Different Methods of Banishment

I thought starting a thread to either share different threads or discuss different techniques for banishing energy or spirits might be useful for anyone who is new.

So here it goes: how do you personally banish energies or spirits from your space?

Personally, I use either a smudging session, LBRP, or a circle of black fire technique I will be discussing more in detail in another thread and sharing it here. There are others I have worked with and have in my back pocket but these are my main three.


I push my energy outwards with a specific programming to burn away dirty energy and push out unwanted guests and those that stay within it while it’s expanded it’ll burn away at them until they leave in pulses. However those that are wanted aren’t phased by it.


This is something of a work in progress but I’ll post the concept for you. This is a group effort in an attempt to come up with an alternate banishing ritual. I’m sure you see a lot of others versions people use :slight_smile:

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This is exactly what I am training myself to do. You expand your perceived energy, which you load with your intent, right? I find this is related to magical traditions using sound as a means of banishment, since sound spreads through a very powerful, and very fast vibration, and from my understanding they focus their energy, and their intent, into a bell, for example, and when they ring it, imagine the vibrations cleansing with the energy and intent.

Is my theory correct, with regards to connecting energy and intent, then expanding it?

It’s basically direct energy manipulation while rituals and such are usually indirect energy manipulation.

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So my theory of merging intent with energy via imagining a link is correct then?

there aslo many good ones shared by demons.

Imagining can help but knowing energy work more otherwise it would stay imagining. So yes.

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What energy work are you referring to? I’m about to start learning Qi Gong from a very well reputed Chinese guy whose books I’ve bought, he has a site called YMMA, has a very good reputation among the Daobums guys. Is that the energy work you are referring to you? What type are you doing?

Energy manipulation.

Recently I read about Crowley’s use of “Procul, oh procul este profani” and started employing also that, to clean the room from ‘muggle energies’.

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That’s kind of vague. But thank you for your reply. Pleasant evening.

It’s suppose to, energy manipulation is a general path of manipulating your energy however you feel like, it doesn’t require movements like Qigong, or unneeded rituals. It’s simply the individual manipulating it how they want.

Isn’t that exactly what I was referring to from that start though? Referring to connecting energy to magical intent, and combining it with the sound.

The sound part not really but that can be incorporated.

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I use:

EA’s banishing incantation from his book Kingdoms of Flame

The angelic banishing incantation channelled by @Micah from Meton found here:

Both of these are good for a general sweep of an area.

If I feel that I am under attack, and deem it necessary to put up a boundary, I will use Jason Miller’s Hekate banishing ritual, from his book Protection and Reversal Magick. I find it to be powerful, and really like it.