Ok this is getting difficult

I understand i usually don’t post much in here but it’s really hard to understand how to read my tarot. I tried every method but it’s still confusing and not accurate so is there any way that i can be able to do it. I just wanna be able to communicate with my spirits that I’m trying to work with :sob:


Why is it confusing? Maybe you’re not asking your questions in a clear format

Did you established a magickal link to the tarot? Some people carry the cards with them for 11 days, sleep with them under the pillow, put them on the chakras and see what the cards show them. That is why is excellent to start with the major arcana and work with them closely…


I am but it’s hard to understand what it means when i try to find card meaning on the internet like i understand thr meaning but i can’t seem to say what that means to the situation or the question i asked like how do i explain it. kinda like understanding the cards in more depth of what it’s trying to tell in a intuitive way. That’s the best way i can explain it

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What about the minor cards then sorry it’s just i got confused.

It’s in my makeup bag most of the time as it’ll have my energy but I’m trying to talk to spirits so what does my energy have to be there? Sorry just really confused is all

Personally i would try to master the tarot traditionally first before moving onto using them for spirit communication.

You can split them into two groups major arcana and minor. Then you can split the minor into the 4 suits, pentacles, wands, chalices & swords. Start with Major, once that is done you then pick a suit to study ect.

Once you know the meanings of each card and can apply it to normal divination then you can start to apply it to spirit message interpretation.


Sorry i didn’t quite understand so can you elaborate if you don’t mind .

This seems to often be the case when people learn tarot in a cookbook way, they have trouble picking the right keywords and plotting them into their situation. The way you fix that is you learn the mysteries of each card and what occult truths and processes they represent, then you will be able to derive the right meaning and understand how it applies to you


It sounds like the problem is that you aren’t in the theta-gamma sync (TGS) when you do the tarot. I have EA’s divination course, and in it he says that you should be in the TGS in order to properly do tarot…which is where most tarot readers seem to fail. You need to be connected to the spirit world, and the spirit world feeds you the important context needed to properly incorporate the cards meanings into the specific situation that you’re looking at.


Thank you so much and yes i know that works as i used to be able get in that state early when i started magick but now that I’m in college and more busy/ stressed i can’t seem to get into that state sadly like i can still do it as i have heard a voice one day but it’s hard. Even then shouldn’t i still be able understand what the tarot actual meaning is to be able to understand it

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And where can i find this mysteries?

Honestly? No, not really. The reason why so many tarot readers that you see out there are dogshit is because most of them only understand tarot and magick at a superficial level…an internet-browsing level. Yes, you can use the internet to search up the meaning of a card, or the description of a spirit. But can you use the internet to tell you why the Nine of Swords perplexingly keeps coming up for your friend Sally, whom on the surface seems to have everything in her life together? Well, what the internet can’t tell you is that your friend Sally is 2 months pregnant without even knowing it herself yet, and on top of that is up to her eyeballs in debt, but has been too embarrassed up to that point to tell anyone about it. Its up to you as the tarot reader to uncover that info, but the only way to uncover something like that is to have that direct connection with the spirit world…to ascend jacobs ladder so that instead of being a mere piece on the board, you can look down at the entire chessboard and all its pieces from an elevated vantage point, and see all that is, and all that may yet come. Without that elevated vantage point, you are like a pawn on the board. Able to see in front of you, but not behind you. Able to see the knight, but not the rook behind it. You are severely handicapped in terms of what you are able to see if you don’t perform tarot while in the TGS.


In relation to what @Verdo is saying, here is Aphorism One of the Centiloquium attributed to Ptolemy:

" I. JUDGMENT must be regulated by thyself, as well as by the science; for it is not possible that particular forms of events should be declared by any person, however scientific; since the understanding conceives only a certain general idea of some sensible event, and not its particular form. It is, therefore, necessary for him who practices herein to adopt inference. They only who are inspired by the deity can predict particulars." (JM Ashmand traslation, Centoloquy Ptolemei)

That is, you cannot divine particulars without divine inspiration. @Verdo calls this connection to the spirit world in the above post. You can, however, divine general things with the information assigned to each card by themselves.

For example: Say someone comes to me and asks me, how will their business go the coming week? I pull out various cards into a spread (I recommend using spreads if you want to divine a situation accurately without solely relying on intuition), and the card representing opposition to the business is the 5 of Wands. With this, I know that this reveals that conflict with someone is the opposition to the business, this is the general signification revealed through the “science”, but with my intuition, I am able to tell them that a conflict with a new employee is going to occur and they are doing this because they oppose authority, so they will also not stop trying to cause conflict. So that is something decently particular that can come from this divine inspiration.

