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Now available for the FIRST time ever in both paperback and Kindle…

Unlock the full magick of bestselling author E.A. Koetting’s entire collection of cult classic grimoires. Can YOU pathwork every one? FREE: every paperback copy includes a Kindle ebook version as a convenient gift.

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Complete Works Edition
A large eight-grimoires-in-one compendium - $216 only 99 - Get $127 off to save 55%.
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1. Kingdoms of Flames: A Grimoire of Sorcery & Evocation
A secret society initiates a young prodigy magician to decode a mysterious Skeleton-Cypher. Can you unlock the magick squares to summon forth secret angels and demons? Inspired by a true story of E.A. Koetting.
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2. Works of Darkness
Get the ULTIMATE initiation into black magick with a classic Left Hand Pathworking. Learn the most powerful candle spells, demonic sigil magick, clairvoyant scrying, demonic evocation, psychic vampirism, necromancy, death magick, & more.
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3. Baneful Magick
How to throw curses, place hexes, and send armies of evil spirits to DESTROY your enemy. This shameless manual provides proven rituals to annihilate an adversary with no apology.
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4. Evoking Eternity: Forbidden Rites of Evocation
Summon ANY spirit to visible materialization with the most complete manual of spirit evocation ever written. Learn how to perform both solitary & group evocation, summon entire legions of demons, and how to communicate with spirits in ritual.
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5. The Spider & the Green Butterfly: Vodoun Crossroads of Power
True story of how E.A. Koetting received privileged instruction into the fiercely-guarded rites of Haitian Vodoun. Harness the magick of the Loa through high-powerful spells, magick fetishes, and ritual spirit possession with this forbidden grimoire.
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6. Questing After Visions: Making Conscious Contact
Here’s the REAL truth about spiritual and psychedelic visions. Learn how to experience ancient vision quests and use psychedelic entheogens to make conscious contact with extraterrestrial spirits in parallel dimensions.
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7. Ipsissimus: The Master’s Path
True story of my apprenticeship under a mystical guru who taught me how to rise on the planes through soul travel. Now YOU can learn how to take flight, experience the higher dimensions, and attain Ipsissimus like me.
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8. The Book of Azazel: Grimoire of the Damned
Priceless grimoire of a fearless 90-day blood pact with the Demonic Gatekeeper, Azazel. I reveal the FIRST ever grimoire of the Demonic Hierarchy under infernal authority of Azazel himself.
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9. Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis: 18 Flames of Initiation & Lessons in Godhood
Undergo the 18 Flames of Initiation and receive Lessons in Godhood. For the FIRST time ever, you can access the original, uncensored discourses of the legendary Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis with all-new commentary from E.A. Koetting himself.
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Also available for the FIRST time ever in paperback & Kindle…

• Anthology of Sorcery: Initiation, Revelations & Spells - Three Grimoires in One
A large three-grimoires-in-one compendium - $81 only 69 - Get $12 off to save 15%.
The world’s top black magicians reveal their priceless secrets of magick power in the Anthology of Sorcery compendium, including Volumes 1, 2 and 3. Learn advanced black magick to ignite your ascent with over 43 authors and their favorite rites, demons, and spells that you cannot find anywhere else. Featuring E.A. Koetting, Asenath Mason, Lon Milo DuQuette, S. Connolly, Michael W. Ford, and more.
» Order Here - Includes free Kindle ebook

• Necromantic Sorcery: Forbidden Rites of Death Magick - by Dante Abiel
Learn how to perform the most dangerously powerful rituals of Saturnian Necromancy. Raise the demonic forces of black magick to exploit the spirits of the dead and contact the Other Side with the forbidden rites of death magick.
» Order Here - Includes free Kindle ebook

• Black Magick: The Left Hand Path - by @Timothy
Become a genius of the Left Hand Path. Awaken your Will to Power with an unprecedented, complete philosophy on black magick ever written.
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• Black Magick Manifesto - by @Timothy
The ULTIMATE introduction to Left Hand Path philosophy, it distills my 413-page tour de force “Black Magick” into a blistering 41-page carpet bomb. This convenient dissertation incites a Copernican Revolution in black magick studies, and furnishes logical conclusions to all the notorious inquiries that have perennially confused magicians.
» Order Here - Includes free Kindle ebook

• The Devil: Suicide, Apocalypse & The Abyss - by @Timothy
If the Devil penned a deathbed confessional to disclose the philosophy behind his evil, what would he say? I underwent diabolical possession for six months to find out his answer.
» Order Here - Includes free Kindle ebook

• NOXAZ: Primal Current, Volume 1 - by Edgar Kerval, Asenath Mason, Linda Falorio & more
Eight of the world’s top Left Hand Path magicians forged the NOXAZ grimoire to explore the most primal forms of Gnosis in the hidden chambers of the Black Serpent. As a key to Nightside Visions and adverse Qliphothic Alchemy, this sinister grimoire allows the mind to reach back into the primigenian Abyss. The forbidden wisdom herein awakens the Primal Current in you, and nurtures the seed of your immortal will.
» Order Here - Includes free Kindle ebook

• NOXAZ: Kaos, Volume 2 - by Edgar Kerval, Bill Duvendack, Humberto Maggi & more
14 preeminent Left Hand Path magicians forged the second NOXAZ grimoire to explore Gnosis of Kaos Sorcery in the hidden chambers of the Black Serpent. As a door to the Tree of Qliphoth and Nightside Alchemy, this primal grimoire journeys into the primigenian Abyss. The forbidden knowledge herein awakens the Black Serpent spirit in you, and nurtures the seed of your immortal will. Featuring Edgar Kerval, Asenath Mason, Bill Duvendack, Humberto Maggi, and more.
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Looks like the Ixaxaar copyright is over.


Glad these are now more available in physical form. :+1:


Rejoicing :raised_hands:


Very nice! Thank you. :smiley:


THANK YOU GUYS!!! This is amazing! :smile:


Let me just favorite this page and go crack open the old bank account.


I have the funeral for my wallet all ready and waitting.


Hell yeah, can’t wait to open these books


Pretty happy with these covers. A fantastic designer named Hampton Lamoureux arranged them.


Awesom (:


Oh yeah they look awesome,


And there i was 200 bucks lighter on the bank(;

Well this is great news for everyone trying to get their hands on some of these books at a fair price, know there have been pol asking for the Anthology book so this will surely make many ppl happy me included.
Physical books beats pdfs any day.


I have to say I love the original covers of the now 1st / special editions, the simplicity for N.S. & E. A.'s collection are awesome and look the part of a black magick grimoire. But these covers for the second editions are awesome. The O.A.A., W.O.D. and N.S. are some of my favorites.

Again thank you for this I have wanted to buy these books but felt weird giving to someone on Ebay way more than necessary, it makes me happy to support you guys for the work on them. Also will this be permanent or limited printing? I fell stupid for asking but it’s been in the back of my mind. :confused:


Nice, just ordered Book of Azazel. Will get some others over time when I dont have a dozen things to read. Glad to be able to get physical copies without shelling out an entire paycheck now.


i gotta wait til Friday to order but im excited to get my hands on one of those book ive been wanting one


Yeah! gotta get one… But which should I start with?


It’s a fantastic move imho and the holidays are rolling in. I know more than a few people that make their resolutions by starting by working through a fresh book. Cool.


Wow, this is awesome! I’m trying to limit my physical collection until I live in a place where I can store everything without concern, so having access to kindle versions of these books is very nice. I’m definitely gonna check out Ipissimus and Questing After Visions, think I may just be a little patient and manifest the money for the Complete Works though, might as well.

Really glad to see these works made widely available to all :slight_smile: