Cursing for a good reason

I am looking for a curse to take somones life. I have heard of a few entities that maybe able to assist me. The only thing is ive never used a curse before. I have worked with Glasya-Labolas for other things but never for execration magick. I have also had good results working wit the nethers within the Book Of Azazel and i think Dratalon would be useful.
Here is some background on the futire victim.
This young man is currently in County Jail here. He is currently awaiting trial for the murder of my 18 year old little brother. He murdered my brother for bumping into him while my little brother was walking down the street focusing on his phone.
He is trying to say he dont remember doing it but he is just playing crazy.
My family is going thru a lot and i feel that this young mans death is not only fair. But it will be the only thing that brings closure for my family.

If anyone can help me with a potent curse. I would be forever grateful.


I am so sorry to read about your brother.

A member just posted these on the forum:

Hopefully you will also get some other useful replies. :+1:


What was your brother’s name? You a close-knit family? He could’ve been targeted. This whole thing smells fishy.

Do you have any links to the guy, or just his name?

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We were very close knit my brothers name was Alonzo. I was in prison at the time for a stabbing that occured while three people were jumping me. I too was stabbed and beat with a baseball bat. Then afterword it was a literal witch hunt. Instead of it being considered self defense. I was sentanced to 8 years. The year i got out my brother was killed. Is that karma or whats going on. I called on Glasya Labolas to ask him about this and he said.“the bloodshead a bring is great i would not waste my energy on such innonsence”.

I only have his name

Friendly reminder to please keep full names of people involved off the forum and the target, especially so, this rule:

I hate having to post because I hope you whack those sons of bitches with a powerful magickal curse, but it is important for the safety of our forum to stay within these guidelines. :+1:.

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Cool. thank you very much. Good to know

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After reading your story again, cursing seem a bit light. You should see that gruesome violence fall on your enemies and their house 100 fold.

Especially since, like I said, you seem targeted. Even better. Use their obsessive energy against them. Fucking dummies.

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How would you suggest i go about this

How else–drive-by shooting movie style? Spray anything that moves, even their wet and smelly dog. Their getaway cars will crash.

I’m just kidding. Look in the baneful section for spirits who you can petition to bring pain and heartache to troublesome foes. Good luck.

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I like your style. Lol. Thanks for the help