Demons who can help me to get my ex back

I need demons for love.
Demons names who can help me to get my ex back

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This thread should have what you need.

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lilith, amon I would say

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Try Sallos. He’s very good at relationships and rekindling.

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There is also Dantalion.

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Does anyone have any recommendations on spells that could either heighten my attractiveness or even bring my lover back to me? thank you :slight_smile:

I am trying right now to rekindle my relationship with my ex, i evoked Pomba Gira and Duke sallos yesterday. Waiting on results but thus far my target has blocked me this morning…
hoping to find any other advice from people who may have had better exp with love spells, considering i am a newbie to these things’


Did you all rekindled with sallos and pombre gilos?

Have your ex returned?

We have a list of them: click here:

Scroll up in this thread and there’s a few more as well.

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Please do not depend on magic for everything, many people lose their money to fraud in order to get their ex partner back, i would like to state that if you have enough bond you can call him/her back , do not seach for a spell, a strong bond and some astral practices would help you.

magic reverses the possibilities, a person who is alienated from you will not come back to you,when you look at it from true nature, a person who gives up on you does not want to be with you anymore their thoughts prevent this.

magic exists to reverse this situation and ignite love, in your reality it is there to bring back a power that you could never reach,The family of a friend of my friend’s girlfriend hated that boy and the girl broke up with that boy, no matter how hard he talked, he couldn’t be with that girl unless he used magic.

Oda used it and now she’s married to him and they have a happy home,You can’t achieve anything unless you trust magic. If you believe in the existence of magic, you can even perform supernatural events.

magick exists 100%. I believe with all my heart and I even have proof (money magick). But it has conditions. Love magick takes time! Maybe love is already there, in the other persons heart! but other things are preventing him/her from talking to you or coming back. That’s why you need a road opener, clear blockages, and maybe ask more specifically, to remind him/her of the good memories, to think fondly of you, to miss you. It definitely takes time. But definitely trust! It does work!!!
Stay strong.

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