Discerning the Transmundane


Any more details? Specifics of the virus attack pattern, symptoms, other manifestations, does it have backup?
know thy enemy, yaknow


Basically causes you to pull it into your own field by alpha-ing you. Can even manifest as an apparition and generate psychic force similar to the force of impact. I encountered it before but I never found out how to ward it off. It just left me alone after a while after it realized it couldn’t break the shell of my fundamental unit.


Any precedent for it bringing other beings into the mix? Or a name or anything to research


nope sorry bud. I told you all I could on the matter.


Thanks brother, any information is welcome. Weve had some more incidents, i doubt its intentions.


Today I overcame my hesitancy and practiced a little bit in my new location.

I’ve had Otep blaring through my head for days and days, So after a practice pendulum sesh with my companion, I bumped some music. I’d known about and listened her work for a few years, but lately I’ve been feeling… Idk what. Kinship? Compatibility? The emotion behind the music has been calling out to me recently. The energy vibes with me. Shemyaza made communication with me via a Behemoth song, and I figured he might be doing the same thing here (Otep Shamaya? coughShemyazacough). He will loop a specific part until I finally get the message. Decided to meditate and call upon him, and did so whilst vibing the music. It was an interesting meditation, trying to ‘hear’, instead of just listening to music. I’ll do it again for sure. I got the impression of scales, and a snake eating its own tail (I got an impulse tattoo of the ouroboros when I was 16. I think Shemyaza’s been lurking around me for a while), and my forehead starting tingling.

While I was listening to Behemoth, calling out, got an impression of a figure wearing an antler skull. Recognized him as Azazel, nonchalantly said hello and included him in my calling/meditation. Got a distinct impression of Shemyaza and Azazel,i think they’ll show up in my head movies those ways. The feeling in my head intensified, and I got an impression of an eye, lizardlike. It beamed purple-black fire into my forehead, which was a pretty cool thing. I snapped back to reality for a second, because I lack discipline and then felt like it was time to close up shop.
I then got my little grimoire and tried a little automatic writing,

“Shemyaza the profound
Rising of a shattered sun,
Infinity is palpable”

We’ll see what more comes from that.


My dealings with magick, spirits and the like now are much different than previously. Though its only been a very short time of me practicing, I’ve found such a marked difference in my life.

This process isnt always fun, and damn sure not normal, but to be honest, even when its uncomfortable its uplifting. Empowering. Right.

The tension, stress and imagined burden seen in older posts wasn’t really necessary. I had never been into the new age ‘connectivity’ hype, understood the concept, but didnt get down with it.

But the more my eyes open, the more I realize how interwoven everything is. Intuition is leading me down old, familiar paths. The ascent is infectious, when you rise you are bound to bring others with you. And why should you not? Ascent is a right of being, a way* of being, and it would be a terrible thing to just let others toil in chain without at least letting them know how to get the key.


I havent been practicing on asserting my will on the world, ive been more focused on finding out what my unshackled will really is. I dont really see a point in moving mountains and bending reality, if eventually those mountains and reality are going to have to be returned right back to where they were, because that was where they needed to be.


And because the main intent of this thread of barely coherent rambling is to help others who might be feeling similar, here are a couple things @Yberioth shared with me that helped immensely.


Sounds good.
Thank you for sharing.

I actually have to correct something about this " no unseen hand".
You’ve worked with Otep, so i consider you ready for it.
That unseen hand, he mentioned is exactly where sorcery can, and does take action.
He let that statement slip without notice.
But i have to consider, the hand of Soul, the middle hand, the invisible hand, they refer to exactly that to my understanding.
The habit’s formed from trying to escape worst case scenario,
are just merely one way of being.
The enforced growth of turning such programs back around into aiming for the best possible outcome,
can, and in effect is very simply, engaged by ascend.
Ascending beyound what’s humanly possible is somewhat a quick-shot into the vision and undeniable reality of what about all that impossible that actually happens?
I was once teached to find out what my absolute most perfect best day would look like, and start building from there.
Similar, i see it with sorcery. Reaping havoc with spellwork is such hellously easy.
But then again, when you consider the world around you to be swiped out and everyone killed and dead, you quickly notice, the value of those others around you, to be actually there.

And it’s true, breaking a Mirror takes secouds, forging one takes hours at least when counting in to get the materials which need to be combined correctly.

