Where are memories located

I need to know where are memories stored exactly. I have enemies (not sure if it’s dead people, entities, astral wildlife or something else) who are constantly trying to traumatize me by reminding me of some traumatic memories I’ve had (as in sending me flashes). I’m currently working on a project of memory erasure, I’ve posted a topic here Memory erasure - #28 by Fallen_Angel but so far I’ve had no luck, only failure… So, I’d need to at least know where are memories located because if some entities are able to reach mine then they HAVE to find them SOMEWHERE. Sometimes they bring back memories about things I’ve had COMPLETELY forgotten so I think they are able to access my subconscious mind but where is that?? How do you access that?? Like I can pick just some random person and reach their subconscious mind and browse all their memories?? It is that simple?? I don’t understand what’s going on. And I definitely want some of my memories completely erased so that they won’t be able to use them against me anymore. I understand that you can read someone’s mind but how can you find stuff that they had completely forgotten unless you can access their subconscious mind? Now I need to know where do you find someone’s memories, ALL types of memories. And about my memory erasure project well no matter how much I search I don’t find any tangible information about that. It’s always bullshit about reprogramming your mind or learning to cope with a memory but that is NOT what I want. I want my memories to be completely erased, IRREVERSIBLY. Like if for example I want to erase all my memories from my birth to my 12th birthday then I must become completely UNABLE to remember anything that happened during all these years. I must never remember what I looked like as a kid, I must never remember in what house, what city, or even what country I’ve lived in during my childhood etc! I want my memories to be completely, permanently and irreversibly erased. I’m now completely desperate. I’ve even asked the question to a reputed shaman I know. He told me that the government has methods to completely whip away memories from people’s mind but it would result in illness, both mental and physical. I don’t know if that’s true but I know that everything has a price and I’m willing to pay, even if I lose my health. I’m sick since birth so I’m used to sickness and my worst sickness are my memories. It’s getting to the point that it makes me psychically sick. And don’t ask me to get rid of my enemies because I just can’t. I have no clue who they are, I can’t astral project and I have no astral sight. I don’t know how to get rid of them, I’ve even offered my blood to a demon so that he kill them on my behalf but nothing happens. They are still there… If at least I could destroy their weapons (my memories!!).

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I don;t have a simple answer that can be done without you having some psychic senses, but maybe you can overcome this using NLP methods to shrink the POWER these memries have over you?

I won’t go on because I’m cooking right now and there are people round, also you might just not want to go there, have a think and let me know if it’s something you might be interested in if nothing more on-point for this is posted by someone else?


If you want to rid yourself of this I have a few different ways of doing it. You can PM me or I can post them here. Doesn’t matter

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@Lady_Eva no I’m not interested in reducing their power, I want them erased forever. Please tell me the methods you know. I know I have no astral sense right now but I will have them one day and if I know it can erase my memory this will only motivate me to learn more.

@Rcs4215 you can post it on here.


In the Hippocampus Lola

Or the white horse/sea horse allegorically speaking


@SolomonThoth you’re talking about something purely biological there. I know that memories are not stored in the brain otherwise you couldn’t remember details from past lives since in every reincarnation you have a new body, hence a new brain.

1. I had a similar problem when I was cursed very badly. This is what was done.

buy SEA salt from the super market. Not table salt, sea salt. Do this once its night time, not by the time of day, but once the sun is completely gone.

get in the shower and get wet, take the salt and cover your entire body with it. head to toe, especially in the chakra areas, crown, down the spine, stomach, throat, heart, groin, palms, feet.

Say the following 5-10 times.

In the name of my Ancestors, my Gods, and Myself, I call upon thee,
Oh creatures of Earth and Water, come forth, cleanse (enter name) of all evils and aliens magicks, and bring me back to balance and health.
By our wills combined, so mote it be.

You may or may not imagine the entity being absorbed into the salt as you do this if you can multitask.

then wash all of the salt off of you completely

Make sure you thank those who have helped you. Or dont, but I think it is wise to.

2. Another means of ridding yourself is the lesser banishing ritual for at week

3. Buy 12 inch black taper candle, or 2 smaller ones. Also buy sea salt.
put a small pinch or more of salt on each corner of each room in your house. 1 under your bed. meditate as usual and light the black candle. Repeat “I demand any entities not serving me well to leave this area and myself”. Repeat this until your exhausted of saying it. Once you are done, take the vac and vacuum the salt you placed. dump it out and you can either expel of it into a body of water like a pond or lake, bury it off of your property, or put it in the trash where the garbage men will take it to be buried or burned.

I know some of this is cliche witchcraft stuff, but it changed my life, literally. If youre serious about this, I would do all 3 everyday for about 9 days. Whatever is in your house or in you will most definitely be gone.


There are a few methods, the one I would probably use is going into an astral realm and recreating a better memory to overwrite it, but everyone is slightly different so your very best bet is to work hard on yoyr senses then get a spirit mentor, ideally for this a strong and magickal goddess like maybe Hathor or Isis, and ask HER to show you the most effective route to being rid of them. :slight_smile:

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Oh I didnt understand you ment memories from past lifes

Lola. Memories first start in the brain.

