Danger When Working With Demon Spirits

My wife petitioned Clauneck for a job opportunity and immediately after the petition she sent an email to a big supplement company asking for a job… 7 days latter she was contacted for an interview and she was hired immediately with very big salary despite her not having any sort of experience… the director (a woman) just liked her.

I won’t get into my personal experiences, but you get the idea.

If my wife wouldn’t have set things in motions (by sending an email to that big company) and she would have just sat lazy in her couch, non of this would’ve happen. See? You are the one who must first initiate things and the demons will bring you people and opportunities.

But now, you are to angry to even listen to what I’m teaching you, so maybe you will come back another day and understand.


This doesn’t matter to him @Cairo, as at this point he thinks we are all lying about our success anyways. I already showed him a thread with over 200 success stories and his response was the following:

If 200 success stories wasn’t enough to convince him of magicks effectiveness, 200 + 1 isn’t going to make a difference. He’s clearly made up his mind folks, so I suggest you leave him be. One less occultist to potentially compete with out there in the real world for resources is hardly a bad thing.


I’m sure there are more then 200 success stories but again, its by your words only or other member words only. So I stated many times, you should take everything for grain of salt and judge by your own experience. Thats the proper way of doing it if you actually look at many reputable medium’s online. No matter how much you read or hear testimonies, everyone is different.

Just like there are more then 200 success stories, I’m sure there are more unsuccessful stories that’s not fully mention. So you shouldn’t push these online stories you posted to make people truly believe it works. The only way people actually believe & see the results for themselves …is when it works. If it doesnt work, well…it didn’t work. I think its dis-service to tell people just look at the 200 success stories you posted without all the proper sources and say well if you can’t believe these 200 success stories you posted, then you must be wrong.

Now if I said this doesnt work & people don’t believe - that’s also dis-service. So that’s why I mention many times people should judge for themselves from THEIR OWN experience instead of only judging by what they read. Are you going to invest HEAVY money on the stock market just because some people say its going to work? No! You take people’s comment & you also do the work to figure out yourself. Just saying look at the success stories is very mis-leading.

I will do as I wish, TexasLonghorns…as you have here. These stories are placed there to give newcomers encouragement to keep trying and not quit as rapidly as you have, as it tends to take a decent amount of time before getting consistently good results. If I quit after 2 months of trying like you, my life wouldn’t be nearly as good as it is today. Projecting your own failures with occultism onto everyone else with a thread like this is no different from people posting their success.


with that kind of mentality, nothing will work for you, brah

magick is not mathematics, nor logic

magick operates in the realm of possibilities, imagination, emotions, dreaming, patience, the power to let go and continue with your life, not expecting much (it’s just the way it works)

with that kind of mentality, you’re just training your subconscious to be the exact opposite of what you wish and for failure

you really need to read some books on success, or go to YouTube and seach how to empower yourself, how to become the better version of yourself, search for dating advices, how to act around girls, learn from Cobra Tate lol, how to use the law of attraction in your life… and after you actually learn something from them, go back to working with demons and deities

you seem to lack basic things

you are just an impatient rookie who thinks he knows it all

this is my last post here


No, its actually because of YouTube & reading from reputable sources that I got to learn, one should take judgement by their own experience. Its because I actually did read & learn alot which is why I am posted this thread. Apparently members arn’t allowed to post bad results in detail but you guys only expect posting to be all positive? Anybody can realize this is bias info.

Power to let go & not expect much: um that’s the total opposite of the main reason to evoking the Goetic Demon. I’m not talking about any other deities, only the Goetic Demon.

You should take a look at this :wink: And then at the most recent comments on it.


Dont just judge or read from this forum, you should go read all other forum’s on the net like reddit, quora BUT ALSO this forum to conclude your own judgement. I never said it doesnt work for everyone. I just shared my own experience & other members who also failed at their own experience can also made proper judgement with unbias feedback.

@Mulberry literally just posted several examples of people posting their failures. People post their failures all the time. If you didn’t read them for whatever reason, that’s not a failing on the forums part. Thats on you. I literally just got finished advising someone who posted their failure with divination. So lets not go there. I think the schism here comes from the fact that we didn’t rubber stamp your laziness as readily as you had expected. Quitting after merely 2 months is a record…so we’re kinda taken aback by the lack of work ethic.



:thinking: Maybe take your own advice?

We’re just saying 2 months isn’t a fair trial, and that as doubt kills magick stone dead and you’re full of it, you’re self sabotaging out the gate.