I wanted to adress that regarding your “what about moving the mountain if it haves to be placed back where it belongs anyways.”
Well, you knowing it, having the memory and newly forming habits from that, having moved a mountain is such more capability!
It makes everything else so much smoother, and easier, to have that in your subconcious and be able to draw from it when challanges arrive.
As those merely aren’t challanging but effortless to you,
from your knowing.



Yberion - Evokation Guide - how to call yberioth as a Spirit

Thank you for the feedback @Yberioth, and it’s always at the perfect timing too…

At the moment, I am thinking I am in touch with my darker aspects more than my light. I began researching specifically because I could see that right handed paths didnt have a complete grasp on things. Bearing that idea, i began to shun right hand philosophy as a whole. Then, I got what I wanted. Found grimoires of all the things traditional spiritualists dared not speak of. Embraced left hand philosophy, at least I thought I did.

I embraced the negative aspects together with the darker aspects of me, and ended up placing another chain on myself. There is a difference between petty destruction and godlike destruction. It is a very fine line, I believe laying within the intent. Embracing the negativity and giving in to petty destruction, petty goals, is the most the most counterproductive thing, for if your mind wallows in a land of filth, filth becomes the only thing you can create. I do not desire to be a god of trash.

The Lighter side is a bit further away, I must call on it a little more, but it is there. When it comes, it shines bright, and has power, but on the rare occasion I can manage to mix both aspects, I experience a power, a potency, a true joy, and the ability to simply BE. I wish to bring that energy and potency into everyday, and LIVE, not just exist.

It is nearing the time to put the dabbling to an end, and find out who I have been. I’d always procrastinated on it, not exactly nervous but not exactly thrilled to know, I’m unsure of why I am so hesitant.


Nice one. Very nice pin-pointed out indeed.

-there you’ve got it. Couldn’t have said it better.
And as far as i know, a few have actually been teached on that merge before you.
So you are on a good track there!

Congratulations, Brother.



Previously, I’d mentioned how ascent was infectious.

Lately, Lucifer (possibly Azazel too) has been subtly reminding me of an often overlooked power- charisma. The input they give is machiavellian. In a nutshell, two quotes from Kreia in the game Knights of the Old Republic 2 comes to mind

Direct action is not always the best way. It is a far greater victory to make another see through your eyes than to close theirs forever

Do you think I seek the death of all living things? There is no victory in such things. I do not want to win our war like this, little Jedi. When I win, I wish it to be because I was right, my teachings true.

When you have others working in tandem with you, the shared knowledge becomes yours. Share that knowledge with those in your sphere of influence. The success of your teachings will influence their spheres of influence, then those around you. Through that connection, the sum of that web’s is now connected to your own sphere.


Much more occurs than I could ever write down.

My astral senses aren’t the best, and so I’ve been moving forward trusting my intuition. With the spirit companions I have, plus the entities I’m calling to, sometimes intuition is just barely enough. But it is enough to grasp their meanings.

My work with Lucifer has been very subtle. We work more on internal ascent at the moment, fixing and freeing the mind from traps and delusion. We have made considerable progress, and for the most part I’ve achieved a level of Zen or 'chill I’ve never had before.

Once the objectivity is there, one can start really analyzing their own fears. My self esteem had never been great, anger issues were abound and depression was curled underneath all of it. But for the most part, I’ve realized the issues stemmed from my need to control, of ignorance of how to direct my life. I didn’t need elaborate rituals, or to summon legions. All I needed was an entity to bounce ideas with til we found middle ground.

I still have my problems with indecisiveness, playing devils advocate in my head, apathy. But with confidence gained through gnosis, we can make strides on those issues as well, and eventually resolve them.

Its weird, instead of ‘I’ , sometimes I’ll end up thinking or saying ‘we’ instead. It’s led to an awkward joke or two in normal life, but I think that when one has a relationship with entities, it should definitely be a we thing if everyone is on the same page. Hopefully, it simply reflects my subconscious change towards beings I once feared.

A few days ago, I stopped holding back and being nervous about sigil and rituals. Made a sigil for Lucifer, and for Raphael and asked for assistance healing body and chakras from them both. Raphael was the first angelic entity I contacted, and the energy was intense. I felt it as more… neutral than ‘light’.

