Do demons hate ""weakness""?

I’ve been doing some research on demons, and I’ve seen a lot of people say they hate ““weakness””, and will vampirze your energy if you show weakness. I don’t know what they mean by weakness though, or if they even actually hate weakness or not. I’m a pretty anxious/paranoid/ person, I also have some self hatred issues, I don’t think I’m a strong person emotionally so I was just wondering If it would be a horrible idea for me to even think about demons, It kind of sucks too because I did want to work with a few demons. I’ve even thought about maybe just contacting a different pantheon, but for whatever reason I just don’t feel any interest in anything but the infernal pantheon for some reason.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and replying if you decide to, any advice is appreciated.

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I have read nearly every post here for 4 years straight and I don’t really recall people saying that here… where did this come from?

I think I can see where figures like Belial can give that impression, but it more like they want you to evolve, and can challenge you to help you do that.

I have not heard of higher beings attacking you psychically to “vampirize” you. I have heard of lesser entities like parasites doing that, but that’s what they do and it’s why you kill them you don’t try to bargain with them.

That’s really for you to say, but there’s a lot you can do that doesn’t need you to work with entities, including qigong, sympathetic magick and shamanic techniques. Or if you really care about the Christian Churches opinion that much and can’t interact with the entities outside that context (despite the fact that they existed long before the JCI religions got weird about them), you might have an easier time psychologically with “angels” or non “demonic” entities.

Well it’s not boring! Why not just pick one, make contact and see if you can make your own relationship on a personal level? Rather than make your mind up about people based on the hearsay of others that have a vested interest in breaking any relationships they could make, go talk to them and find out for yourself what you think. End the “he said she said” bit and form your own opinion based on personal experience.

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Strictly speaking from my own experience, some spirits react differently to what they’d perceive as “weakness”. I am working for a few years now in that self-development department and some spirits didn’t exactly pat my head along the way. They didn’t outright “hated” my weaknesses (of which I had and still have plenty) or communicated in such a way. They also never belittled me for having reactions to things that weren’t entirely appropriate to the problem at hand. But: they admonished me sternly and sometimes in a not so subtle way when it was time to snap out of it. When I didn’t behave like the person I’d wanted myself to be. When I’ve endangered my wellbeing and my success with my behaviour or with dysfunctional bullshit.

So: no hate for weakness. It was more like a polishing and finding ways out of old habits that made me weaker than I should have been :sweat_smile:

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Yes, they hate. Especially the Kings of Hell. Because there is a wall between you and them. You just want life without any difficulties, they, in turn, have their own agenda and the only value in being a human that they see is that as a human you can rise higher.
The tool should be useful.
Someone might say I’m lying or making things up. All right.
Tell me how many people on this forum became really rich through magic. Really few. Everyone wants wealth and comfort. The boundaries are clearly set.
I’m working on it myself, and based on their words I might even think that I’m some kind of chosen one, but the truth is: Everyone must cultivate, purify themselves and replace bad things with good ones. There are no exceptions. Become a different being only then will another door be opened.
I know the Kings of Hell have their own hidden agenda, but I consider this a completely fair trade-off.
I can only guess that when a magician dies, he descends to the level of hell where, as a powerful being, he becomes part of the Infernal Hierarchy, e.g. under the leadership of Belial or Satan.
I became stronger, at first working with Satan was unbearable. I no longer feel a Satan’s Lash so strongly. I can discipline myself. That’s why I say they hate weakness.



I can try looking but a lot of it was actually on other forums, and YouTube.

I have no personal experience with any demons, the closest thing to any experience I have is I prayed to Lilith once, I had a nightmare. Basically I was talking to three women, and there was like a monster behind me It ran past me behind like a horror movie. I’m not really sure what it means though, there’s too many ways to interpret it.

What got me into occultism borders on escapism which is one of my concerns, I’m greatly interested in altering my afterlife or being able to incarnate into a different physical world. That’s one of the reasons I want to work with entities, but I am very afraid of them (not just demons) because I don’t really understand what they would want from me, It doesn’t really have anything to do with Christian dogma, I actually despise the Abrahamic religions. The only other magical pursuit I could think of that really really captures my interests is astral projection, and maybe spirit lover stuff. The self-improvement aspects also kind of intrigue me but I could do that without magick. If I had to only pick one thing though, It would be either fulfilling a obsession I have via some afterlife shit, or completely destroying that desire. Preferably the former but if the former isn’t possible I would want to do the latter.

I did not mean to imply it was boring, I’ve done some reading into it and I just don’t feel drawn is all. It might have something to do with how I was raised Christian, and how much I dislike Christianity. I’m just very worried about invoking, I know I have to do it but I’m worried about attracting a parasite, or getting hurt somehow. I also want to be able to communicate properly, I finished reading psychic self defense by Robert Bruce, so I’ll probably move on to energy work or astral senses but I don’t really know where to start because Roberts new energy ways book is not really helping me much.

I completely forgot to write about this, I came from the succgen threads on 4chan, and I believe I may have attracted the attention of a succ when i wasn’t ready, it was my fault 100% that it happened and I’m worried Lilith or demons in general might be pissed at me for it.

If it’s not too personal, could you give some examples? You don’t have to if you’re not comfortable by the way, I’m not sharing the specific fantasies I’m obsessed with that led me to the occult in the first place. I don’t mind the whole polishing me or grinding me like a sword on a grindstone thing, I think my biggest fear though is them just giving up on me, or getting really pissed at me for something stupid I did. I’m actually particularly worried about that with Lilith, when I was growing up I had some issues with sexism as a teenager and young adult. Definitely way better now, but there probably is some subconscious stuff in the back of my mind.

You’re assuming a lot about what I want, I don’t care if life is hard, I care if it’s miserable with no real reason to exist or any of the happy little breaks you get are just fleeting and sparse.

What in your experience do they consider weakness though?


This, to me, sounds pretty weak and I would not play with demons from this state. If I was a demon I would love to mess with you big time and would have fun while doing it too.
When I first got the GoM books I was scared to open them, I had glimpses inside for about 6 months and thought I was seeing things in my room at night.
I only started doing demon magic after I read a lot and summoned my courage… and like I said, it took 6 or more months.
Black Witch Savannah on youtube (Black witch coven) who is also a psychologist has a number of videos warning against people who are not mentally stable playing with demon magic.


I used the wrong term. I was speaking in general terms. I do not know you. I don’t know what your ambitions are and I can’t speak for you. Everyone would like to live without problems.

There are so many weaknesses, even not loving yourself and not feeling happy is a huge weakness.
I can tell you what they consider a biggest weakness.

To destination:

In my opinion, laziness.

I remember two situations:

I was depressed without a job and didn’t feel like getting out of bed like I had no life. Satan was furious and wanted to hurt me.

Second situation:

I was really exhausted mentally and physically while on leave from work. The first week I only slept and ate. I thought I would be punished. Satan just nodded with a smile like a father who understands everything.

The Kings of Hells are titans of work.
Satan can never be associated with laziness. You can call him the embodiment of sin, but never laziness.


Fear, usually. It’s not uncommon for beneficial entities like guardians to show up but our fear of the unknown turns them into monsters. If you face them and don’t run you realise they’re not attacking you, lose the fear and your perception changes so they look more like what they are.

I would say stop watching horror movies, at least during heavy workings and the planning for them. They poison the mind for work like this. Since your mind is you strongest tool the last thing you want is to have it’s perceptions polluted by the film industries sensationalist bullshit.

The thing to remember is that what you get in dreams is filtered through your subconscious, it’s not direct, and you need to have your conscious mind unpolluted to be able to interpret it meaningfully. So “this scares me” as a message looks like scary things that your subconscious thinks your conscious mind has in memory and would be scared of.

Having a conversation is free. Develop the skills to evoke and ask and fond out. The one antidote to fear is understanding. You won’t understand what someone is like or what they want unless you ask them yourself… and don’t forget you can always say “no thanks”. It takes two to tango.

Unlikely, as these entities risk a lot and don’t throw themselves at people that don’t want them. You usually have to make a case to Lilith to ask her to assign one, they don’t just show up for free and you have to provide some assurance you’ll take care of her. I would not be surprised if boards like that are heavily parasitised though and you can get infected with who knows what that way.

This forum has significant protections in place at multiple levels to prevent forum wide infections, careful rules and modding being only one part of that. I don’t know if the chans admins have worked on that but I’d assume not and banish as a matter of course after visiting one.

It needs practice. Psychic skills are like gym work, they come slowly over time but only if you keep at it.

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Ouf, where am I supposed to start :sweat_smile:

Okay, the most obvious things: substance abuse to cope with untreated PTSD. I don’t do this shit anymore. Enabling other people with my absolute need to please and therefore getting my boundaries stuffed into a trash can. I don’t do this shit anymore. Slacking midway of something thats supposedly important to me because I’ve never learned how to install functional routines or exercise discipline. I don’t do this shit anymore. Seeking excuses for not doing things that could most certainly alter/change the course of my life. I don’t do this shit anymore. Waiting for someone else to help me about something because I don’t see myself having “it” to solve the situation myself. I don’t do this shit anymore. Carrying the mindset that big plans and wishes aren’t something to hold up for someone like me. I don’t do this shit anymore. Treating my abondenment issues with random people to fill in the blank space. I don’t do this shit anymore. Treating my body like crap because I parade the excuse of being “ill anyway” around. I don’t do this shit anymore. Taking away the credit of my own work and accomplishments because its “nothing”. I don’t do this shit anymore.

It wasn’t exactly myself who inspired these changes (because I chronically hate changes), these things have been constantly pointed out and brought to light by spirits that have been fed up with this behaviour from my side :slight_smile: It wasn’t a pretty thing to do but it was necessary, to get my life out of that pity party. I don’t feel that any of them got “pissed” at me or gave up on me at any point, and I was a really annoying and whiney piece of shit for certain lengths of that development :sweat_smile:

There was and still is a lot going on in the “working on past conditionings” department of my life, but I am sorting that stuff out one day at a time. My life has changed completely in terms of mundane stuff (income, social environment, professional success) from tackling these issues and from constantly getting reminded that there are other ways than my current ones.


May I shoot you a PM about this @Mulberry ?

Yes of course :slight_smile:

A case like this is reported in my favourite dreamworking book, Dreamgates by Robert Moss, which is also listed in the Dreamworking collection thread.

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I appreciate the honesty, I’m curious though why would a demon find that enjoyable? It’s kind of like a 30-year-old picking on a toddler. Maybe it’s just because I don’t really find enjoyment in messing with people so it’s just a bit hard for me to understand.

Oh I’m taking my sweet time, I’m specifically working on my physical stuff first like having good physical habits and also doing a lot of research as well. I’ll look into her and watch some videos later, thanks.

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This is actually painfully relatable, I have been working on my laziness though.

I don’t think Lilith was the monster since I was around three women, this monster also had a very masculine look, almost like nemesis from resident evil.

Well that is the plan, I’m just worried they’ll like hate me on sight. I also don’t think it’s possible to fully understand these beings in the first place, they seem incredibly complex and people report contradicting stuff with them. I think my biggest concern is that they’ll see my desires and either take advantage of me or just think I’m gross or something.

I remember yearning deeply for a succ when I first found those threads, it’s entirely possible that was taken as permission or something. I’m not sure how infested those boards are with parasites considering succpedia used to frequent that board if my memory serves me. I do definitely think something was going on though because I had lewd dreams which I never have, like ever. I also heard feminme whispering while I was trying to sleep which was strange, I thought it might have been a dream artifact but I was just falling asleep so I don’t think I would have entered REM.

This is very off topic but I kind of feel the need to ask, I probably will make a thread about it in the future but how come you’re able to astral project to fictional realms? I always thought AP was just some form of lucid dreaming but it’s supposedly pretty different.

Is there a general timeframe because so far all I can do is remember a sensation I caused but I don’t actually feel it. I’m not sure if I’m doing it right

All right that’s actually extremely relatable, although I don’t do the substance abuse thing anymore I used to use nicotine and THC. Everything else I still do to some extent which is a problem, I’m glad you got better. If you don’t mind me asking what demons or entities did you work with? I heard Lucifer was really good with self-confidence which is something I actually need pretty badly

Feedback is nice but also comes with practice. Generally the faster you try to do it the longer it takes, because you stop focusing on the process and practice and then t’s not getting done. There’s an old joke out there that a student asked a guru, who estimated 10 years for them to develop some skill, if they meditated twice as much could they do it in 5 years, and the guru said “make that 20”.

You keep trying to do it and you’ll get a flicker, or one lucid dream, or a chi ball, and then the next few times that gets slowly stronger, and then you’re away.

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I also experienced it when Satan told me
“Why are you so lazy?”
also when I wanted something
so he told me “trust”
even if you don’t do what he wants from you, he doesn’t work with you anymore


He won’t go away. He always comes back. It will shake the magician up so much that he will love the self-discipline.
It’s just a pity that his methods are primitive, Asmoday is a better choice.
For me, as I see it, in a limited form.
Satan is a kind of iron rod. Asmoday is a great personal trainer.
Either way, he did his duty.

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