Could some one explain to me how to use these sigils with a ritual of the DoM book


i read a thread of DoM. and chronoman442 said he used 3 additional sigils that are not included in the Book of Demons and Magick, below is what he said plus the sigils.
can some one explain to me how to use these sigils in a ritual and when i must apply them.
I think that he uses them in ritual II connective evocation (summon the demon in your mind to have telepathic communication) and ritual III full evocation (summon to physical appearing )




Nov '18

I can understand your perspective. I think we all have different ways of working with spiritual forces base on our beliefs, emotions and experience. I use the methods in the demons of magic book but I added additional forces which are the planetary pentacle of Solomon’s talisman magick First pentacle of the Sun, First pentacle of Saturn and the fifth pentacle of Mars. I believe they add extra power to the magician to aid in ritual evocation.


Those Talisman are not needed to work the magick in that book. I would recommend you follow the directions as written in the book. I use those talismans to experiment and see how well they would with rituals. Once you fully understand how the magick in that book works, then you change things that may better suit you.


Those three Talismans are part of the 44 planetary seals of solomon. The author Baal Kadmon wrote the book the (magical tailsmans of Solomon) which fully details on how to use those seals.

Again not necessary, but if you want to experiment you can. I would suggest practicing the DOM book instructions before you change anything.


If you want to modify the magick in some way, I think it would be best if you consulted with the demons themselves before making random changes that are likely unnecessary. Experimentation is how we progress, but often it seems that a desire to increase the power of a ritual comes from a place of lack and confusion, not genuine curiosity.

It appears that these talismans are supposed to serve the same purpose as the Core Ritual in DoM. This demon magick places a great emphasis on commanding and having power over the demons (a balance of power more pleasing to some than others), and the Names of God, as well as the Shem angel, serve to establish this dominance. You may notice that several of the Names mentioned in the above illustration, such as El, the tetragrammaton, El Shaddai, and Adonai, are used to call forth the demon in the DoM method. The Core Ritual from the book uses Ehyeh asher Ehyeh and AGLA as well, and from my experiences working the method this part of the ritual is plenty sufficient to establish oneself as an authority to the demons.

While I would not claim to be an expert in Goetic magick (or any magick, for that matter), I believe that even more important than all this are the Evocation Keys revealed in the text. This is where I believe the essential power of the ritual comes from. Engaging with the full sensory experience triggers something deep within the mind, beyond conscious understanding, and causes an explosion of power within the mind, which then ripples out into external reality. The Keys also serve to train the imagination, to allow for more profound ritual experiences.

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I recommend just following the book’s directions. The author of the book has stated that all the protections and power are built into the rituals, so there is no need for anything else.

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i did the Ritual connective evocation for the first time to days ago. i never done ritual I or III.
the evocation keys are a lot harder than i thought.
and some evocations keys i have never experienced in the real world. i also dont have clairaudions skills. need less to say the ritual did not goes as what i planned i.e. hearing the demon voice in my head. i wonder if i got a solid connection do you hear the demons voice in a different tone pitch as your on voice pitch? or do you hear the demons voice exactly like you own thoughts voice pitch? i’m not asking if you hear the demon outside in the room.
right now i planning to use the Goetic words of power book since the ritual is less complex and can be faster than ritual I. i’m not saying there exactly the same but they are similiar in some way. in Goetic words of power ritual you must gaze at the sigil. do i need to open the sigil like E.A. method? or do just gaze at the sigil?
do i need to put the sigil in foil when i done?
do i need to burn the sigil to close it?
other person recommend the goetic words of power book. he/she said they listen to enn’s from youtube channel sons of satan. burn a candle and do the ritual. i hear conflicting things about enn’s some say the demons dont like enn’s other say they got results from enn’s. what is your opinion about enn’s?

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i see your are regular. that means you could pm.
i’m not a regular so i could not pm.
could you pm me if you want.

verry much appreciated.
thanks in advanced.

You should try to use the ritual as described in the book first and see how it goes.

If you feel like enns could help you can try. Enns are usually used in demonolatry and are like an invitation but they are not necessary.

Personally, I did not have great results with that book… I couldn’t connect with the sigils at all for some reason. But many people reported success. If it works for you then it works.

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you said with that book you dont got results. could you recommend me a book or books that gave you results? thanks in advanced

Use the right procedure for the right magick. these are not sigils, they are for talisman seals. U don’t go around using a pillow to hammer a nail or to use it for any job. There’s a right method to each magick system. 44 Seals of king solomon , use a different casting system then demon magick sigil. common sense no? don’t mix systems or think dom process is universal. It’s specific for demon invoke/evoke, hence the title of the book is ‘demon of magick’ not universal magick to call any entity… Calling angels have a different process. Seals usage have different process. Sigils is used to cast spells of certain kind or to petition demons to do the job. Sigils have no power on their own. Seals have power when you activate it to help your goal.The purpose usage of those 44 king solomon seal is already decided. That’s why there is description for what purpose each seal is for.

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Just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it can’t work for you. Try this one first!

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sure i will do that, in the mean time you could recommend me some good books. than when this book fails on me. i have back up supply of new material

because it did ritual II as how it is laid out in the book. but it din’t worked like how i wanted it to be. i find these evocation keys verry hard to do

Some people swear on Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield

E.A. Koetting Evoking eternity is good for any evocation

Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove (easy book)
Lucifer and the hidden demons (also easy and it’s based on pathworking)

There are lots of books. You just gotta figure out what works for you.


Your astral senses might not be developed yet. As for the evocation keys you just have to practice them before any ritual if you find them hard to do.

