EXTINCTION- The Curse of Obliteration

Hiya! I’m going to share with you all something that I have used time and time again, because it works on humans and spirits. This spell shatters the target at the finest levels, turning their soul and bloodline to dust. Don’t use this if you’re worried about causing collateral damage around your target, because it is designed to end every aspect of their existence. You’ll want to be alone for this as it is loud and violent. It can be used on parasites or uncooperative spirits to rid your reality tunnel of them, too! So, acquire:

  • 1 black candle
  • 1 grey/silver candle
  • 1 white candle
  • Black string
  • White string
  • Enough Black salt to draw three concentric circles around you
  • A black cloth
  • A piece of black tourmaline
  • A clock
  • A hammer
  • A sigil you’ve channeled or received of your target
  • A blank, unpainted mask
  • A hole in the ground


  1. Open the ritual, and call the four corners/eight directions into the space.

  2. Face the north, and set up the candles on the black cloth in a triangle with its vertex as the grey candle in the north, the black candle in the east and the white in the West.

  3. Declare “Ender of Stories in the North, open your pillar”, “Drinker of Lives in the East, open your pillar”, and “Beacon of Disaster in the West, open your pillar”, repeating each until you feel the presences awaken within the candles. Light them when you do.

  4. Declare “in this Great Space, (N) shall be taken to never return to the cycle of life, forever and eternally removed from all worlds and times”. Feel the power rise through the cloth and connect to the candles.

  5. Face the east, and begin drawing three concentric circles with black salt around you, vibrating “Be Consumed, (N)’s anchors and protectors” as you do so.

  6. When the circles are drawn, declare “The bodies, minds, and spirits which support and maintain (N)’s existence fall to the Teeth of Tartarus”. Feel the power enter the salt until it rises in jagged peaks to surround you and cut off the target’s allies.

  7. Place the black tourmaline in the center of the candles, and feel the intelligences within them reach out to connect the stone to the pattern. Vibrate “The deepest, strongest parts of (N) are within your stomach, Tartarus. (N)’s stories are over and lives consumed, replaced by constant unending ever-growing disaster. (N) belongs completely and comprehensively to the Bad Star, Leaver of Voids.” Feel the target’s energy in the stone being held by the candle beings.

  8. Place the clock between you and the stone, and declare “this is the totality of (N)’s being, perception, and experiences- forces of extinction, this is my offering to you in place of my life. May all that (N) is satiate you fully, and satisfy your endless hunger.” Feel the target’s energy and entire being as the clock, and take notice of the intelligences that come to the bounds of your rite, waiting.

  9. Hold the blank mask with both hands and declare “That Which Erases All, I ask for your blessing as I cover my face with your own. Allow no trace of this magic to attach to me, and erase the bonds which allow (N)’s bodies, minds, and spirits to exist.” You may feel that that the mask becomes even more ‘blank’, which means it’s enlivened properly. Don it.

  10. Hold the white string in your left hand and the black string in your right, and declare “In my left hand, I take the lifeline of (N) away. In my right hand, I pollute, poison, and infect all that (N) was, is, could have been, and wanted to be.” Feel the powers in them activate respectively.

  11. Take the hammer into your right hand, and put the back of it on the Ajna of the blank mask. Feel the powers you’ve called enter the hammer as you declare “As this weapon affixes features, so too shall it irrevocably pin the immediate obliteration of (N) to the fabric of time. Those that attempt to remove or reverse this magic shall become inseparable with it, serving as sacrifice to the powers before me.” The Hammer has some different feelings depending on the target, you’ll know when it’s ready to use.

  12. Tie the black and white strings around the hammer, feeling it exponentially magnify in power and accuracy. Declare “With this weapon, (N) is extinct, obliterated from every form of perception possible.”

  13. Place the sigil of the target on the clock, and feel/be totally convinced that before you is the totality of the target everywhere and everywhen they could or would exist in. You have their entire being, including soul, before you. Feel it as the powers around you continue to grow. Make sure this isn’t on the cloth.

