I love working with Dantalion, but I am hearing impaired and as I not speak, but I have some audios, force me to speak to you with Dantalion? help me . thanks


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I’m not entirely sure if I understood this properly, but I’m going to assume you have difficulties communicating with him? If so there are an abundant of methods you could use as a medium to converse. Popular one’s would be the use of cards, pendulums, and auto-writing.

Thanks for the reply . I try to communicate with him, but I have a problem talking and listening, because I was born Deaf.
I always did the rituis with the Dantalion audios and I wrote on paper for my requests. What do you think ?

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I think it would be enough for you if you are determined. Sorry to hear about your loss. Do you have the power of dreaming? Do you have the power of imagination? That is enough to sense them. You need some practice.

Thank you for your reply, I always think of my beloved. If I can record a Dantalion audio for you to listen to whether it is or not, because I bought the Dantalion audio

Although, I have no idea how it would be like not to hear or talk well, is it safe to assume you can hear your thoughts in your own head? Or when you think to yourself it’s in pictures? Sorry, for all the questions.

However you think in your mind and is how you can talk to a spirit from your mind. Set your intention and focus on contacting the spirit you want. If you have a sigil gaze at it and meditate until it starts to flash or looks like it’s moving. Call out to the spirit in your mind and allow your magical imagination to form the spirit in your mind’s eye. This will help a lot.

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Thanks for the reply ,. I understand your opinion very clearly. I agree with that. when I did the ritual by my own mind and Dantalion audio sounds very loud and I did the drawing of Dantalion and a photo of my beloved person with me. I clapped my hands and I wrote on paper for my orders and cut my finger out of blood and gave him the food he likes and also came and also red rose until I burnt the paper that I made the drawing of Dantalion. What do you think I’m right?

It sounds like you made contact with Dantalion. Were the sounds in your mind his voice or were they just different noises?

Although I can’t guarantee it was accepted by the spirit, you did the right things to contact and communicate the best way you can. Divination is another way to communicate with spirits (i.e. tarot cards, pendulums, etc.).

This thread will help you to learn more about Dantalion.

This thread is about a perfect petition spell.

If you think that you did all of them properly then go for a divination.

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I bought pendulums and it works perfectly, as I wrote on paper for my orders and he replied, I was shocked. I thought that the spirits don’t help me because I don’t speak and I am deaf due to my hearing impairment. but he responded successfully. I am very happy for your help and with affection. Thank you so much for everything in my heart


This is beautiful :heartpulse:
Hail Satan
You will get what you desire… What you seek is surely yours…
At your grasp…

Here is a way, get Dantalion to do one of his 3rd eye movies.
Mine was very Disney meet Warner bros.
He will use a bunch of symbols as well.
When you want to know yes and no,
the cartoon character shake their head no or nod yes.
It is amazingly funny amazing and insightful.

You’re welcome! And I wish you the best. Magick and spirit communication can be difficult at first but give yourself some time and you will start seeing the results you want. Just remember, spirits don’t need you to vocalize anything. Most can read your thoughts. There’s plenty of people who communicate nonverbally with spirits so it’s definitely ok to do in the same manner.