The concept of duality has come up increasingly via circumstance and coincidence. I think to drive home a point, but we’ll see about that later


Now, I plan to create a sigil for Azazel, and then ask permission to work with one of his nethers, the entity Halah’thor. Hopefully they’re both willing partners. I’m not sure what my lifepath is oriented towards, but I know for damn sure plumbing work isn’t part of it. His lessons in how to achieve success are sorely needed at the moment, and I anticipate that we’ll be working together for a while if he decides to accept

I am a little concerned with backlash, and energies spreading to my roommates, but I think I just need to banish and sage more.
Toying with the idea of a middle ground LBRP, but that’s a post for another time.

Also curious to research more upon guardian spirits. I’d pushed it out of my mind for a long time due to edge-factor, but when I asked for my spirit guides years ago, I got two names immediately. One of them was Asmodeus, and I’m curious to see how we’ll work in the future.

But first, as always, we gotta git gud


After a shit ton of introspection, I’ve made peace and felt united with the entirety of my current self. I have some worries about residing within the world of the ‘Longview’. It’s sort of like a side effect of detachment that comes from peace and Zen. I have unshakeable confidence in that regardless of the situation, things will work out. Not necessarily for the best, but transition will take place eventually.

After reaching this point, I find myself staring deep into the question “What next?”. Always a constant companion. Spirits are real. We can interact with them. We have the ability to mold our mind, and then our world. We can impose our will, or enforce natural flow. WE CAN DO ALL THESE THINGS, BUT WHAT DO >>i<< want to do? I have my forbidden knowledge fix. But a hesitancy to act on it, mind playing devils advocate always showing how other grass could be greener.

But in the end, it’ll work it regardless of whether or not I obsess over that question. This I know for fact


If someone does a good deed out of fear of retribution, is that deed good? Organized religion throughout the world makes claims of a pit in which the sinners go. A metaphysical ‘time out’. They play on our fears like a parent does a child. Do as I say, or you’ll be in trouble.
What is hell? In monotheistic tradition, it is a place with the absence of God, Yahweh, Jehova, El shaddai. You haven’t allowed him to own your life, and thus are forsaken, and thrown to the fire and despair. Fear is the basis of this belief. When one casts off the oppression of religious programming, they realize their fears are unfounded. Hell may be an actual place, or couple places in the Astral, but it is akin to being trapped in an unlocked cage. You can leave at any time, make it your own at any time. When you own up to yourself, and realize that there is no ‘omnipotent divine punishment’, distance from a God who seeks your stagnation and slavery is a heaven.


One facet of the human experience that is inescapable, that touches us all, is fear. It originated as a survival instinct, and has stuck with us throughout our existence. In the modern world, fight or flight is less frequent and so now we generally feel Fear in going against social norms, risking stability, and in conversation. Fear is wildly useful to those seeking growth and development, as it is an indicator of obstacles and roadblocks that have held you back. Many people say to face your fears, though it is a thing easier said than done. Rationally, one may know they have nothing to fear and there’s no physical danger, but still they have trouble letting the emotion go. One method of managing the fear is to analyze exactly where that fear stems from, and work on the root of the problem. If you have a fear of public speaking and you’ve got a lisp for example. The fear may not be speaking in public, it may simply be fear of the public making fun of your lisp. In order to work past that, you’ll need to work on self esteem so as to not care about the public making fun of you. Another way of managing the fear is overexposure to it. Once one is familiar to the feeling, it is easy to compartmentalize the anxious thoughts and continue along your path. The recognition of fear and subsequent conquering of it is a fantastic means of psychological and spiritual growth. Everyone has been asked “what are you afraid of?” But have you ever asked yourself and gotten to the root of it? When one is without fear, they are very difficult to leverage over or manipulate.


Those studying occultism find comfort in the uncomfortable truths. They tune out the white noise, to tune into their own voice. Our culture now promotes a shallow existence. How many of your friends do you see glued to their phone, watching clips of other friends doing things? How many people are glued to their computers or phones slaving away to have their internet persona match their ego, so much so that the internet persona overrides their actual ego. The occultist recognizes the threads between this behavior and the state of being it produces. And so most of us reject it. The same way we rejected the religious programming we came up with, in order to pursue both personal and objective truth. The search for knowledge, however, isn’t without cost. It is harder to connect with those living in the dark. Blissful ignorance becomes a gaping chasm between the uninitiated and the occultist. It becomes hard to relate to those who are ‘normal’. Casual conversation becomes a chore when you’re not familiar with their customs, their ways. They look at you concerned or confused when you aren’t on par with their entertainment, their worries, their vibration. They cannot understand, so they either persecute or ignore us.