  14. Facing west, raise the Hammer above your head with both hands and feel the cosmic oceans of extinction power fill it.

  15. Feel yourself in the torrent of power as it continues to grow as you swing the hammer down into the clock. Feel the entirety of your target break apart as the power floods inward, and keep on swinging, being sure to completely destroy the clock as you vibrate “(N) is extinct” over and over until it is good and demolished. Keep hitting it until you feel the power has fully left the ritual and entered the world.

  16. When you feel it has, still yourself, give thanks to the spirits, and, while wearing the mask, clean up and bring EVERYTHING- all of the ritual tools, even the broken glass- to the hole in the ground.

  17. Throw everything in the hole before taking off the mask and giving thanks again and throwing it on top of the stuff.

  18. Cover the hole, don’t look back or think about it as you leave, and go take a bath. Seriously, you’ll need to really cleanse after this and just don’t think about it. Push it out of your mind as much as possible unless you want to run the risk of getting targeted by the same forces you sent out; do everything you can to distract yourself for the next three days.

This works well enough to even erase memories about the target, so be prepared for a major lull in your energetic tide. Focus on refueling instead of doing any other magic until you feel normal again. :slight_smile:


The theory behind this stuff fascinates me. I have one question after my first read through: Isn’t black tourmaline generally considered a protective stone?


It’s considered a protective stone for its absorption qualities, here it is used to soak up all of the target’s deepest and strongest parts so there’s nothing left that could escape. :slight_smile:


Does it have to be a specific type of clock? Swiss quartz or clockwork, etc? What about a potato powered clock? I am not being snarky here, just think smashing a potato might be extremely gratifying (if messy) for a ritual of Obliteration.


Haven’t tried a potato clock, but having glass is the important feature because glass is the best tool to symbolize a membrane of reality, which, you need to smash to obliterate the target. :slight_smile:


So as long as the clock portion has glass, a potato powered clock would work. Gotchya​:+1::sunglasses:


The mask? The symbolism to me states: this isn’t personal, just business, but I could see how it might be a way to obfuscate attempts by the target to identify the caster. Am I on the right track?

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Correct! Also, it puts you in the shoes of a power much much bigger than yourself- and if you reach deep enough into the power, you kind of become/assume the godform of That Which Erases All by donning the mask. :slight_smile:


That Which Erases All…as a godform, I am u familiar with that, though that isn’t surprising given my relative N00b status when it comes to this type of magick. I get the concept of the godform by its self explanatory name. I do not quite understand the how, though. As in: How does this godform work?

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That’s why this is a scorched-earth ritual, something you do when you want there to be nothing left of the target: That Which Erases All is the archgod (my word for completely unique, one-of-a-kind consciousness that rules entire facets of reality/worlds) of death, meaning that it is the consciousness of every being that ever has, is, or could exist in the currents of death. It is what takes EVERYTHING out of manifestation/perception, no matter how big or small, it’s responsible for it all. :slight_smile:


Ah! Death, with a capital D. That concept I am familiar with. I wrote a short story a few years back which involved a conversation between Death and a Diety fighting over a mortal. Death warned the Diety, “Even You, in the fullness of Time, shall be reaped and face Oblivion.” Similar in concept? Yes?


‘In strange aeons, even Death may Die’- it is those ‘strange aeons’. :slight_smile:


Do you perform in the theta state?

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Watch out when smashing the potato. It might shoot across the room instead.

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Yes! :slight_smile:

That’s when you use a meat tenderizing hammer instead of any other kind🤣


Bumping! I have a feeling someone may need this. :slight_smile:


Gotta pull weeds out by the roots sometimes.


This ritual impressed me, it’s unique, and going to write it all down. Don’t need it ATM, but something like this would be good to have on-hand. Nice.

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Hey, thanks! :slight_smile:

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