I see shinri typing, he might give you more insightful advice


The Evocation Keys do not need to be experienced in full, complete clarity to establish a connection to the demon. In the early days for me, I hardly experienced anything at all (aside from amplified emotions) and I still got good results.

It took me many months of regular evocation before I was able to have meaningful conversations with the demons in ritual. This is normal. Trying too hard to hear the demon will just result in you talking to yourself.

How I hear the demons varies. When I am focused, most often, I allow them to speak through me, aloud, in my own voice. At first this likely appeared as me sitting alone in a room and talking back and forth to myself like a lunatic. Over time the experienced evolved. My body was compelled to adopt a certain style of speaking while the demon speaks, and this differs with different demons. A variation of the yogic ujjayi pranayama, which I think of as the “demon breath,” also arose naturally at one point or another. Are these “dramatic” elements necessary? Perhaps not, but I cannot argue that they do not create a profound sense of immersion into the task at hand, without conscious effort on my part.

At other times the demon will “speak” through what I perceive to be a normal thought, though the mental object will have a subtle property of “otherness” to it. There are also, of course, synchronicities and omens and dreams and such things, though going too deep down that rabbit hole is how you infinitely second-guess yourself and go insane. Enjoy them and don’t worry about it too much.

I would be wary of bouncing around between methods (often of dubious quality). There is no one way of performing magick absolutely “correctly,” but there are certain pieces that need to be there for things to work most effectively. If you compare the DoM method to, say, Koetting’s method of evocation, you will find many core components of the rituals to be shared between them, though expressed in a different way. This is why I believe magick to be both art and science. There are processes that work and those that don’t (or perhaps not as effectively), but the “aesthetics” are largely a matter of personal taste.

I will not lie to you. I have not used the enns, but most often when I hear them referenced, the context is people linking to one of the videos that you reference and claiming it to be sufficient for magick. Perhaps it is, I have not tried it, but I doubt it. People are so goddamn entitled nowadays that they cringe at the thought of magick requiring practice, persistence, and skill. You will hear many declare good magick to not work after it did not manifest their wildly unreasonable request in a matter of minutes (or perhaps days, if they are especially patient). Such people prefer to turn on a video with flashy colors and entrancing music and pretend to be a big, bad, powerful black magician. If you want this experience, go to a music festival. It will be quite enjoyable, but this is not magick.

If you want real magick, then place your trust (or at least your skeptical attention) with respected authors. It would seem that people are really beginning to capitalize on the growth of various “metaphysical” movements, and few of them will provide you with true magick that works effectively (though many would have you buy their copy-paste book or course). There is nothing wrong with peddling pretty rocks and trinkets and good vibes, but they will not provide you with real magickal change (not to disparage quality sellers of materia for witchcraft and the like).


The point is that if you change anything about the process of a magick , then you change the core magick. It’s no longer the magick that it was intended for. Seal of solomon is unique. You can’t change the instructions of how it’s done. If you do , then it’s no longer the solomon seals using for it’s purpose as each seal has a purpose. Many even decide to change the seal. Sometimes things are already set in stone. YOu don’t mess with changing the seal or how it’s used. If you do, you might be getting a different entity haunting you. It’s like someone calling you your name. You don’t change the name. You can use a nickname but you won’t get the same response if you use a person’s real name to call someone.

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Slight adjustments are fine.You can change that actually.Just replace a thing with another which can more or less represent the same thing.Copycatting isnt magick.

Those seals are keys given to Solomon, and Solomon only.Maybe it might work for you but not for another.And you realize many different seals can be given by entities to make a better contact, right?

To be fair, a sigil you personally make will just work as good, if not better, if you let the spirit charge it.

All of this was in Solomons time, in Solomons conditions.Magick evolves, changes, we do as well, hell, even spirits do.Its laugable saying that you cant change anything, while I agree that if we are gonna do something, we should do it properly,but by that, I dont mean copycatting someone who possibly lived one or two millenia ago.

Edit:This answer is only about last comment you made.I have just read the whole thread and it just solidifies my point.Gallery of Magick changed it for themselves for various reasons.Their methods work.I dont see how you can improve from that since its as simple as possible by now.

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solomon magick seal are not sigil and you can’t change the seals. That was the point. People were trying to use different process for the seal process. You can’t change procedure for the solomon seal process. It’s not the same and can’t be interchangeable with the process of demon magick. That was the point. These solomon seals are set in stone on what they were meant to do. Its not open ended to change them. Otherwise they are no longer solomon seal.

The first poster was asking about solomon seal not any other sigils magick.

Certain magick process you can change . yes. but not with solomon seal. It was intended to be done a certain way.

For example, if you do chaos magick which is more flexible as it’s creating sigil base on spell. That’s that process. If you do evoke , it has that process for demons. If you do invoke. there’s another process for that too. Then if you do angel spell, there’s different process for that too. You do go use a demon process for an angel process spell. That’s the message. Each spell has it’s own process. Whatever the GOM books process is for each book, you use that process. You don’t go use jinn process for demon processs. COmmon sense no?? They did the research and testing already. You a newbie go changing stuff think your better than them? If you change what they tested, then guess what? you no longer doing angel magick or demon magick or jinn magick. It’s your own version magick. They made the process specific for each book purpose. If you do chaos magick you do chaos magick process. you don’t go do demon evoke process . Then it’s no longer calling it chaos magick. Simple concept no?

Until you master each of the process for each book, then you can start to be creative but don’t go around saying it’s the same magick that they intended for each book purpose.

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Then why are seals of GOM different than seals of solomon? :thinking: Or Bardons Shemhamforash different than Greater keys?

If I remember correctly sigil and seal are same thing (I am talking about sigils of spirits)

Point out where I said you can use same process for all of spirits.

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