Demons to raise prices of crypto coins to become a millionaire

Hi can we buy 1000s of alternative crypto coins at like $0.01 for one.

Ask a demon to raise the price lets say by a 1000 per coin.

Get rich and sell then seeing as they would be worth millions?


You can try , it may not be so easy though , you’d have to practice a while likely, also what makes you think that others aren’t trying to do the same thing ?

I think you’ll be better off trying the same in daytrade.

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I’m still kicking myself for not investing in bitcoin years back and then selling it off when it peaked. I guess at the time I had too much doubts in my future predicting abilities.


True , makes sense to start small first and then build

Anything is possible. However consider how many overnight millionaires there are in the magical world. I believe you will find a clue as to where to focus your energy. Work on your Path. The rest will fall into place.