Gonna evoke belial need information

What color, planet element, and direction is Belial associated with?

Oh, and can you guys give me his enn thanks!


Lord Belial has several different associations depending on where you get the information. In Demonolatry, he is considered to be an earth demon; however, in my experience, he seems to embody both earth and fire. His enn also reflects the earth element.

I also associate him with black, red, and gold. I’ve also burned Myrrh and Sandalwood. He seemed to enjoy those incenses as well. I suppose it depends on his mood and what kind of relationship he has with you. Also, when starting out, I would suggest invoking or evoking him at night. Once a relationship is established, he can be called anytime.

Here’s some general information commonly associated with him though, his preferences may vary as you connect with him:

Demon of the Night – King Belial (Night Demon)

Color: Yellow
Incense: Frankincense
Metal: Gold
Direction: North/South
Tarot: 6 of Swords
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire (Earth)
Plant: Mullein
Demonic Enn: Lirach tasa vefa wehlic Belial
Date (Connolly): Jan 30 - Feb 8 (Night Time)
Date (Runyon): Feb 24-29

Dates: January 30th – February 8th (Connolly) (Tikaboo) (Night Time)
Alternate Dates: February 24th – February (28th?)29th (Runyon)


Just finished evoking Belial
As I Drew his sigil I tasted blood and Iron in my mouth
I asked if he was there and this song started playing makes it pretty obvious he heard me :joy:


Ahahaha! That’s awesome. Lord Belial sure has a good sense of humor.

When I first met him, I didn’t call upon him. He approached me of his own accord using music as a medium as well. Very interesting.


Shortly after we both listened to Metallica
Evocation went great :joy::ok_hand:


Quick question, can Belial take a somewhat human face? I was doing an evocation yesterday b4 I slept. I’ve found I’m luckier this way if it,s my 1st evocation. I saw darkness, and a human face that didn’t really look at me, but I saw his eyes. Can someone in here explain to me what I may have seen?

Question for my own personal sake what color was his eyes to you?

but to me before he came as basically a clone of me


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@1st, i saw plenty of green/yellow dots/circles in the dark. When I asked he reveal himself, there was this shape that looked like a human face. From what I remember, the eyes were dark. Maybe black. But then there was this other not human figure looked like it could be viscious with yellow eyes. They didn’t say anything to me.

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I would get him some good alcohol as an offering

that is indeed what i seen yellow eyes just staring at me from… well me

others are more knowledgeable of him that was just my experience with him

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Wow! So do u think I saw him too? I’m gonna do another evocation while I’m awake today so I don’t pass out and miss on all the fun.

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either him or something else

ALWAYS trust yourself dude if your gut told you it was him then it was him.

and dont try to force his shape into that of a man let it happen accept whatever you see as reality

I didn’t force it. The face just showed up plus the other monster looking face that just looked at me and didn’t say anything. So I was kinda confused about it. :woman_facepalming:

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that im not sure about maybe he has body guards? i know king paimon does


He can appear as two entities simultaneously. The Goetia mentions his appearance as two angels driving a chariot of fire for example.


Thanks @Nyxifer. So I’ll try again tonight.

I evoked King Belial again. Last night not much happen. This morning at around 6am, I reached out to him in my half asleep state. This time around, saw 2 skulls, and one other shape that had a long curved nose. I asked him to show me he was present, he insisted I go to the bathroom to pee. When I did, my hair spray was on the floor. It wasn’t on the floor last night when I brushed my teeth b4 going to bed. Then I asked to feel his energy. It was warm. Not like King Paimon or Lucifer, just some warmth that was probably warmer than Luke-warm water. Id been calling him Belial for the longest while, but this morning, he told me I should call him King Belial. I didn’t remember for sure if he was 1 of the demonic kings. After that convo, I thanked him for his presence and immediately looked up the 9 demonic kings. I then understood why he wanted me to always refer to him as King Belial.


Does anyone on this thread have an input to what I saw? Also, I’d like to know what u experienced in regards to King Belial’s energy. Thanks in advance.

So I evoked King Belial again. He clearly hit me on a topic I didn’t expect. He told me I needed to take my medications. I’d skipped them for 2 weeks. The medication is in the form of an auto-inject syringe. I do fine with regular needle, but not the auto-inject esp since it hurts like hell. Is king Belial known to do this?

If he thinks you’re harming yourself not taking it and that you’re not taking it through weakness, yes, that seems right up his alley.