Enough is enough

I’ve tried anything within my power to make magick work, but nothing seems to be working for me. Maybe magick is not meant for me and I’m just forcing it. And also since my country is the poorest and hugely depends on foreign assistance, maybe that’s why spirit’s I’ve a trouble in making my dream come about.

I’ve done tons of excercises to develop my astral senses and tried to summon demon’s several times but nothing like any success at all.

I don’t want to be hard on myself, but honestly I’ll put magick a side and instead focus on the real world. If demon’s wanted to help me the would, imagine all those trails since 2017 since started practicing magick.

Your country is the poorest? I’d have thought other countries were more poor.

Also, no one said this path is easy, you need to keep practicing


Everyone can do magick, but you have to push it until you get a breakthrough. Sometimes it can take years. And you have to practice everyday, at least until things start happening.

Also, don’t go directly to believe that you’re failing because you haven’t developed senses. Better take a powerful, but easy, grimoire, like The magick of Angels and Demons, by Henry Archer, and roll with it for some time. Is a very good book.

Also, also, make sure you are not lusting for results and so on.


Uganda is not the poorest. I’m Kenyan and I have practiced for about a year now, and even though I still can’t see or hear them, I have managed to manifest things that I would not have, if I did not come across magic.
So no it is not about being African or being poor, you are blocking yourself.


I thought so too, Uganda does fairly good compared to other African countries

Africa is filled with black magick, go into Voodoo

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He should stop with the mentality that because we are African, we are disadvantaged in some huge way.


Sometimes both in magick and spirituality (e. g. yoga) indeed, it does happen to pause and focus on life/world. Perhaps maintain one thing as a daily routine, such as theoretical study, working on the chakras… then add or focus more on another one, when you’ll be back at it probably it’s going to be better.

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Well, Africa has disadvantages compared to Europe I think.

You guys just buy books, then jump into calling spirits and stuff.


Some of us just use their sigils online

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Corruption plays a big part, which OP has mentioned.

Unfortunately, alot of foreign aid ends up in the hands of corrupt officials that line their pockets and use the suffering of their populace to bilk even more foreign aid out if other countries which creates a nasty loop.


No that’s not the reason why your magick isn’t working. Many people here come from countries that rely on foreign assistance and they manage to work their magick with no issue. Depending on assistance has nothing to do with magick, spirits couldn’t care less about that.

…so keep trying. Keep pushing.

The question is why should help at this point if all you do is complain about them? How do you know they don’t hear you? How do you know they aren’t helping you?!?!! It takes people years to perfect their work. It’s not something that’s going to happen overnight. If you feel the magick isn’t working then take some time off, ground yourself and start over again.

Sometimes people need a break and there’s nothing wrong with taking one.


True, but I think that’s everywhere

Perfect point arachnos, I’ll give you five start. You definitely understand and know the truth. Magick alone can’t. What favors magick is the nature of the country.

Lux fero is a sage. Not magicians nor sorcerer. Just very knowledgeable person. I’ve had several conversations with him

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Friendly reminder re the no politics rule.

Politics can be discussed if you take it to PM.


Maybe you’re trying to jump to conclusions too fast. Why do you want to lean magick for ? Is it to make it your job ? Is it because like me life has been a bitch and magick is basically the least it could do after the shitty life you had ? Is it revenge ? Is it because you want power ?

Whatever the reason, try to fulfill you most basic problems with it for now. Are you okay with your mom ? Do you have friends ? Do you need money cause you have a basic need that is not being fulfilled ? Basic magick can help with that, you don’t need to make a Full HD evocation in 4K of Satan and his evil gay brother yo pull it off, a few words of power from GOM, a few sec magick sigil firing, 1-2 servitors can all help in that.

So here is my advice, can your life back together first using magick, than focus on evocations and higher stuff like that May it be Clair audience or clairvoyance. If you need a new girlfriend, making a petition to Haniel (I work mostly with angels, also why such a focus on demons specifically ? ) will work as well as a full evocation of him.

So have fun with Magick. Stop taking it so seriously, you want to use magick to have a good easy life, that doesn’t mean that it has to be a burden or a monumental task.

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Also just so you know I’m from Africa too. Not gonna specify the country, but I’m LuxFero’s « neighbor ».


Also one last thing since some one talked about inner blocks (I know I should have made it all one big post, sorry babes)

If you do have those, than start with a petition to Shemshiel. Hes one of the 42 angels of the name of God. He has the power to reveal hidden blocks in your life May they be internal or external.

Make a petition to him and ask that he reveals to you what blows your Magick. The answer might be subtle, but if it’s inner blocks, I already wrote a full guide on how to get rid of mental emotional and psychological blocks elsewhere :

Here is a petition tutorial I personally used in my beginnings to get 150.000 CFA ( ~300 USD) from my higher self. It was during my beginnings, and it was written by DarkestKnight. I recommend you change « in the name of the light bearer » by in the
Name of YHWH :