Demons That Erase Memories

Is there any demons that can earse peoples memories?


My God you don’t know how much I would pay for that… I’ve made multiple topics about it but never got any solid answer…

I’ve even offered my blood to a demon in exchange for erasing my own memory and got absolutely zero result.


Erasing memories is a stupid idea. Think of this, pick a memory of something significant that you might want to forget, then think about all the memories that exist because of your memory of the event you want to forget, then think of the memories influenced by the memories influenced by the original memory.

The ramifications of erasing a single memory are steep. And not only that, but you could potentially lose more than just your memory.


Please use the search button… This question has been asked lots.

I put an answer in one thread about using the Roomick system (search for it) as there is a way to do so in there.

I can do it to others but not self.


:mag: perhaps search isn’t working for her?

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Do you want to erase your own memories or someone else’s?

Someone else’s memorie.


Amen brother even ad memories have taught us lessons worth keeping, I suffer from ptsd, in my former life, I was part of and main witness for an assassination on the range I was serving my jail time on. To this day I still can smell the blood that covered the assassination victem, and ofxoarse me, due to the fact I was sitting next to the man who was stabbed 6 times in the throat and jugular area, ( to my first look). This man carotene artery wwas cut clean, he bled out in my arms, and took his final terrified breath and glace at me as his heart stopped. Now ptsd is HORRIBLE and i don’t wish it upon anyone. BUT, AFTER AL,OST 2 YEARS OF ANXIETY AND Agony, I know have been properly treated to deal with all negative affects that came from that man’s actions, and my word today , I presently am gratefull for the chance to conquer that horrid affliction . I am far stronger I so many ways, I couldn’t conceive the possibility of how well I am , mentally spiritually, and now slowly physically. Hoodmlupp

Hope my words aided you guys in some way. E.Z.

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Memories are a hard thing and are buries deep in the mind,

You should be looking into entities that work with affecting minds causing madness and affecting humans with mental illnesses .

Pan, Nemain, Cthulhu, Mnemosyne . There are other things out there

I can not remember, but there is a technique in Franz Bardon’s book initiation into hermetics