Dealing with malevolent spirits

When dealing with such, would any method work, or would you have to use the method of a specific culture that they are associated with?

Context: I live in the US, specifically in the rural South. Not the deep hillbilly South. Just the Farms and Church’s type of South. I’ve been told by a student in my school, who’s Native American and comes from (as she puts it) a legacy of witches, that there are some Wendigo spirits around. You may say that I probably shouldn’t take her seriously, but the farm can get pretty spooky at night, and I’m never truly sure what might come out of the woods. There are nights where I feel like “something” might be around. Not to mention, you might not agree, but I do feel like certain malevolent forces might be attracted to small religious areas like this. Something like how a playground full of kids might attract a predator. So, with that being the case, would any rite of protection and banishment do, or would I have to use a method specified to the entity? Such as, if it is a wendigo, skin walker, or some other creature of native folklore, should I implore a ritual of a specific tribe?

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Something is off here. The story is all mixed up :thinking:

First of all, Wendigos from from Algonquian folklore and are connected with the harsh winters of the North, which your area doesn’t have so much. There are two types of wendigos, one is the spirit that brings bad weather, the other is a human that has been starving in winter to the point that they start eating other humans, and that cannibalism was condemned in symbolic form by calling that person a wendigo and the tribe would kill them. The idea being that the spirit of winter weather made them do it kind of thing.

I’ve seen a wendigo in the astral, there’s definitely spirits presenting with the description, but these thigs can appear how they like, it could have been an egregore created by the fear of man, or some astral wildlife my mind just overlaid the image over. I don’t take subconscious images as literal. The feeling is of a predatory spirit, and I think that’s reliable.

Secondly, Native American’s shamans don’t call themselves “witches” normally. That’s a western name. They are medicine men and women. Whether she’s dumbing down her description for you or is faking it, neither sound very trustworthy or respectful to me.

And I’m not Native American and it sounds wrong. Skin walkers are humans and basically criminals, as far as I can tell, regardless of the shapeshifing thing, they’re not in the same class of being.

Definitely not, but, I think relying on your own judgement here about the entities you can feel is worth doing. Just don’t rely on them being “wendigos”, that story is kinda fishy. There’s always a lot of spirits around, why “wendigos”?

This is the important part of your situation, I think.

It’s definitely normal to sense darker things that are predatory that come out at night only and are not physical, imo. You hear the stories all over the world, and there’s a lot of them from the more rural parts of the states. I’ve even felt these presences in NJ and PA on the East Coast where it’s relatively well populated.

One common cryptid is dogmen, (here’s a yt channel with dogman stories) but these tend to manifest physically. You can’t miss them when you see them, and they are not shifters. Their presence is very intimidating, as befits an enormous attack dog, and you tend to only see the hunters and warriors, never families or cubs.
The story goes these are hunted and kept secret by the FBI, and if you hurt one the whole pack will keep coming back to get revenge until you’re dead. I don’t know what can ward against a physical entity lie this except being careful and avoiding them. They tend not to pick fights with people, they respect strength but can attack pets left outside for food. But take it all with a grain of salt as it’s one of those where no reliable photos exist.

After that it could be anything. There are those that fly as well as those on land. I’m not sure it matters as it’s unlikely to change what wards you set up and you want wards against all of them.

Most of these can’t unlock doors, do avoidance by not being out at night is ideal. Cars seem to be safe too. If you do go out go with other people.

You could try carrying a talisman set with the intention of making you look strong, invisible, a friend, or off limits for any reason you can think of. As log as you’re not isolated miles from anyone on your own, they won’t risk discovery, and the worst they can do is scare you.


I actually have an assortment of talismans in the form of pendants. I wear them mostly as fashion statements, but I keep some in my pocket. I have a load of pentacles from the greater key. I predominantly where the symbol of whatever deity I’m working with at the moment. Hecate is my current one.

I did say “As she puts it.” I would’ve questioned her myself, but for the purpose of avoiding a potential argument about culture, I chose not to.


If you have no aversion to angels, you can put this up in your home:


Lol that’s understandable.

To me it sounds like she’s playing games.

“Let’s freak out the non-native!”

Shrug that shit off.

Personally, I don’t think so.

And I think it’s bullshit if anyone tries to say you need to.

Unless you have it in mind to befriend or enlist such an entity, in which case engaging it through it’s cultural lense might be beneficial.

Otherwise, I’d say do whatever feels good to you.

Disclaimer: I’m outing myself as a cryptid believer here so fair warning.

I’m not sure that’s necessary. Many people who have bigfoot or abduction experiences find simply praying or invoking the name Jesus to get rid of stuff like this. Believe it or not from I’ve heard it works… if you believe in it that is. If not I don’t see why trying to call upon a Angel or Demon would be any less effective than say contacting a native american medicine man to purify the area would be (if you can even find one) or invoking God somehow.

The bigger question would be if it’s even a spirit in the first place? It could very well be a bigfoot or dogman rather than a wendigo (which is actually another type of bigfoot but also very well could be a egregore created from the belief in the wendigo as well). Many people in the country report feeling like there being watched at night especially if there by the woods. This is not necessarily evidence of either a Bigfoot or Dogman in the are but it can be sometimes. Regardless they are just animals and animals can banished or affected by spirts so I don’t think it makes a difference.