So if I was to take a hammer and smash your hand with it. That would create an intense memory of pain. First it would register as a Body Memory on your hand, and then a signal would be sent to your brain to register as a pain response to your brain, that would then imprint within your brain as both a Mental+Body Memory.

One could likewise visualize their hand being smashed with a hammer in the hopes to evoke that pain response via Hypnotic effects, but it is not as powerful. This goes to show that an Mind Memory (Informational) vs a Body Memory (Highly Energetic Memory) is not as powerful.

So if you want to erase memories, the only methods that will work are Higherly Energetic (Physical) Magick which most people do not have access to. The only other thing that would work that is considered highly energetic are physical operations… which would be some sort of Technology/Medical Operation. Drugging yourself could probably help erase it, but would erase alot of other things like brain cells and good health.

I know this may not readily be helpful, as I know a bit about working with Memories, but I just wanted to let you know whats at stake and what you are working with.


That’s about the hardware, but working with the software, NLP can fade memories, and false memories can be created to replace them, these are just using normal mundane psychological tools.

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You can try cleaning your heart chakra, that’s where all the old and bad memories are stored, by doing that you can flush it all out.


Memories are stored in the brain. Memories of past lives however could possibly be stored elsewhere. I think if you were to erase these memories it would also erase part of your personality or soul. I would consider contacting Thoth for help, even if you don’t have astral senses he should be able to help you.


Memories are Stored in Two places:

  1. The Brain.

  2. The Bodies Mind (Spirit/Soul) - This storage of memory takes on the form of energy forming a soulspirit an energy body/energetic form, which is housed in the Physical Body. This is the reason you have some people who have things like “Phantom Limb Pain,” even if they have undergone therapy or have never gotten into an accident/bad experience. Phantom Pain Memory is akin to sharing the same attributes as Body Memory, because it shares the same source. This is the reason some can have very powerful spiritual/psychic experiences here, for example Arriana wondering what spirit is into Coffee. Its because she is experiencing something/someone elses memory.


Hello Lola,
I’m sorry, but I feel I have to share my point here and maybe you are not going to like it.
I really don’t like your approach. I can see how painful it is, and how determined you are to erase your memories and I can understand that.
Some ppl do hypnosis, some take medications, even brain surgery… but I think it can only make you feel numb. You may get rid of memories on a conscious level and feel better for some time, but memories are stored in our subconscious, too and they never stop working. So, after some time of feeling better, they will make you feel the same way, but you won’t be able to work with your memories again. Some ppl spend years to remember traumatic events as a start point to feel better. I’m not saying that you will ever become completely “cured”, but my advice is to speak with your memories. Don’t throw them away, they have a great value.
Speak with medical professionals specialized in C-PTSD, and do not accept medications, unless it’s a matter of life and death.
Memory is stored mostly in brain, but also in our heart, belly and even bones.
I can share my story. I was cursed by my father’s ex-wife when I was born. The first 5 or 6 years of my life I spent in a hospital, with chronic pneumonia and other complications. I was treated very badly, experiencing extreme fear and pain, left alone and abandoned by parents. I’m not going to eat up your time and go into details, but it was horrible. It took me about 3-5 years of psychotherapy to just to be able to live with that. From that point, I started to build my life.
It would be a part of my life till the end, it crippled me, but at least I can live with that and I really don’t want ever to feel sorry for myself anymore.
Good luck!


Memories are formed by association. The only way to know something is to compare it to something else. Every idea or concept we have is defined by what we associate with it. If you want to destroy memory, cut those associative bonds. They stagnate and die over time anyways.

An anti-linking sigil would be perfect for isolating specific memories. Replace the arrows on the tips of the sigil with Xs.


Thanks for all your answers, it gives me some perspective… @DavidSmith David the problem isn’t with me, it’s with my enemies. I could manage to cope with my memories if they didn’t constantly throw them back at my face. Do you think it’s a normal situation? That I must just accept to be abused this way? I see some of you black magicians willing to kill anyone standing on your way, throwing death curse etc. But me I’m supposed to just accept someone living uninvited in my memories and not do anything? To me if you want to ascend you must have the power to control everything and that means even killing your memories if you want to. Suppose that someone desperately wanted to imprint themselves in your mind, that they desperately wanted to traumatize you and habit your brain forever, I can’t imagine a worse revenge than completely erasing them from your mind.


I think with anything, there are two equally valid approaches - to transmute, turn it onto power, which is what I read his post as saying; or to remove, destroy, erase - both have validity under even the most esoteric view of the self as a mask of the All (see the Bhagavad Gita for a detailed explanation of why the 2nd approach is still absolutely spiritual) and both work.

It’s down to the magician what approach makes the most sense and feels right for them in each situation. :slight_smile:


Memories are stored in the waters of space.

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I feel with you, but I still think that’s a form of self-harm, not a revenge. JMO
My wild guess: It’s you who invited your enemies in your life, so you can play a legitime victim role game. If so, don’t blame yourself, most of us do that, it’s deeply rooted in our culture.
Of course, it’s not a normal situation and you must not accept to be abused since you’re an adult. It’s your obligation to take a good care of yourself. I can imagine much worse revenge, but before that, I would work on how to restore my life force and be well protected. No one can say how long would it take, but when you make a decision and when you see some progress, you would become really very happy with results.

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