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That’s exactly what the gov should do, it’s literally the job we want them to do, it’s not bug brother here, the intelligent response and exactly how you stop a pandemic.

Cases in point, Russia closed it’s borders in Jan, has has only two dozen cases from Russians coming back from Italy, and they all recovered - no epidemic in Russia. Singapore closed borders and is already on the down curve.
Germany didn’t close borders or stop flights and predicts 70% infection rate and has deaths in the hundreds and cases in the thousands.

Yes, fear doesn’t always help, but it’s keeping people at home and that’s a rational and normal reaction, which shouldn’t be dismissed. Fear evolved to keep us alive when the higher brain’s thinking is too slow, uninformed or confused. Paying attention to it is merely prudent. Far is not bad, it’s not negative and it’s not to be eliminated, it’s a useful and appropriate human survival mechanism.

“I’m afraid of knife fights” - Bush

It’s what causes greed and selfishness and violence and hoarding.

This is just unnecessary name calling. What most people are shopping for isn’t a fear of lack and it’s not selfish. It is prompted by fear, appropriately so, so that they can hole up and not need to go out for a month or three, doing thier part to stop spread. Most only have enough in the house for the week ahead. There’s no predicted disruption of supply chain yet, panic buying clears shelves for only the day it happens until the next delivery. There could be if the lorry drivers get sick, which they would if people didn’t stay home to stop spread.

Whether an individual is likely to die - which most are not - isn’t the point. The need is to stop infection, remove the virus from the population where it has a chance to infect vulnerable people and live long enough to mutate into something worse. Second to that, slowing infection rates so that medical systems are not overwhelmed is also important.

I think the effect of the change in lifestyle and social pressure is going to be interesting, but I don’t really have any hope it’s going to be all that and a bag of chips. It wasn’t in China, it won’t be anywhere else.


That’s interesting. Where did you get them if they aren’t in the book? Which book?

Personally, to call any goal “pure” seems like overly dualistic thinking, and begs the question, “what does pure mean?” It’s usually religious purity that is inherently judgemental and entrenched in cultural values, so I would caution against that type of thinking as a trap.
I can think of several ways in which keeping people alive is not a mercy, to them or others.


I think this (apologies for replying to a question for someone else):

Yeah, last week they were laughing at “preppers” as being tinfoil hat conspiratards, this week:

But all varieties of goverments have asked people to have emergency preparedness plans, I recall some time in the late 00’s here, when the UK govt did a leaflet to every home, and that got mocked as scaremongering. :woman_facepalming:

The US Govt had Emergency Preparedness month every September for at least the last 2 years, so really lack of planning is the only issue, and that’s on the individual, food has been plenty cheap for a long time now and it doesn’t take up much space to keep a few weeks’ canned and dried items in, and cycle through them to keep the use-by dates far ahead. :woman_shrugging:


I think by pure, he means that you can’t use it to enrich yourself (ie. calling upon them to bring you a ton of cash and whatnot). From the accounts ive read of others using it, the entities are really not to be messed around with lightly. They were in Evoking Eternity originally. Their full description is still in the book


There’s nothing impure about working for personal enrichment. Whole and well people tend to help others be whole as well. So judgement based, basically.

Now I’m very curious to have a word with those spirits and find out if that was them or EA’s personal approach at the time.


Been studying about this vira since late Dec. The first time I heard about I instantly knew this was gonna be a world changer (my spider senses are still working). It’s quite magnificent when you think about it. Whomever created this be it Mother Nature, an entity or some lab guy in Wuhan really knew what to imprint SARS-CoV-II with.

The way it spreads, the way it infects, the way it works. Quite a good synergy. And it knows exactly how to trive by human arrogance.

I’m getting Rome’s last days vibe here.


It is already having it’s numbers falls, if the data can be believed from the Countries that got it early.

However, if the physic quoted above is right, it could involve more like a jab-cross punch.
This is currently backed up by the latest data, that suggests re-contracting it after having recovered from it is worse than the first time. Although, there are two strains at the moment, the L and the S strain and I don’t know if that’s a factor in this finding, they didn’t say. You can have both strains at the same time and having one doesn’t confer immunity to the other as well, which also means double the opportunity for mutation.

So, I don;t know, I know what you mean, but I think it’s too early and it’s too volatile to divine accurately yet.


I can’t exactly trust the numbers coming out of China. They are known for covering up many incidents.

I do however have more faith in data coming from Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore. But that’s also because they took quick actions (And yet still faces problems) and where more keen into actually helping and informing the public with prober information and not hogwash. But even then i still take the numbers with a grain of salt (politics are politics).

Even in my country Denmark i can say things are already picking up heat very quickly. Crimes has also risen dramatically. We are in for a shitshow.


It’s getting serious here in the bay area SF. we are officially on lockdown for 3 weeks starting midnight. It won’t be police enforce but self enforced. That’s how serious it’s getting. Only for essentials is it recommended to go out.

This will make all those extroverts crazy!! they can’t seem to be alone. haha.

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Not if you cure it with something that is curing AIDS in Africa. That said, the AIDS patients get completely well, so well they can’t infect anyone with AIDS; but because they still carry the AIDS antibodies they’re considered to still have AIDS. Kind of goes against the concept of immunisation, but the media can still say there’s no cure and frankly, that suits me.



In Los Angeles the city council has closed all public facilities to include the public libraries and meeting places to include the Los Angeles Music Center for at least two weeks.

A dozen different markets even the dollar store is running low on frozen food, meat and chicken, paper towels, everyone is hording and buying out large quantities of goods even toilet paper.

At my main market here locally Ralph’s they have locked the doors and closed for half the day, later they have reopened but will only let ten people in at a time, with security standing by the doors.

I hope the virus will be subdued and die out at least in California.


I’m ready for quarantine been prepping for a real outbreak for a while now I’m not worried. And I think its going to be a big nothing burger. If you’re all that troubled by it get yourselves some colloidal silver and you’ll be fine. Taking daily low level preventative doses I mean.


This is theoretical, but going off what the published psychic said above, if you feel yourself struggling with symptoms, working with fire/electric energies might help. Maybe focus on your breathing, and draw and hold fire in your throat and lungs.

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Ah looked up this supposedly powerful square in my copy. It’s Enochian. Eh. The Enochian current never grabbed me. Judaeo-Chistian entities and being limited into judgy and dualistic attitudes kinda go hand in hand, and that’s not my way.
(She said, while being kinda judgy :smiley: )

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Wait? Did you just respond to your own post? I liked the colors and patterns of enochian. Great magic squares and calls. I used the calls for meditation but nothing ever came of them.

As to current stats: (live readout continually updated.

welp, my city is officially under lockdown. This should be fun :smile: Crossing my fingers that we weren’t late with this and we dont become Italy


On the news today they’re worried that millennials are purposely spreading it~


I guess this is accurate. Of note I saw this thread:

Posting Guidelines Re: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

I’ll amend my posts to be more serious and definitely more supportive / less confrontational. I went to an old site of an old friend and he is so confronational aggressive I worry he might actually harm someone. I’ll avoid conspiracy as well. The virus and fallout is here now so no point pointing blame.

Stock charts (DOW i assume accurate):
image image

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Are there any working rituals planned for this?

I skipped alot to get to the bottom. If so when?