Do demons hate ""weakness""?

Good to know, I think the one I’m most afraid of right now is Lilith so I probably just won’t do anything with her for the time being. I’m not like a typical person who is afraid of like losing my soul or anything, I’m more worried about being manipulated by any nonhuman entity. My fears would not be alleviated via working with some other Pantheon.

Growing up I was fascinated by the Watchers so Azazel, Sariel, and Semyaza were some of the first I worked with. Along with them, Asmodeus decided to jump in. I cannot express how much he helped me become self-confident, secure, and feel empowered. I’ve also worked more briefly with other demons as well like Marbas to help heal physically.

My goals with them are about gaining knowledge and understanding of that knowledge to improve myself, be able to achieve my goals in life, and help others.

Hm, the afterlife isn’t something I’ve explored too much about. But I hope you can find the answers you’re searching for!

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The watchers do sound interesting, mostly naamah and Azazel. Asmodeus also sounds interesting, I actually have an issue with lust so maybe he could help me with that.

That would be a secondary goal for me, although a very close secondary.

Thanks, I wish you luck in your goals as well. I’ve actually been thinking of contacting a Psychopomp specifically.

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For humans it is exchange of energy ( trade if you will) a price to pay to evolve, same for some spirits/entities. Another aspect for humans is to get assistance in achieving whatever one has a need for. Hence, this dealings should be on equal terms and any request to entity should be ironed out - 2-3 sentences is not enough.

The body with more energy will pull enetgy from the body that is in a weaker energetic state. Also, universal law of exchage apllies. When you take something you should give something back ( does not have to be of a same or equal value/amount) or it will be taken from you regardless whether you want it or not. If one is in a weaker state produced by paranoia or anxiety these entries can take much more energy from you. You get something in return but of a much lesser value. That is why energetic strength is important and being able remain in control of situation when working with entries/ spirits.

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Appologies for spell autocorrection function - not enties but entities.

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What do you mean by “exchange of energy”?
I guess if you wanna evolve you have to put in some work, but doesnt sound like thats what you mean.

What do you think happens if the request isnt ironed out?

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Madness is not weakness.

I’ve never felt like any of the entities which have helped me have shown dislike for anything like anxiety, depression, self hatred, among a slew of conditions which were worse. These things can create an extraordinary amount of power to give in exchange. The aid given in turn might come at a cost, and sometimes that cost hurts beyond measure, but I can’t think of a time where the end results hadn’t been for the best.

My best advice is that if you are willing to work through that sort of energy, to merely be careful with who you give it to. Developing a good relationship with an entity helps substantially, especially if such was done and well established before any aid was asked. If you feel drawn to working with infernal beings, go for it, but perhaps focus on some carefully chosen ones.

One of your other posts mentioned an attempt to work with Lilith, but she appeared monstrous to you. Try reading more about her, show that you care about understanding her or willing to put in the effort. A lot of the times those more significant entities can be frightening to embrace at first, especially coming from your sort of background, but there are ways to overcome that sort of thing. You might also find another entity (or aspect of the initial entity) while exploring, someone you feel much more drawn towards in the present time. You can always return to working with Lilith in the future when you’ve grown stronger.

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Believe me, the most manipulative entities are the people themselves. Next, I would suggest you trade fear for respect.