Pay Me Back Curse

I have a bottle spirit from a grave that I use for certain baneful works. Recently had a go with someone who owed me some money. I decided to put a curse on this person to pay me the rest of the money. Not really sure if a curse was the way to go, but didn’t like the guy and what he has done in the past to people close to me.

After some divination, the spirit was very eager to do this to said person. So I proceeded…

Few events have taken place within 2 weeks to person :
Horrible rash develops on face
Loses multiple freelance jobs
Crashes car
Gets pulled out of friends car, then gets his ass beat

This last update has me confused. He was mugged on the street with a big wad of cash. Maybe this cash was what he was going to pay me, maybe not.

Should I keep the curse on him until he pays up or any ideas where to go from here?


Interesting. Your revenge and destruction hex all told sounds like sufficient payback and then some. From what you posted the object of your anger is that this person owes you money. Why not do a casting for retribution to regain what is owed. In the casting specify the amount and have your Diety influence, manipulate and subjugate him to pay you back without physical harm. BTW what Diety did you use to carry out your work?

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I imagine I could lift the curse, and then begin with a retribution spell on him. I’ll do some divination to see how this will go

The spirit I’m working with was taken from a graveyard. Passed away ~30 years ago

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The bottom line is that you would like to get repaid with a new casting i guarantee with the powers you have invoked it will happen. :blush:

Sounds like a Payback rather than a pay me back curse. __

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Yeah, I specified and allowed the spirit to do what it likes to the said person to make them pay me what is owed. This is only the 2nd time ever hexing someone. Going to take lawclerk’s advice and redo it

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Um, you want to share this bottle spirit curse, friend?

Great job!

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