Do any of you recognize these symbols?

What are you talking about? I am looking at a whole top line on the face that’s the elder and younger rune sets, Ansuz/fehu, Hagalaz, Laguz, Ing, Othala, Gar, and two that I i know are Anglo Saxon Futhorc finishing it off. Now, I was only a practicing heathen for 15 freakin years of my life, but I am fairly certain those I listed are definitely runes, and more than one.

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Thank you all for your time and comments, in the end I can’t sense something definite from the box but then again runes and bindrunes exist to conceal such things. It’s locked away either way now. Once again thank you all for your input, infinite blessings!

Yep…i only saw the one pic…sorry.

The Symbol in the red triangle is Tubal-Cain

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