Danger When Working With Demon Spirits

I think the level of danger when working with demons is going to vary just as the level of danger working with any other type of spirit. There’s alot more fear mongering when it comes to demons because of what religion tells us and what people think of when they hear the word “demon”.


UPG there’s no more danger working with demons or angels then there is working with a human partner. The people who bash demons and say it’s dangerous have just as much an agenda behind it as the ones saying look over here at this my success you gotta try this. Sometimes things live up to your worst experience citations simply because you are expecting the worse.on that note if you expect the worst to be trucked tested manipulated and done wrong why should you expect the other being (human or other) to be at their nicest best most benign for you? Sometimes you tell a kid their no good they live up to that (and it’s not just humans/kid s do that) cuz if you think that low of them why should they bother to do better/different when you (who’s expecting the worst) won’t recognize or credit if they do something other then their worst behaviour. Maybe the problem is you and your expectations not demons angels deities or people. Because if something always happens to you you are the common denominator.

@TexasLonghorns Anyhow hope you read this and mull it over. It isn’t solely directed to you or anyone the UPG part is that maybe all that applies to anyone expecting the worst of anyone/anything in other words it may be that some people have bad experiences because of their attitudes views and expectations. Not everyone, but because it will apply sometimes maybe let go of the expectations the worst will happen and just go with it without prejudging a entity person or situation. If you let it develop on its own without the negativity maybe it becomes a positive experience whereas if you always look for the worst even if the best happens you’ll miss it. Of course if you always have rose colored glasses on (the inverse Of the situation I suggested might be happening) you’ll overlook the negatives and not give them the consideration they deserve. So maybe, look not for positive or negative motives but take each learning from whichever outcome occurs and take each action and situation on its own not judging it before it happens.


My opinion; life itself is a constant danger. The danger to have an accident, a desease, a hit, being bullied, bored to death by the lame boring matrix, boring people that drives us insane. So what I hear, an entity can be dangerous…well, I always said to myself. ‘‘no comments’’ because it’s kinda weird, when you think about it. Spirits or entities can be dangerous, but we are already living in a danger planet…! so…


Agendas. Example: a preacher who’s saying demons are evil dangerous out to kill you and destroy you and your soul have the agenda of getting you in their church door so they can get you to pay them tithes. A lot of times the tales about positives or negatives are there because the person telling it wants you to do something or other be it go to their church and tithe or buy their next book or tune in to their next pod cast.
Add: but there’s no point fearing life. First off no one lives forever second you can’t avoid everything. I remember a tv show real event where a plane (think it was a 2 seater Cesna) crashed into a house at night cuz of ice on the wings. Even if they (the home owner) did everything to avoid bad luck they couldn’t avoid the place falling on their house. There’s no point worrying about possibilities. Just live learn and go. I mean sure use common sense (sense like not driving the wrong way on a highway) but don’t worry about other peoples gnosis and experiences just go out and have your own.

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Ironic, because the christians/catholic churches worldwide have gave hell to humanity for a period of 1500 years.


I do sympathize. And I apologize for this long post. If you’re convinced to get off the magick path entirely, then don’t waste your time reading all of this. I wish you well and good luck in your future endeavors. But if you’re open to ideas or suggestions that are not exactly LHP, then go ahead and read on, this is just some of what I have experienced and come to realize. I cannot say I have had the best track record, and I’ve probably been working with 3 years and it has been the most hit or miss thing I have ever stuck with doing for more than a year. But I have had some successes and that just makes me want to get better and more consistent. Let me also state, I am no LHP practitioner, but I may do some LH stuff and use some LH tactics. I have recently come to the conclusion that it often depends on who the magickian is and who they are trying to contact. Some authors (I think Jason Miller and S. Connelly) have stated that you need to develop a relationship with the beings to really get things going. I’ve also seen others say you get different aspects of the being depending on which name (like Asmodai vs. Asmodeus). In addition to being an inexact science, this pretty much tells me that these beings can be just as moody as humans with likes and dislikes for people that are just as random and I’d urge you to think about working with different beings or try another path than LHP unless you’re willing to repeatedly go to certain beings until you have that working relationship.

As far as paths or systems, I was always (and still am) curious about Enochian, and many people claim successes with it, but it seems like something I personally should stay away from. I’m energy sensitive and every time I even think about going that direction or even look at an Enochian sigil, I’m drained despite being REALLY interested. I don’t know why, perhaps there’s some bad resonance with my energy mixing with that system’s energy, I just don’t know. I tried to push on using Damon Brand’s Success Magick, but I couldn’t point to any direct success out of it and ultimately life pushed me off of it any way. And push I did, because even looking at the sigils in that book can make me dizzy and weak. So yeah, if all LHP has done for you is turn life upside down, then maybe you are right and should hop off that train, but again maybe try another path.

