Energy work

So ive spent the last 6 months getting to know and learning about the occult world. I feel like my spiritual knowledge on the subject is at a decent point but my actual magical knowledge and practice are very lacking. I cant sense energy, I cant astral travel and i cant view the spirits unless they are trying to make themselves known.

My qyestion is if anyone has a book they could direct me toward or a post on here to help with basics of working with energy, seeing auras, feeling spirits and incantations set on objects ( spirit vessels). How i can see my spirit guide like the psychic i saw can.

A really solid place to start at least most of what you ask for is covered here:

Unless you haven’t already found this post?

Then if not check here:

And here;

All this info should at least help start you off.


Ahh man You win a gold fucking star for the day!!! Cuz you just gave me a couple days worth of reading mats.

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Glad I could be of use. :slight_smile: