Do Ars Goetia Demons take away your male principle ? Plus how do i protect against possesion?

So i was watching a video by a youtuber called “Universal Mastery” and his video on spirit possesion. I think at the 35 to 45 minute mark he talks about how Ars Goetia demons will take away your “male principle” which is your power to manifest. But i don’t think he said how you get it back or if you get something better. Jeremiah(name of the youtuber) said that if you work with the demons from a point of personal evolution than thats the best way to go about it. He also said you could get possessed from the demons if youre not careful. So my questions are how do you get your male principle back if you lose it to ars goetia demon and will they posses you if youre not careful? Ive been doing evocations of Bune,King Paimon,Sallos and Sitri a few times each month. Should I be worried about possession and losing my ability to manifest?

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Manifestation is feminine I believe
When working with these entities the always take something buy it should be mutual I believe in the long run.


I haven’t seen the video so I can’t say for sure what this man is even talking about.

I’ve been evoking and commanding spirits for over 20 years ago and my power to manifest is stronger today than at any point in the past. As far as losing your “male principal”. I just now checked and my male principal is exactly where it should be and always has been. Hope this adds some clarity for you.

On the subject of possession. There is almost always some degree of consent with regards to possession. Typically it is the practicioner who invited possession of a Goetic spirit for various reasons. I’ve never been possessed and they’ve never asked me about it. I think you’re good.


Which is where?

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See what I know about working with these spirits is that you become less and less “human”. With your interactions

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Thanks. Would it be safe to assume that video might be nonsense?


It sounds like it to me. Yeah that sounds like classic fearmongering


Yeah man that’s pretty much my take on it


The possession part alone renders it nonsense. I’ve invited them in dozens times to taste offerings and not once did any of them act like they were going to stick around or go further than they were allowed to.


Yeah that’s always been my experience with it too.


^ What they said.

It’s a good idea to maintain decent spiritual hygiene like cleansing and banishing to keep parasites away, those are the things that bug you without permission. Higher beings have better things to do.

You can get blocked from manifesting, typically by the baneful work of another mage, but that’ basically a curse and can be overcome with work.


As long as you’re respectful towards the Goetia demons, you’ll be fine.


Male principle is what youngsters call a cock these days?


@MrAvenger901 As far as getting possessed, true demonic possession has to be agreed to and isn’t permanent anyway. The Goetic demons are grand, royal demons, I highly doubt they would even attempt such a thing without your consent, they are more noble than that. They may suggest it for a certain purpose, but if you aren’t comfortable with something they suggest, a polite “I’m not comfortable with possession” and similar statements would be plenty good enough and they would respect your wishes. Also, they do want you to come back. Even if a Goetic did possess you, I don’t believe they would have you doing a bunch of crazy shit


Careful with that one, because asteroth says crap like “I think conceptual rape should be a concept”, now think what would happen if you replaced one of those words, okay, no, don’t think it about it, it is too unpleasant. Of course she is known for doing that, why all the warnings in the lesser key of course. And yes, they can offer to posses you, doesn’t mean that you should take them up on that.

If you are in a bad position, it is way too tempting to allow too much.

Astaroth had me doing a bunch of crazy shit. Like literally. (I used the grimoirum verum sigil though, and that probably made it all worse…)

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I never said a practicioner “SHOULD” allow themselves to get possessed. I said there is usually a degree of consent, a degree. I.e. the door could already be open for them by an idiot magus employing unsafe spiritual practices.
I do not invite possession with untrustworthy entities. I don’t want to be responsible for the consequences that can happen in that situation.

Why is that? Is that grimoire not to be trusted?

@Jastiv What kind kind of crazy shit did Astaroth have you doing, if you don’t mind me asking?

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Manifestation is just manifestation, but it can change the way the object/ quality manifests, depending on if you are using magnetic energy(feminine) or electric energy(male) or combining the 2 ( what Franz Bardon calls a volt)

Male energy of manifesting is more by going out and using your vitality and will power to get something( working hard for it, going out of your way for it, enforcing your will for it.

Whereas female energy of manifesting, is drawing it to you w/o hard work, literally magnetizing it to you, through others maybe just giving you what you want, finding it, you just happen to be in the right place at the right time etc.

There are a lot of people that have been working with the demons of the goetia for years now, and they couldn’t manifest things in their life UNTIL they started working with the Goetia.

That being said, there are some you may need to be more wary of than others.

Don’t go back on any agreements you make, don’t promise anything you are not sure you can deliver, and always make sure you get your side of the deal.

Universal Mastery also has supposedly gone through the qlippoth and even if a demon likes you, they will not spare you when you are initiating through those spheres…they have a job to do, so they can’t go easy on you even though they might in other cases.

From what I’ve gathered on here, goetic spirits might ask for something in return for their services, but won’t take without permission.

Possession seems to be a topic you’d find on occasion, but i’ve only heard of it as something of a partnership thing, and is totally consensual.

However, whether or not a demon will hurt you would depend on how you treat it. If you treat the spirit badly, it will rebel and attack. And they can sense your intent. However, even if you use the traditional goetic summoning method, but still intend on respecting them, they’ll meet you half way.

This is as I’ve read on here.