly removed him from my life…

I guess some people are just not really ready to handle it. I personally think the whole “feel good” aspect is a perfectly legitimate payment. As the receiver of such things, you still have to be cautious though because some people are only pretending to be that benevolent.

I personally don’t know how it could be harmful to be the giver. The only adverse reaction I’ve ever had from giving a free mediumship reading was feeling the emotions the person felt when they died which - in the case of suicide - is pretty intense. When the reading is over I cleanse my aura and all that dissipates.

I agree with you 100% in that respect. I have a hard time charging people. It’s strange because I have no issue charging people for academic classes but when it comes to a mediumship… the pressure of money makes me so nervous that I can’t do it. I’ve never actually been paid for a mediumship reading. I always feel like, if I can’t answer all their questions I’m going to have to pay them back or something.

Sorry for the mini diatribe… I just relate to your post, that’s all.


Should I really have just bumped this thread?


Nah man don’t doubt yourself. We get new members everyday, bump it as often as you want to.


Bumping :slight_smile:

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