Nobody really tells you how lonely it is to pursue your passions. The knowledge gained changes you. The work you do changes you. Then your way of thinking changes, and you no longer look or act like those who you were once familiar with. Usually, it’s a fact of occultism. But, I reject that idea. I won’t accept it. The dark ages are at an end, and enlightenment is available to all who hear the call. Raise your own voice, so others who hear it know they aren’t alone. Raise your voice so we don’t have to walk our paths alone, in the silence. Raise your voice, to shake others out of the petty noise the reside in. Raise your voice, and keep raising it, until we all remember how to feel passion again.


September of '18 was my last entry here. It really feels as though it were another lifetime, like the ‘me’ before i practiced was many lifetimes back.

Being able to look back on steps of the journey is incredibly useful. I see the faults and flaws of where i was at previously, but i also see the sown seeds of what i am now.

Though this is not necessarily a ‘tutorial’ thread, I do feel that others catch can a glimpse of the philosophical and mental evolution that takes place after beginning the Work, from this thread.

Instagram.com/occultarchive/ is a hobby page of mine, I just write articles on different occult topics, mainly philosophy and tutorials for beginners checking out the page, though I have some more advanced knowledge on there on occasion. In many ways, that page and this one in tandem are a complete journal, woth the exception of my actual ritual/working details.

So, in May of '19, the updates are as follows:
-a ‘squad’ of entities. Companions from light to dark, who have allied with me. I honor and respect them, they are the first of my Pack.

-ongoing work with multiple deific beings. The Spider Archetype as a whole manifested herself via another entity. (They were the same, spiders, but different. Not sure precisely, perhaps the original entity just shifted forms)

-ongoing encounters with Choronzon, whose messages and my response can be found The Qlippothic sphere Da'at and Choronzon

-making an impromptu altar

-ancestral connection, altar space, veneration leading into numerous synchonicities, generally repeated numbers 444, 666, 888, 999, 000 and dreams.

-Conscious acceptance of the black flame and purple flame, and utilization of both (trying to achieve unification between Will and Purity)

-Three major ‘initiations’, subsequent NDE and ‘rebirth’

-acquired five separate cases of ‘problem hauntings’. Some exorcised, some negotiated with, and one in particular that was a complete mess. No resolution on the last… yet. (Funnily enough. I got this case from my tattoo artist, after getting a Fenrir homage on my leg. Coincidental huh?)

-decided to put forth whatever knowledge i have to others seeking.

-began work with Thoth, introduced via this
THought of Toth , Thoth has kept up true to his word and brought me to the plane described for training.

-work with Lucifer generally revolving around Sphere of Influence, growing and maintaining it, and leading others to it. Asked him about the Fall from his perspective. Had a wild dream, his story explained in a parable, but then he had us ‘fall’ together. Resulted in a large amount of physical pain and emotional exhaustion after waking, though i was shielded from the worst of the damage. I wouldnt trade this gnosis for anything.

-havent forgotten about other entities who have appeared. Belial, Alashama, Shemyaza, Naamah, Azazel, Asmodeus, King Paimon, Heavenly Buddha. I thank all of you for your assistance. I have not forgotten. I will call to you again, from the place of power youve helped me achieve.

That is all… for now.


At this point- Growing pains. Been making a lot of moves, generally a bunch of productivity occult-wise and then a small break to ‘recharge’. My working has resulted in a sharpening of intuition to a fine point, deeper understanding of the WHY of certain things, easier communication with entities, success in dealing with people.

The intuition comes with a cost though. Empathy is something ive had in abundance, and the years of normal living have cut me off from it. The intuitive knowledge i get from even small actions can throw me off.
For example,hearing a mom talk to her adult age son. Normal conversation, about him finding a job getting setup for life, trying to make sure of things. But i KNEW, for concrete fact, that that lady would try her damnedest, but she wouldnt be able to get her son where she wanted him (productive), and the futility of it got to me. Her love and devotion were endless, but even that wouldnt be enough to turn the tides. I felt objective sorrow, which is truly a unique feeling. Still not sure how to handle it. What underlies a statement can say so much, its astounding.

But i dont want to block myself back off. Finding a way to deal with the ‘deeper’ sorrows is necessary