Dantalion tips (and everything that you need to know about him)

I agree with @Jizz
He is often chosen to work with different spirits related to love/sex stuff in more formal way of working, I think that’s usually not a problem when it comes to group workings. But Dantalion from my experience is kinda an “individualist type” and prefers to work with the person alone, when he is not disturbed by other spirits and can use his more specific and personal tools for working with a person. Doesn’t like to be disturbed or maybe he just likes to have full attention idk.

That is always my impression and what I noticed, I also often hear of situations when he comes by order or recommendation of other goetic or infernal spirits, but it’s more in a way of letting him work alone. Tho, don’t block yourself on potential working with many spirits including Dantalion, because there can be a reason their union would just work better for you or they choose it like that for your good.


When someone cares enough about the craft that others are working to be this detailed, it became apparent and there was no doubt in my mind that 1) I was right to want to work with Dantalion 2) I really needed to become a part of this.

Thank you, Sha.

its duke dantalion NOTdandfalion please show respect thanks

Please stop trying to tell people what to do or how to approach a spirit. If you don’t like how someone addresses a spirit, that’s your problem, not theirs. Using a demon’s title or rank is not mandatory.

Are you going to also tell EA Koetting or Gordon Winterfield to say King Paimon, instead of just saying Paimon?

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my apologies I am not your enemy nor here trying to belittle you or bash you I meant no disrespect disregard my comment and go about your day ill let you find out your way and just worry about myself have a great day HAIL DUKE DANTALION

I’ve had an attunement with Dantalion. Now by simply saying his name, I can channel his energy and manipulate it (similar to Reiki). Prefixing his title is not necessary. He responds quite well. However, if one feels the need to use the title then by all means.

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Hey, thank you so much for your very informative post! It actually helped me to pluck the courage and seek contact with the Duke. I feel his personality is in some way close to my heart so I was eager to work with him but also anxious.

My first contact with Dantalion was to submit a petition to his attention.
At first when I had just completed the calling I felt nothing (unlike with other Goetic Spirits), but I did begin to feel some kind of presence, only it was vague, detached. I felt I was being observed, I felt that my words were being acknowledged but no comment was being made. I offered my usual welcome into my space, and he seemed to appreciate it, but with formality and detachment. So I just kept it brief and made my request. I would say the Duke seemed to me very formal but indeed present. It would seem he truly does like to keep silent, although this was my very first contact with him.
But then, when I closed the ritual, I started feeling as if I was being scrutinized, as if my heart was being weighed. I felt surrounded by an inquisitive presence that was observing me, reading me, and felt a sting in my chest. It was as if someone was actively peering into me to see what I am made of. I was being examined and considered.
As it usual for me, after a couple minutes this post-ritual feeling faded, and everything went back to normal.

I feel all this pretty much matches the picture of Dantalion usually agreed upon.
Is it correct? Would you say my attempt to contact him was successful? Thanks!!