Energy Stealing

Hey guys I’ve heard that it’s possible to take and steal energy . How is this even done . I’m sorry to add a famous person name but there a person called Andrew T@TE. I’m sure everyone knows him . He speaks about stealing and taking energy from rich successful people . and from large crowds of people

How is this done ?

It is called ’vampiric’, isn’t it?

I wouldn’t believe anything Andrew Tate claims to do or have done. He’s full of shit.

That said, it’s possible to psychically vampirize people. Here’s a good tutorial:


You can also cultivate clean qi from abundant sources like the sun and cosmos - this is called pore breathing in some occult circles, and “full body breathing” in qigong. I prefer it as there’s no risk of accidentally sucking in negative emotions, parasites and other imbalanced energy people tend to have going on - and there’s just more of it.


Honestly I believe him because energy transfer or energy cultivation is mostly done by musicians. All of the most famous celebrities do it ,

How do you know “all of the most famous celebrities do it?” That sounds like nothing more than a conspiracy theory or urban legend.

However, as a performer myself, I know there is a natural energy exchange that occurs between the performer and the audience. It’s sort of an energetic feedback loop where the performers charge up the audience and the audience in turn charge up the performers. When the martial artist Glen Morris completed the kundalini, for example, he found that the energy of mass gatherings such as concerts and sporting events would overwhelm him and basically leave him a blubbering mess, as if he were drunk (as described in his book Path Notes of an American Ninja Master). This natural exchange of energy between performers and their audience is not stealing though. The energy is given freely and anyone can drink their fill of it.


Because they don’t hide it , they actively speak about it on their interviews . Doja cat , Oprah , Rihanna , P diddy , Jay Z , Beyoncé etc


You are confusing a social media personality with music performers who raise and exchange energy with crowds & fans. Have you performed in front of people? Why are they popular? They are seductive & don’t promote hateful messages like the media personality you mentioned. People vibe to their sound & let go…music lowers defenses. One of many tactics.

You also said energy transfer is largely done by musicians & famous people. That’s not true. It’s done by sales people and others daily. Think outside the box and do a Google search. Learn the energy centers of the body. How to take & give energy with a kiss. You can take someone’s energy from a kiss or sex.

I don’t think your mind can adapt or how you view things currently. Andrew T. is a hero to you, but your mind is currently inflexible. People who learn & become adept at managing & manipulating energy don’t idolize other people. We’re chameleons.

We’re seductive, intelligent, get what we want without force, not a follower, and adapt to new information & ideas to become stronger or better. Learn about seduction & human nature first. What drives people. That is first. Robert Greene. When you 1st learn the origins & how human interests move, you can begin to see & feel it more and direct it. Auras as well. I’m saying this to you because you’re misguided & if you attempt to steal someone’s energy and they feel it you can be attacked…

Also…I have to add to warn others. Careful doing this in a city known for magic like New Orleans or to others who are very physically or mentally stronger than you (unless dumb). Natural defenses are a thing.

That’s those ones, that’s not the same thing as “ALL of them do it”. And as noted, I think they could be misunderstanding the natural processes inherence between all humans. We know very well in energy working circles that humans are not isolated systems and are constantly changing energy at will.

Evan something as simple as friends wishing a sick friend to “get well soon” is an energy giving that helps them recover. That’s normal. We all give and take in our turn. Introverts tend to give more and too much interaction is tiring, extroverts tend to be energy sinks and take more, but this is still within normal human energy exchange.

This is true - in a concert, the crowd energy and goodwill to the musical is amazing, and it’s not stealing it’s an exchange. Psi vamps are known to siphon off the “ambient” energy from such evens as it’s free and harms no-one, but the huge giving of energy by focusing on the band part is not the band stealing or vampiric, it’s freely given. The band outputs a ton of energy in their performance. Between the two they give and take and raise a lot of energy between them, like a laser building up it’s beam by bouncing it between mirrors until a plasma is formed and your get great effects, but it’s completely normal and not malicious or outside of human operating parameters.

The only trouble here, if any, is you made a sweeping statement tarring every musical ever with the same brush you heard about from a handful of specific people, who’s understanding at the occult level is debatable. I realize there are theories about who is doing what occult in the movies and honestly, from everything I’ve seen it’s religious cult-like and dogmatic horseshit, don’t look them as reliable sources of info for anything magcik related.

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This is true, and too many occultists assume that because they read occult books those who don’t read those books, don’t do magick and are thus defenseless, and that’s not the case.

ALL humans are magick, all the occult does is tell you about it. Some humans are naturally better than others at making automatic responses to being attacked, most ignore it, some automatically reflect or attack back or have guides that do it for them. (Often seen as 'backlash"), but everyone has intuition and everyone has a will and a way.

Personally, and yes I’m a human with average human reactions and I accept and enjoy that part of my “shadow”, I consistently attack back anyone coming into my field with ill intent. Once that connection is made and the hit comes in, the link exists permanently and the gloves are off: they started it so they are fair game. I don’t need a name, or an picture, I don’t need to know where they are, all I need is that this being exists and picked a fight with me, that is plenty. I’m taking my energy back double, if I’m feeing lenient, but it irks my ego to have this happen and I let it guide me on what it wants on this, because it’s a survival issue and that’s it’s specialty. I knows what is needed to eliminate a threat so it’s say, goes.

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Musicians and comedians hype the crowd and establish a positive energy loop that’s enjoyed. It’s not stealing energy as OP expressed unless the artist’s content is very dark and people suffer or they purposely use rituals to harness bad energies. Very rare.

I remember when someone tried to steal my energy or invade my aura as a kid. Kids, weak, weak minded, and naive people are vulnerable. It felt very wrong and evil like a spore trying to burrow into me. I pushed it back on impulse & made eye contact in anger. I’ve also been caught when trying on others. Older & highly intelligent people can feel it especially. Some people naturally leak bright energy or give it freely. When in a good mood I do it on purpose. There’s enough darkness in this world.

I see no reason to take from others. The sun gives good energy, sun meditation, general meditation, healthy eating, removing stress, etc. Many people naturally take energy when depressed, down, needing reassurance, etc. Family members and others we give to freely. When I’ve taken, I gave what they sought.

Good sex or love can also give it, but not all sexual or regular energy is good. You are what you eat…You can also see people stealing energy from others. I don’t interfere. I just block myself. There’s bigger fights.