Coronavirus, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Magickal Working Thread

Maybe incorporate this into it

Great, this goal and mine coincide for now.

Update: My sister called me today and mentioned her success in working with Ganesha, so I take that as confirmation. Also a personal gnosis came to me: “burn the masks”. (Obviously still keep some to wear in public as laws require. But burning is popular in ritual purposes, and also there is a metaphorical meaning as well: we have many falsehoods about ourselves holding us back)


Today I biked and ran and felt pretty good. Since my second case of covid on July 4th i had little energy or felt like i was wearing a few hundred piunds of weights/or x10 gravity. Lotta slime coming out of my nose really thick (kinda odd). I’ve been pretty thirsty too. Maybe my body is finally healing better. It was one day so don’t give it too much credit of being on full mend.

I’m luckier than some but far worse than those that barely had symptoms or regenerated in like a week.

(Shrugs). Still alive.


Covid has caused isolation. Many elderly and others have gotten so depressed. Some would rather have covid than be lonely. Average Human nature i guess wants community.

I like a lot of alone time. A pet, plant, or imagination works for me just fine. Sucks so many have become unhappy to suicidal due to this. I mostly look out for mt parents and myself.


I wish I seen this thread before I got covid back in April. During recovery other symptoms started to show themselves. I’m glad to know it’s okay to work with both Marbas and Raphael. Thank you.


What about that secound wave?

Can it be prevented?=


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we all are going to time of president buer, i mean sun in aquarious, so if you arent smoking and using drugs it may be helpfull, i try with arakison in lucifer and hidden demons, it was effective for redusing pain and fever of this covid19


Well this virus was getting steamrolled BUT then the second wave came about. I’m convinced that we can win this but what about the dumbasses who are spreading it? I know a guy who was told not to leave his city until his Covid results came back but he ignored the order and now is positive and we could see at least 20 cases from one individual. What could we do magickally against stupid people like this as they’re part of the covid problem.

Also what if we all shift into a new reality we’re Covid doesn’t exist anymore??


Old article but still useful info as it don’t dismiss possible help from getting some good vitamins that support immune system… i don’t like the usa sickcare system where they dismiss everything if it’s not drug.

we dont’ need lockdown. we just need proper treatments.


It would be great if they could isolate the pathogen which causes Covid-19. So far no ne has.



i am a dentist and infection risk for meis very high, if you have not systemic disease and are under 50, its like a flu and nothing els 2 week of mild symptoms. and about manopulation of poeples behavior i completly have no idea


It’s available for free online…

Since 2006 I’ve been using chlorine dioxide when required. Kills influenza dead in about six hours. That said, Wikipedia advises that I’m drinking industrial strength bleach - so don’t do what I do.

I have a ‘serious’, chronic morbidity - but as a Magician with an extreme nicotine and caffeine addiction I’m way healthier than most sheeple. Couple of weeks ago I was enjoying a stout when I felt what I knew was a dead fly in my mouth. How or why it kamikazed itself into my drink I don’t know. Spat it out, rinsed my mouth with water. No worries, because I keep my immune system in constant training and ready for action.