Before using that book, I’d say I didn’t start having real successes I could definitely say was the magick until I used other GoM books, particularly Demons of Magick and Archangels of Magick. I had used others from GoM and other authors that didn’t really seem to do much for me, but I kept trying something different. The one being I probably tried calling on most consistently in the beginning with Demons of Magick is Seer. Most report that he is easy to contact, benevolent and usually comes through fast. I was fairly discouraged because in the beginning, I felt like I received no help. I was ready to give up on all of it after 3-4 times, but I went to other beings and did some other things and got some successes. I think I’ve gone to Seer about 8 times and I saw my request granted twice from a being that is supposedly easy to contact and grants requests fast. And you may call it “an excuse” when people say it didn’t manifest because it was not in your best interest (which i thought along those lines too), but then I saw the direct result of what would have happened if 3 of those unfulfilled requests that did not manifest would have manifested and the result would not have been good at all for me in the end. And since Seer is supposedly benevolent, I’ll go with that “excuse” because I’m glad that those 3 did not come to pass and it seems like he may have been looking out for me.

In contrast, a few months ago, I went to Valac a couple times, one for some quick unexpected sources of money and another for a job. I got some completely unexpected sources and sums of money. I also got a new job…except that “job” turned out to be an elaborate scam. It even came through Indeed’s website and I had 2 phone interviews and they had a website backing the business. It all looked legit until I was given stolen bank account numbers to transfer money into my account to buy electronics and ship overseas…which completely differed from the legit job description they gave. It looks like the scammers assumed the name of a recently closed business and built a convincing front out of it. I’ve seen people say that Valac is volatile and that could be what I experienced as he doesn’t seem to care about what is in my best interest, but manifested what I asked for on the surface, but definitely not what I meant. If I go back to him, I will have to be much clearer and detailed about what I want in my request…if I’m adventurous enough to go back to him…

My first real tangible results with the Demons of Magick book came when i used it on some loud and rowdy neighbors upstairs. I had learned just how thin the ceiling was as there were two heavyset kids living up there and the parents had absolutely no control as they screamed, ran, jumped, etc. I live in place where the weather is almost always good and we had a quiet street and they could have easily gone outside at any of those times and had fun there. But instead, it literally seemed like an earthquake and would often continue for hours shaking the place and I had put up with it for months. I made a request from Phenix and the noise stopped literally a few minutes after the ritual and was very quiet for 3 weeks. When the noise began again, I did it again and it was quiet for 2 weeks, at which point, they began moving out. I attribute that part to Shax, who I went to for that purpose around the first time I went to Phenix.

I also have to point out something else though. I didn’t start having ANY of the successes until I started using the magick to work on myself more first. Like going to Haagenti and Cimeries to help get over some beliefs, fears and other issues that were subconsciously limiting the results of the magick. Deep down, I did not believe I could get what I was asking for and really didn’t believe the magick would work. More specifically, I was brought up Christian and afraid to work with demons and I did not believe magick would work FOR ME. Perhaps that is the key to making it all work. If you’re still having such extreme reservations about working with demons, working with them is probably a bad starting point because they’ll probably give you more reasons to confirm your fears/beliefs/whatever. I think the only reason why they didn’t turn my life upside down in the beginning was that I put so many safety mechanisms in the magick when I tried to work with them even when I was scared of them. Instead of manifesting what I was secretly fearing, it just negated everything.

And thanks to anyone who had the patience to read all that.

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Man you are completely missing the point. You probably don’t have what it takes to get a real connection with a Spirit. In 2019 one day I just put a candle into my altar, the Sigil of Lucifer and some drops of Blood. Not even drew a sigil and just asked in a sort of Gnostic state “Lucifer, provide me the most beautiful and best girl for me”.

3 days later I met the most beautiful, 24-year old girl you could ever imagine walking on Earth. Yes, it lasted 7 months only, for any other reason, but you can’t imagine the beauty of this woman.

And same thing about other stuff, money stuff, legal situations, etc. The issue is that you need to know what you are doing, develop your own system of Solomonic Magic (that’s what worked best for me), with the 4 candles, the circle, the altar, the 9 chimes, etc.

Read, and try over and over again. And try to get into Gnostic state before trying to invoke anything or ask anything to a Demon.