Evocation Of Fastos [Incantations, The Demonic Tongue, And The Origin Of Demonic Script]


Thanks for your efforts, Brother Micah. Continue the Great Work!

2019 - The Year the Infernal Empire is finally established on Earth!

Hail Lucifer!


In these videos, they talk about a theoretical “reality language”. Could the demonic/celestial and Enochian languages be the *8th Dimensional" code that they’re talking about?:

We Are Living In A Simulation - New Evidence!

The Simulation Theory - Hacking Reality (Must See)


May I ask how I can define where the money is going to come from? And not to trigger the life insurance of some one I love.


Yesterday I performed the Bornless Ritual followed by the Myrrh spell from the PGM.

I used a stick of Myrrh incense which I had consecrated previously using the spell for all ocasions which is on the next page of that book.

While the incense was burning I decided out of the blue to perform the rite for sex.

I visualized the whiteness, let my feelings rise and chanted the incantation. Than I formed a mental image of the desired and spoke the incantation once more.

Than I became a bit confused, reading the next incantation ‘to open up the gateway of sound’ and decided to chant this also three times, closing with one final repetition of the incantation for sex.

I closed with the license to depart and the LBRP.

Today she was at my door, cheerful, and I was permitted a little touching. Not quite there yet, but I’m going to repeat the rite today. I will do it as a I have done, but for future workings I need some clarification please. @Micah Is the opening up of the Gateway of Sound the first of the incantations to be used?


Lol it’s an optional chant to use
Like a seperate chant that increases the potency of the sounds of Mantras


Okay, so I guess it IS the one to use before any other incantation than. Thanks for the reply and providing all of these.


Just the incantation? No catch?


Emotions as a language:



I gotta ask; what’s the number of times to chant? Also do I need to be in TGS or a different state?


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thank you!!!


How do i know if i am pronouncing the incantation correctly?
Do i need a red candle for this ritual?


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