Payback Spell (Andromalius, Andras)

A friend just hit me up with a request to do a Payback spell for her, which got me thinking. I have some money owed to me going years back and really should get that looked after.

Got on here and looked around to see what was already posted. Found this and this, but not much else that applied.

Threw this together just now, will give it a run tomorrow.


  • Red or purple candle (black if i can get one)
  • Perps’ names carved into candles
  • Candles anointed with castor oil, rolled in black pepper and basil
  • Andromalius and Andras sigils drawn with black marker
  • Photos of the perps printed out, placed between sigils and candles

That’s it. Keeping it simple. Simple is good. I like simple.


  • Set up altar with prepared candle on photos/sigils.
  • Light candle, skry the flame.
  • Repeat the enn for 5 minutes until you feel a presence.
  • Name request to spirit, speak the desire with a timestamp, and release the spirit to do its work.
  • Let candle burn down.
  • Go about business and let things come to pass.

I’m curious why those particular spirits? Is this someone that you just happen to forget about and remember owes you money, or is this someone deliberately hiding from you trying not to pay you back?

I wish you all the success. Love to hear how it turns out.

In 2010, a former friend of mine (friend A) got thrown in jail for defending himself in a robbery. He beat the shit out of the robber, who then called the cops on him.

While A was locked up, another former friend of mine (friend B) helped me move A’s stuff out of storage. The storage unit was going to throw A’s shit away but he couldn’t get it because he was locked up.

B said he’d keep A’s stuff safe until he got out of jail. I made a list of everything we had because i’m anal-retentive like that. Then went to a computer shop to find the exact names and prices of everything he had, again bc that’s me.

While i’m online, i saw B had posted A’s shit for sale on eBay and Kijiji! I was like wtf? Called him up he confirmed it. He was selling A’s shit on eBay for extra cash.

I told B to take A’s shit offline. Wtf? You don’t rob someone and sell their shit for cash behind their back! What in the fuck was he thinking?

Keep in mind B was a multimillionaire. A was broke as fuck.

So B was like, ok take his shit, you keep it. which put me in a jam bc i had nowhere to put it at that time.

B made me go to his place and take all of B’s shit, which i brought to 2 pawnshops. This happened on my birthday btw, when everything was closed EXCEPT the pawnshops (lucky me).

At the time, i had nowhere to create an altar. So i went to Laura DiGiorgio’s website and bought her Andromalius mp3.

I played that every night before bed for a month. It guides you to do an evocation in your mind using hypnotism in hypnoid trance state.

On the 30th day, i had a vivid dream and woke up seeing purple glitter everywhere. I had to walk around to shake it out of my vision. So i knew something was up. I got ready and went outside, just kept walking and walking.

When i was done, i was on the other side of town. I went into a public library and sat down.

Not 2 minutes later, some guy i don’t know walks up to me and asks me if i was . I said yeah, why? Then he leaves.

A minute after that, A ran in and told me he thought he recognized me. He’d been waiting in the doughnut shop across the street for 2 hours. ‘Something’ told him i’d be there that day, and he woke up seeing purple glitter everywhere.

Keep in mind i’d had ZERO contact with him for over 2 months, and had no idea where he was. I thought he was still in jail! He’d gotten out the week before on a technicality.

So we go across the street. I bring A to the pawnshops, we get his stuff back. I gave him a list of everything that i got out of storage. Then i handed A the sigil i had of Andromalius and said it’s all yours now.

Long story short, B’s life went to shit soon after. I’m not sure, but i think he’s not around anymore. Nobody i know seems to have seen him in the last few years, and the last time i saw him, he was in hospital. He was in pretty bad shape - doctors cut a hole in his side so big i could shove my fist straight into his body and touch his liver if i wanted to. They did that to drain some of his organs every 30 minutes so he wouldn’t croak.

Andromalius will straight up fuck you up if you rob somebody AND get your shit back. I know this from experience.

As far as Andras, all he does is catch wreck. Don’t stand next to me if Andras is mad at you. I don’t want to catch your strays.

Basically, i’m sending the goons out to collect my payment.

We’ll see what comes of this working.


Did you do any magic that got A out of jail?

I didn’t. Andromalius might have arranged for that to happen, but we’ll never know for sure.

The spirits in Ars Goetia may need to rearrange things to get the job done, but they find a way.