With this is in mind there a few things that could work although if it is what I think it might be I can’t say for sure if it’ll work but it can’t hurt. Since you are just looking for some protection against whatever this is the rituals in this book might help you. I’m not guaranteeing anything but I’d say it’s your best bet unless you just want to attempt prayer lol.

Where did you hear about flying dogman Mulberry? Are you sure your not thinking of Mothman?

Why not just ask her on how or to deal with it directly herself then? Hecate should have more than a few tricks up her sleeve.

Oh sorry, I mean cryptids that fly. I think the best current story I heard was when The Paranormal Files on yt interviewed Cory Daniel who is a guide and specializes in the weird energies around Phoenix Arizona about the Superstition Mountain Range.

There’s also a section of flying and “big bird” cryptids in the book American Monsters.

Edit: yeah that’s the one, 23 minutes in.

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Shouldn’t of told the story.

Okay, lemme try this again. One book I’ve found said that, when warding away spirits, you have to use what they believe in, not what you believe in. IS THIS THE CASE?

I can’t say I’ve heard of anything like that before, but I have met someone who when they were traveling out in california desert with a friend, saw something that looked like a humanoid with wings flying overhead. Can’t say for sure if it’s true because there aren’t many stories of anything like that or this though. This guy is right about one thing for certain. There are many bizarre stories about all kinds of stuff coming out of the desert. If I had more time and money I would spend time following them up.

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I don’t practice witchcraft so I couldn’t say but let’s say for a second that is the case. The only way to know for sure would be to look into the mythology of the cultural that originated the tale. That in this case would be the Anishinabe tribe and in there mythology. In there stories the presiding spirt over all spirts is Gitchi Manitou (Great Spirit). He doesn’t interact with humans delegates most of it’s duties on earth too Nanabozho (Son the west wind or sun). You could attempt summon or contact either of them to see what they know about the wendigo. Wendigo’s according to another story just men who transform into monsters which is basically skinwalkers. Skinwalkers according to a native friend I used to know and natives I talked with can be from any tribe. There even up in Alaska where take on the shape of caribou. So discovering what they believe in might be tough. Once again the Great Spirt I think might be the best bet which many tribes equate with YNHW apparently.

There’s another story I came across that might have some answers in it as far as what to do. Don’t take it literally though. VChippewa Indian Windigo StoryV

The villagers realized a windigo was coming when they saw a kettle swinging back and forth over the fire. No one was brave enough or strong enough to challenge this ice creature. After they had sent for a wise old grandmother who lived at the edge of the village, the little grandchild, hearing the old woman say she was without power to do anything, asked what was wrong. While the people moaned that they would all die, the little girl asked for two sticks of peeled sumac as long as her arms. She took these home with her while the frightened villagers huddled together.

That night it turned bitterly cold. The child told her grandmother to melt a kettle of tallow over the fire. As the people watched, trees began to crack open and the river froze solid. All this was caused by the windigo, as tall as a white pine tree, coming over the hill.

With a sumac stick gripped in each hand, the little girl ran out to meet him. She had two dogs which ran ahead of her and killed the windigo’s dog. But still the windigo came on. The little girl got bigger and bigger until when they met she was as big as the windigo himself. With one sumac stick, she knocked him down and with the other she crushed his skull-the sticks had turned to copper. After she killed the windigo, the little girl swallowed the hot tallow and gradually grew smaller until she was herself again.

Everyone rushed over to the windigo and began to chop him up. He was made of ice, but in the center they found the body of a man with his skull crushed in. The people were very thankful and gave the little girl everything she wanted.

Maybe the answer lies in there somewhere. I highlighted the parts of the story that you might be able to derive something useful from. From this story it seems it venerable to copper and sumac in some way. How or why is anyone’s guess. Maybe you could concoct a spell using both and the tallow idk.

Personally, I think that’s absolute bullshit.

That said, I could see where in some cases it might be useful or strengthen the wards by playing into the lore of whatever it is you’re trying to ward.

But I wouldn’t consider it a hard “Rule”

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On the subject of Wendigos, if they are “ice giants”, can you use fire to kill them or ward them off?


I thought of your post when I read this headline


Well don’t take the story literally. Look for the clues in-between. Many tribes have different stories about what a wendigo is and so it may not even be the same creature. Also some have even admitted that they embellished some these stories to keep the white man away or just because.

I think you can use fire on just about any big forest cyptid. People who encounter things that go bump in the night can usually keep them away by building bigger camp fires. Wendigo’s if they are what I think they are very real despite having supernatural qualities. So fire should work just fine.

That’s a Dogman. Much worse than Bigfoot! :grimacing: I’m in Dogman group and many people seem to think it’s fake but I think it might real.

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I like the thought of cryptids, but am too hard-science when it comes to physical things. I mean, I consider myself a “skeptical believer” in the Occult, but still question most things more than I could. I would do that even harder with a cryptid, until I had enough experiences to cross that threshold. I suppose just like I do with the Occult…