We also suggest you go back to “know yourself” on that issue to unterstand why. You’re in your own way right now.

If you do that and then still want to try magick, great, if not there are other ways of approaching your spirituality.

Glad you clarified that, because that’s really what it looked like you were saying, or why would you complain about people thanking the spirts for success? :smiley:

Well, for those people who believe it, and sometimes for those who don’t, it also works. Some people try stuff and post their surprise that it happened, that’s fun :slight_smile: They were able to suspend disbelief.

That’s literally what makes magick work, is the practitioner. You can’t just go through the motions, YOU DO THE WORK. You do it with your whole being, mind heart and body in alignment. If your mind says no, nothing happens.

This is important. Your mind says no, you are full of doubt which creates counter currents of energy to prevent the working. So for you, it will never work. You get in your own way.

To be fair that’s really quick, whatever you tried could still be in flow. It you specified a timeframe that often doesn’t work because the energy can’t conform in time. We have a lot of discussions about that too… It depends what it was though.

You’re welcome @TexasLonghorns

Take care & good luck.

So, after all that, is this the probem? …

How about you post what you were trying to do, what you did and what you were looking for, and we can help you troubleshoot , see if there’s anything obvious that could be tweaked in your approach?

Like, how did you summon and what did you do to ensure you didn’t get impostors? Did you get agreement during ritual? (Dreams can come from impostors or be basic wish fulfilment dreams so, never take those literally unless you’re adept with dreamworking.)

Ah, that’s a problem that happens with love spells, you’ll also see that on here more than once… The target, who everybody forgets is also naturally psychic as all humans are, senses the working as an attack or they start seeing you as predatory and it drives them away. It’s not always about the spirits, it’s because you didn’t take into account how this advanced type of magick can backfire before trying it.

But it can also be they just found someone else and didn’t want the distraction. It might not be about you or your working.

It’s a good idea to do a divination to see what the obstacles are before spells involving influencing others. You just don’t have enough information otherwise and you can get blindsides by energy flows you were not aware of, or you read too much into something and jump to conclusions.


I respect your journey. You are truely putting your mind to the task and seeing it from multiple persepctives. As well as sharing yours even through the controversy.

I agree with her. Try this out and share your experience. Id love to see your persepctive after this. Even though magic has failed you try to keep that open minded mentally you started with, then move into this. And if you’re done, i respect that too.

I also have noticed your profile. Are you doing a research paper for your college?

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No not research. I choosed the LHP for myself

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Where did you get this idea from? Because lots of people here call on demons in order to better themselves like getting rid of addictions, stopping bad habits, learning to be more confident and having more self esteem, etc… How is that not bettering yourself? Demons aren’t meant to just help you get your ex back, it’s much more than that.


I also heard but they didnt do anything to better myself, instead made me stress the hell out for such a long time & turn my world upside down with just in living general…not just talking about “ex”. I dont see that as demon making someone better.

Here’s the deal: sometimes your life will be turned upside down because you need to rebuild it. Demons do that. Believe me, I’ve been through it all. Now I’m at a better place and I do not regret anything, for my guides have always watched my back and yes, they got rough when they had to. It was for my own sake. With that being said, I hail Lilith, Azazel, Pazuzu, Asmodeus and many others for all the blessings and curses.


Thanks for sharing your experience also. Yeah it seems many people are saying your life turns upside down, just like mine was. Not sure about being in a better place or it was for the better though. Well hopefully now that all this is out there, people can now judge for themselves all the info including your world turning upside down instead of only reading what these powerful deities can do & believing everything you read on the net.

Thank you everyone for the feedback. Even though I did have negative experience my first time working with Demon spirits which does give a bad taste in my mouth since it was my first time, I do appreciate all the comments as this is all part of learning experience.

I do which I knew before hand your life “can” turn upside down. I went into this not half way but full hearted & took it very serious. I wasn’t expecting all wishes to be granted but I was hoping at least positive things would come at least little by little.

Perhaps its still not over & if anything else changes, I will of course post updates. But I do really thank you members for taking the time to post your comments as even if the reply comments are not so good, its still good learning experience :slight_smile:

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2 months is a short time for a good work, if you want something from spirits work for it outside the spiritual plane or astral plane etc, magic is something you build from yourself and most of the time spirits work with your own energy. Man, i can say spirits don t grant wishes for people who work with them for years and years, it is what it is, if you can t walk this path just move on and i wish you luck! Positive things are present in my life because i judge what is good and bad for me and i strive for the good, and that s for every human.