List of Necromancy Must Haves

Just thought I’d post a thread for this. Didnt see one.

What types of tomes, and materials would you guys consider must-haves for a Necromancer? When your just starting out with a notebook and a pencil? When your old and grizzled after years of Study?


Maybe because you’ve been in the Section Left hand Path,
instead of the Section Necromancy.

Topic moved.

These are official Sources you can dive into,
and get your Hands dirty with quite efficiently.

As already mentioned,
you’ll gain access to more Material,
once you’ve contributed a bit.



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You also need a relationship with death, the one thing all dead have in common.

Whether by tractor accident, suicide, war, old age, disease, stupidity or murder, all dead have passed through the gateway.

The blood and guts left behind. The skin, which we spend our lives gazing upon and gratifying ourselves from, has turned to dust.

If you can understand dying in terms of accepting it in all of its forms from easy to really difficult and painful, and seeing your body as being of earth, then you are one step closer to necromantic rites.

The alchemical processes of death may not be something the living can invoke within the selves physically, but they are nonetheless powerful mental processes that can lead to mind blowing personal transformation.

Study death. Be careful not to break your mind. The processes of death or just the imagery alone is enough to scar certain people.

Know death, to better understand appreciate life certainly, but to also establish a link with the ultimate gateway.

Then when the dead speak, you might hear. Having attuned yourself to the processes makes it easier to see the forest for the trees.

Not trying to be cryptic.

Good luck. Immersion into Death changes you. Either you come out humbled or scared. Perhaps both. Hopefully more powerful and capable, but perhaps not. Depression, hopelessness, undesirable mental imagery, and disassociation can happen. Imagine eating dinner with someone and you have this image of someone’s head blown off and their rage in your mind, and you can’t shake it. This is serious stuff man. Traumatizing, ptsd level shit. Not kidding.

As for the details of how to attune yourself to death? That’s your journey. Just don’t be killing anything or desecrating any bodies pls. Lol.


Lots of real deaths, often very violent, on

I non-jokingly urge extreme caution to anyone before viewing, there is no “un-see” function the human mind is capable of. :+1:


Yeah, that’s a good one. A few hours straight of bestgore will serve as a rapid immersion. I did a few non-stop four hour sessions on back to back days (with a vpn!) Echoed for days. “… with all the colors of the rainbow!” It ain’t no lucky charms.

Serious introspection and acceptance helps mitigate some of the damage. Very dangerous. Gotta be super careful or stable.

Read the comment sections too to understand the motives and reactions. Some are particularly nasty. All part and parcel. The sarcasm is easily missed if all you do is seek nastieness in people.

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