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I would suggest you do them top to bottom. It will allow you to travel across his entire life. An aware person can identify his personal transmutations with every text. His first few possess that classic, demonic, black magick aesthetic, e.g., Works of Darkness, and he becomes more psychedelic and mystical as he enters Questing After Visions and Ipsissimus. And then he marries those two worlds together—magick and mysticism—in The Book of Azazel. In this sense, you study a biography of his personal life in this Complete Works. @4Eyes


Thanks for the response @Timothy!


Thanks @Timothy , I’ve been pining over a number of these Titiles and can’t wait untill I am ready to purchase and apply to my magickal ascent.
Rep Rep the L.H.P :smiling_imp::slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion, it’s interesting as I can notice a similar pattern to my own path, which is cool. My first couple months of magick were mostly demonic - got a keyboard, killed it at a concert (demons are into jazz, unsurprisingly), and enhanced my learning, with some servitors, angels, and geniuses mixed-in for more general “boosting” in different areas. It seems like the cycle has begun anew as well, been moving back into heavier demonic work recently. I’ve already started to see parts of the path to my long-term goals manifesting, and let me tell you, after months of self-exploration and living in the clouds, it’s downright refreshing to see some solid results in the material.

I have a request as well, if you have a moment. I like to answer questions around here when I have the time, and I’ve noticed that beginners are often looking for a specific result, be that for cursing, money, seduction, what-have-you. Would it be possible to expand upon the descriptions for some of the more beginner-friendly books, so that others and I could quickly point newbies to a particular book that would suit their needs? For example, if I want to influence someone in a conversation, should I check out Kingdoms of Flame, The Anthology of Sorcery, or one of the other texts? What about for a quick money spell, or for casual sex?

I’m sure there’s some overlap between the books, but I think briefly describing some of the results that are on-offer within their pages would help guide people to the right book for their needs. Experienced occultists like myself, who already have access to workable magick, I think are more likely to pick-up new books out of curiosity and to explore, but I think that beginners like seeing some of the specific results that the magick can bring them listed clearly up-front. That’s how I chose which book to get next when I was initially exploring my system, at least. It’s only been a year and three days since I did my first magick, so that beginner’s confused excitement isn’t too far-gone for me, pretty wild when I think about it actually.

Anyways, thanks again for the books! I really appreciate all the work everyone at BALG does, and I think it’s a really exciting and interesting time to be practicing magick, now in the 21st century. The amount of extremely powerful, hidden knowledge available at the click of a button to people like me is kind of ridiculous, and I look forward to what the future may hold for us all :slight_smile:


Praise Lucifer!

Books that were once the cost of a “King’s Ransom” are now affordable!

No more shitty bootleg PDF’s! No more expensive hardbacks!

Now you don’t have to spend your entire tax return on a book! Or, refinance and mortgage your home to afford a book!

Brothers and Sisters of the occult, Azazel and Belial have opened up a gateway to knowledge! I’m going to take advantage of this opportunity ASAP!

Thank you, Timothy and EA!


But what if you have already sold your soul for a king’s ransom in order to buy the books previously? :thinking:

I feel a bit miffed about that. I mean, can’t the spirits see the future? :wink:


Finally, EA finally bought a printing machine. Now I can afford to buy his books without selling a kidney or someone else soul!




Wish I had $200 for these… been planning to do some money magick anyways…


Seriously, my wallet is so much happier


Hello Timothy, great effort and a fantastic opportunity to have those books!,

Could you please comment if we could have also “The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers” in this kind of format?, I really think and feel would be grandiose


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Purchased my copy of the Complete works today. Can’t wait to start my journey.


Oh that is awesome, and Necromantic Sorcery Bainful magic, Hail Lucifer Amaymon Hail Helheim.


Hey @DarkestKnight, True say son, I feel ya on that one, I’m in Canada’s west coast…I think I paid 414.00$ for "the Lucifer chronicles " for my first purchase a year or two ago, the mastery video coarse series as well …To me $ is a means to obtain the valuable knowledge this website provides, but as a single 30 yr old male ,the process is extremely jarring leading up to, and weeks post purchase of the material I need, or dare say addicted to.
I love supporting this movement, forum, and all aspects included but fuck me it’s a wallet crusher. I guess anything worth having is difficult or abrasive to obtain one way if not another…But I still feel purchasing from here is beyond worth it considering the progress it has enabled me to obtain…feel me? Regardless $ is money, and my habit is to buy the cheapest or of any type of product I’m buying, this has changed due to my dedication to this place . Sorry that the occurrence played out as It did for ya bro. I’m sure in the future you will come up come up on the right side of things soon enough.:smiling_imp::wink:[quote=“DarkestKnight, post:27, topic:48379, full:true”]
But what if you have already sold your soul for a king’s ransom in order to buy the books previously? :thinking:

I feel a bit miffed about that. I mean, can’t the spirits see the future? :wink:


I have the Complete Works arriving Monday. It has been asked what order to work the books, but within the Complete Works, is there a good order to work those books?


The Complete Works follows EA’s development as a magician. You can work in whatever order you feel drawn to, though I would recommend starting with either Works of Darkness or Evoking Eternity.


Thanks for the input


Hello, does anybody knows about the kindle copy of the paperbacks?, how does this works?


When you receive your copies, please let me know whether you like this new paperback and Kindle availability.