Evicted With No Altar to Go To!

I just wanted to let you all know, that I was evicted today, 21 August 2017, from my apartment. I am officially homeless again. Thank you all for all your help and support.

I have not given up on magick. Magick works. The spirits move in mysterious ways and things in life happen the way they do for a reason. In your rituals and prayers, remember the poor and the unfortunate on this planet. Continue to be thankful and show gratitude for what you have. Remember, things could be much worse. Especially in today’s sociopolitical climate.

Again, thank you all.

Keep me in your prayers and rituals. Praise Lucifer! Praise the ancestors!


I been there a lot. It’ll make you stronger, but it sucks. I got you in my thoughts. Hopefully we can all do rituals for you too.

The homelessness might help your magic. I was always pretty magical at being homeless. Keep your eyes on those little gifts.


I’ve been where you are. Things will get better. Stay positive, in time you will have more than you have lost. Praise Lucifer.


Thank you all.

I’ll be taking Nitika ‘on the road’ so to speak. So, I’m still doing my affirmations and visualizations. When the moon is waxing, I’ll continue to do my Ziku ritual. I’m continuing to pray to Lord Lucifer.

And I’m continuing this…

Praise Lucifer!


What sort of area are you in? Do you have money to keep you alive? I would highly suggest you go somewhere where it is more “friendly” for your situation. If your out in a rural area, unless you have survival skills I would get away from there asap and travel towards civilization where you can make stuff work for you.


I agree, find a city that is chill to homeless (and the homeless are fairly chill), and The Sidewalk will provide.

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The West Coast is more chill to them as it is more “Liberal.”


You could say that. I found that the crystal meth can just fall into one’s lap over there too though lol


You see… thats one of the big Secrets to “how they get you.” Stay away from the drugs =) the drugs lower your psychic defenses, which leads chinks in your armor for parasites to come… then it makes your manifestation powers less effective.


I live in Washington, D.C. It’s not as “homeless friendly” here as it used to be. I can’t use the Shelters because with my sleep-apnea I snore VERY LOUD. and I end up getting into fights with people.

Very negative energy. “If I can’t sleep, YOU CAN’T SLEEP!” Then some dude tries to break your nose. You’re lying in a puddle of blood with no one to help you.

I have no real friends. The ones I do have are going through their own issues. The irony is, those two were my roommates who abandoned me months ago.

I’ve thought about making my way ‘Out West’. Is it still possible to hitchhike these days? I’m broke.

Praise Belial! I’ll definitely try him tonight! Thank you all!

I’ll post as soon as I can.


Well Belial is good for “Creating Situations” that help you out. My experiences with him is that he has a tendency to make people like you more and being down to Earth…to “Favor you.” It says in the grimoire that he grants favors from both Friend and Foe alike. He also grants something called “The Favor of Kings” as he is a Great King. In knowing that, he could probably create some sort of situation that would help you out in the form of Granting Favors where random or not so random people may help you out.

What you could probably do is call out to him and ask him something “very specific” and to grant you a Fast Solution to get you where you need to go. Don’t make it about magick or this and that. Be short, concise and practical… and Be Strong in your convinction, your goal. It must be like making a decision with 100% Certainty when you call upon him. Call upon him to move foreward like you do not want to ever look Back, but to just move foreward towards something better.

and No…I do not know anything about Hitchhiking. Never done it before in my life.


Don’t know much about DC or Maryland for that matter. I just mostly know New England. Maybe if you can make it up to MA, you might find some help. It’s rough though. Concord, NH has a fairly benign homeless population, but the meth is starting to get as bad as the junk. There aren’t many shelters, if any, but there are a lot of places to pitch a tent (or there was), and you’re bound to run into a big brother type who may want to take you under his wing if you’re cool.


Hitchhiking just gets worse over the years.

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Most helpful people will be out of churches too. Just putting that out there.

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Perhaps it is the time that you consider a pact! Chose someone wisely in all your endeavors. You are being tested and if you break, the spirits will have no mercy on your soul.

What I suggest is not only visualization, but absolute control and dominace over you situation and absolute manipulation of your own self control.

I don’t know what the hell is making me type this but who ever it is, it is attempting to purge weakness out of your soul.

Somebody is mad at you but I don’t know why.

Maby it’s a spirit attached to you?

What ever it is perform a ritual with 2 black candles (one on your left and one on the right on both sides of the floor) and command the powers of darkness to release what ever negative hold is on you and command the freedom for growth and evolution that you desire in all aspects of your life.

After that continue doing rituals of the liking for money, a steady roof over your head and also one for ascension.

Tell us how it went.

Please feel free to ask all the bothers and sisters for help. That is what we are here for.


Think about about a pact only if you feel it necessary. Other than that, you have to WILL, and take absolute control of your life and manifest it the way you want it.


Sony to hear that, if your homeless why don’t you find an old abandoned Haunted House to squat in well its better than nothing, or a mausoleum at a Cemetery until you find a suitable accommodation, good Luck.


I’m making plans to move to Limestone, Maine at the end of the year. Any advice for a NYC man?


I don’t know much about Limestone, but if it is anything like a lot of rural New England, be prepared for things to slow down a lot. Be prepared for everybody to know everybody, and to see the same people over and over again. It’s funny because there should be a lot of space. The simplicity might agitate you at times, and the drama may be over some dumb shit pretty often, but if it’s anything like the rural experiences I’ve had, you’ll enjoy keeping to yourself. The local “tough-guys” are good for a laugh, but the real ones can probably wrestle cows or something. What has attracted you to Limestone?


I don’t mind the solitude, I’m a introvert. I’m planning on buying some land there for my retirement. And Maine is gay friendly.


I’ve been to a nice club in that state, but I was too drunk to remember the name and town. I don’t recall ever having a problem with any homophobes from Maine, but the current governor is a little wonky. It’s a beautiful area, all things considered, and the land gets cheaper up North.

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