Who is the best wealth demon to get a specific job and who is the best love demon to make my target love me forever?

Hala’thor and Sitri


Thank you for the information

I red that Sitri is great for sexual interests but that Sallos or Amon are better for real love. Or do you have different experiences?

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From my research, Sallos, Amon and Dantalion are good for love matters. Dantalion can manipulate minds.
I started working with them but don’t have any known results so far I could tell you about. But you should do some research on their names in this forum.


download goetiaguide app and you can search demons by topic. with “job” word search, these demons came up. bune, balam, volac, belial, astaroth,andrealphus

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Yeah, there’s a few Goetic entities that work with love and attraction under different circumstances.

  • Beleth brings lust, and love from lust, but rather excellently, he is good for enhancing all sex magik, so is ideal to call alongside any other entity for love workings, and call for actually doing sex magik with a partner.
  • Sitri can urge someone to leave, incite temptation, encourage sexual passion in a cooler relationship, make you appear sexually desirable, or a mix of these
  • Eligos can cause blind affection
  • Zapar brings romantic passion (but can also make someone infertile)
  • Botis - to read thoughts and feeling that can help you get closer to someone, and bring courage
  • Sallos - passion from affection, create a captivating aura to be appealing to stangers (use before going on the razz!)
  • Gaap - provoke irrational lust (use to fuck someone up, not get them)
  • Foras - fascinate the jaded, specifically to reattract someone that is bored of you, understand a loved one
  • Dantalion - to attract potential lovers, know the mind of a lover, influence feelings

Combining more than one in a working to tailor the energy seems reasonable to me.


I’ve heard some great things about Foras but have yet to work with him !
Gonna do some research :innocent:

Have you worked with him ?


I’ve called Foras for a freind, but not for love issues.
I personally see romantic love as a form of madness to be cured, not indulged.


Anti action as in everyone can defend themselves from magick right?

Thank you so much for going in depth with all these demons and what they do specifically!

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Do you know what Asmodeus does exactly?

download the goetiaguide app on your phone . it’s free and list all 72 demons.

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I like two sources for info on Daemons, right here on BALG, and Corwin Hargrove’s Goetia Pathworking book.

I have tried an app once and didn’t like it - it just regurgitated the medieval stuff which I’m less of a fan of. I forget which app it was exactly. I personally find the layering of military style titles and atibutions to elements, colors and planets to be limiting and not based in reason and not borne out by my experience.

For Asmodeus, we had a long conversation here recently about Asmodeus and it brings a different light to him than the current ‘demon of lust’ aspect, which isn’t how I relate to him at all. Animal lust is a low-brow sideshow and isn’t that interesting to me, the animal I incarnated into can handle all that perfectly well by itself.

If you search for his name and it’s variants - Asmoday, Asmodai etc, and read through you’ll get a good picture of the various ways people have received his wisdom. As a higher being you will be able to form your own unique relationship that could very well be similar but different from all of these.



it’s a good reference for basics info on demon. sometimes you want quick info or easy way to look up sigil and enn. It’s good for on the go. Not everyone is going to be carrying their magick books around.

how can i summon or talk to Seer? can someone help me please?

Thank you for linking me here, if I may ask what do you mean by this??

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Most people carry thier phones around, though, and many magik books are available and may even be cheaper on Kindle… which also makes them keyword searchable as there’s a search function built-in to that app.

So yes, I literally carry about… 30 maybe magik books around with me. Modern technology, eh?

I don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of what every Goetic daemon does - I have a shitty memory actually - I just search my Kindle. ;D


Think rosy glasses.
Please reference Corwin Hargrove’s Goetic Pathworking. I’m not ok typing out copywrited material. At some point, it really helps to just pick up a book for yourself and read it.

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I prefer actual book. And do not tell yourself you have shitty memory, it might come true. It’s just dormant. haha.

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