With that said, you can still divine events accurately without relying on intuition, and this requires good knowledge of each card. In fact, some systems of divination are very technical rather than relying on intuition. Most people use the Tarot as a system that focuses heavily on intuition, but the Tarot is very flexible so you can make in-depth spreads that allow for a lot of information to be gained. So, a good start is learning more about cards, and divine things accurately based on this. When you perform divination with the tarot, be relaxed, and if additional information comes to you mind, use it, and if it does not then there is no need to worry about it.


@Verdo @Dankquanicus thank you for all the advice


I’ll try this method and let you both know @Verdo

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These are interesting points, I know nothing of tarot, read a bit and know nothing lol.
I thought it was all intuition but now I’ve learned there is a reason for choosing spreads.
I think I’ve learned something, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

So would it be right to say that each placement of a card in a particular spread shows a set guideline meaning?
Each spot of a spread formation or shape is of a particular aspect to show a positive/negative or an obstruction/ease or inner/outer conflict/support?

Sorry to jump onto your topic @MidnightStar, hopefully my question might be in line with what you want to know :slightly_smiling_face:


Each card reveals the situation or the information you are looking for. They are not simply a guideline for our intuition to follow, but actually signify the event. Every person and every thing in the material world descends from basic Ideas in the Mind of The One, down to the Soul of the World, and through the Rays of the Stars (Or, spiritual cycles that these Stars point towards). These cards all signify the basic essence of things as they descend through the Rays of the Stars into the material world.

Some systems, like Geomancy, are highly technique based, with little intuition employed. If you ask what metals are to be found in a certain area, and the figure in the 4th House is Fortuna Major, it is Gold (Fortuna Major being a figure of the Sun, and Gold being a metal of the Sun). There is no intuition employed, or needed. People are often shocked after I give them a Geomancy reading for the first time, because of the accuracy and precision of it (Although, I am certainly not a master of the art). So, it is not necessary for a system to only serve as a guide for the intuition. Divination is primarily meant to answer questions, so it should be good at just that.

When it comes to interpreting Tarot cards in a reading, I pretty much always follow the meaning of the cards, with my intuition divining particular things that the card points to. If I am uncertain of my intuition, I give the general meaning of the cards. Those I have read for have been very satisfied with this.

Well, depends on how you construct a spread. If you follow a Golden Dawn system of constructing them, you could use three cards laid side by side to signify a single thing together (Such as, a person’s career, or their near future etc.), and use the elemental interactions of the card to show more information (Conflicting elements weaken each other, etc.)

Otherwise, each part of a spread signifies one particular aspect of the querent’s life or of what they are trying to divine. For example, a person may come to me asking about their business like in the example I gave above, and I may have one spot to signify their business, and another to signify any opposing forces of it, another for how people in general view the business, and another or two to signify the performance of employees and their interaction. So, all this reveals particular information you want to know.


Basically once you are confident in the meanings of the cards and can apply it to normal divination, you can them move on to asking spirits, ect, questions and divining the answers.

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My advise is to check out biddy tarots website. But before you do that, just look at the card and understand whats going on inside of it. Ill pull a random card and walk through my proccess.

The website

Lets say the topic is a work reading. John Does ask " im stuggling with my current work situation, can i have advise?"

I pulled the hanged man.

As we can see, the hanged man is bound to the wood by his feet. But he isnt hung by the kneck, so he is only temporarily trapped. Meanwhile he has a glow around his head. How i see this, is he makes light of the situation. While yeah its not good to be hung upside down, he finds clairity and a new perspective of the world he is in.

Now to apply this to John Doe.

John Doe is clearly unhappy with his situation. So the card suggest that he needs a to find a new way to look at his current job. After all, he chose to be there. So the advise would i would pull is to broaden his view and see the benefits of his work. If he works fast food, he should relize that people are hungry and rely on him to quickly feed them. Or if hes a 9-5 office, maybe set up his offices appearance in a new way. Something new to look at can have a great affect on his mental state.

And lastly, just keep at it. Read the cards even if they dont feel right. Doesnt matter the answer, just go with it.

Hopefully i helped open your point of view *hint hint cough cough *


What is a geomancy reading?

I dont want to derail so pm me

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