Doing the Impossible

In this video EA says how when he reads a grimoire and it says something is impossible he views it as a challenge and actually does it. That sounds a bit like me. I’ve come across grimoires that say that some of the things that I, and many other sorcerers, have done are impossible. A lot of things have turned out to be not impossible after all. Anyone else have any comments? Ideas?


The only things that are impossible are what we believe to be impossible. Take someone saying a thing is impossible with a grain of salt.


Precisely. Oh, some of the crazy spells I’ve done (and I am just a beginner).


This is how I view the impossible.


I do have goals usually considered as impossible; almost about to add some mundane ones who keep eluding me, btw I indeed pursue them with more determination.
Also, I like to think that a certain thing “is possible in theory but maybe not in practice, that’s all” (although the situation is pretty much the same…)
The magician, if a big role is played by the mind, would “simply” have to fight its limits, change his/her beliefs.


I don’t read grimoires as much but yeah, my core concept is to make reality as easy to manipulate as events in a daydream, doing pretty good so far! :sunglasses:


Where did you learn magick then?

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Where did anyone learn magic? Do you think grimoires are available in public libraries or commercial, physical bookstores? No. And the older the book is, the harder it is to get.

Information is easy to find today. All you need is internet, an open mind and plenty of beliefs.

You don’t need a grimoire to evoke a spirit. That doesn’t mean it’s not usefull when it comes to research, but no one should depend on it too much either.

The beauty of magic is the variety of how each and everyone implement it into their lives. A grimoire can’t possibly replicate that.


I was six when I had the certainty that mummies in Museums must be sources of knowledge and power, by eight I was talking to spirits, started soul travelling (I invented a method that I later found was identical to the concepts in core shamanism, I used an elevator, they use a tree or mountain) and doing spells using sympathetic magick.

Around the same age, I also somehow knew it was important not to become dependent on mundane pleasures and would intentionally skip doing things I wanted to develop that muscle of self-control, and I knew without knowing how that an image could be used to summon a spirit to be present, which I posted a bit about here.

It’s hard to say where I learned it, it just kind of seemed normal and natural, and I worked in elements from books (like The Moon Of Gomrath) and later, The Golden Bough, and then I created my own systems based on that and on what seemed to work best.

I never knew magick was a real thing people did outside books and movies (where magick was usually considered evil, and good mages must only exist to keep black mages from taking over etc.) until I was older, I thought it was just me and I was alienated and weird enough to be able to handle that, to keep it in a kind of kitty box and then bring it out and use it when needed. Everything I did was kept secret, I had no-one to talk to about this, and my family would have freaked out!

This is why I support BALG and any similar movement to say that magick is natural, normal, and part of human life, that it can be learned as one learns language or a musical instrument, because that cat needs out the bag (or box lol) and this includes for my own future incarnations, because I plan to reincarnate and leave some breadcrumbs for myself.

Every one of you that I can get busy writing books or going public, I do for you, I do for mass theogenesis (my manifesto) and also, equally, for my future self. :thinking:

Humans have got to evolve or they’ll forever be warring for retard-level resources and following psychotic men who have sky daddies telling them they’re the only ones with access to The Truth.

Oh and finally. from what I recall in BALG videos, I think E.A. got started the same way, a little scamp trying to make his Lego blocks levitate and stuff, it just seemed natural to him.

When it comes to books, I prefer to use my leisure time on other things, most of my YouTube use is “what’s in my bag” and home-maker channels, not dark darkness and most forbidden rites :smiley: - different strokes for different folks! Any grimoire i do read, I end up wanting to modify it and improve it, I’m kind of not able to follow anyone else’s systems to the letter. :thinking:


Yes. At least where I live. You can walk into a bookstore and grab a grimoire off the shelf. They are not that great quality (most of the better ones need to be ordered off Amazon), but there’s an entire section of a lot of bookstores dedicated to that sort of stuff.

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Books about magic and spirituality is available in libraries and bookstores. Not grimoires.


What’s the difference? Grimoires are books of spells. They have several books full of lists upon lists of demons in a bookstore near to my house. They also sell Jason Miller’s work I believe. They definitely sell Andrieh Vitimus’ work too.

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Wow. You impress me. A lot. I need a grimoire to do pretty much anything.


Thank you. :smiley:

You can transmute that into personal usefulness by making pacts and doing other work so that you arrive with your progress in this life accessible, in your next incarnation (as a baby, or wherever you go), so that it can unfold within you, as these ideas unfolded in me. :thumbsup:


I’ve never seen Salomon’s Key in the bookstore, or a copy of the Devil’s Bible, or Codex Gigas in Latin, in the library. We do have the original Devil’s Bible in Sweden, which was a spoils of war from the 15th century. These originals is the real deal to do some research on, but they’re not available to get.

It’s one thing to order a few books on the internet, and find the more common information on the library, but it’s much harder to find the more famous and infamous grimoires to buy, borrow or read.

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I am hoping that this will be my last incarnation. I do have a ritual in a grimoire to do exactly that though. I was thinking whether to perform it or not given the previous statement. I will take this as an indication that I should.


Solomon’s Key is useless in my opinion. I agree when you say there are powerful books that are very hard to acquire (as in it’s in some sorcerer’s personal library or kept secret by an exclusive order style hard to acquire), but the most powerful grimoires don’t tend to be the most famous ones.

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Thank you for making this thread; it’s really important to remind yourself and others that doubt is the bane of all magick.


I agree about that.

Regarding Salomon’s Key; There’s enough information publicized with several interpretations by other authors if anyone is interested in it.

I don’t find the book interesting either. And the main story is hypocritical and overly dogmatic. Salomon was a lazy bastard, too. Forcing and enslaving spirits to build a kingdom and gain valuable information and knowledge from them, without any form of acknowledgement of their efforts.

A book is as powerful as we want it to be, whether it’s a grimoire or any other book about magic.


It seems that some of us have that in common. It was always with me too. And back in the day we did not HAVE computers to log onto and learn! We had a little town library with no books on spirits or magick to be found. Just christian bs. No one to talk to about it except the family who would freak out, and christians. I even tried talking to the priest about the things I was seeing all the time and of course you know what response I got from them! Actually it scared the priest… funny…

I could see, hear and do things for as long as I can remember. I just would (and still do) DO things and I have no real idea HOW I do it. I just do it. I call them and they come. To me they are my family because I never fit in here. But it seems the more I learn the less I feel like I know… and the more I need to learn! I wish I had my shit together like you! hehehe! ahhh… It’s an ongoing journey and it keeps life interesting.