➡ Coronavirus Posting

Magickal Chat About Coronavirus

I’m pinning this for 36 hours to try and get it seen: for now, the link below is the designated conversation thread for posting about magick to counter COVID-19 (​previously known as “2019 novel coronavirus”):

This is to prevent proliferation of topics all over the index page, and also to establish ground rules such as “No politics” for members who may be new to the forum, and have not yet seen our forum-specific rules.

  • If you have a reason for wanting to start a new topic outside that one, please PM me, or reply on there. :+1:

To keep these topics from multiplying, if you spot a new topic talking about this, please flag it (click the three dots … at the bottom of the post, then hit the Flag icon, there is a confirmation stage) and select “Something Else” (“This post requires staff attention…”) and I’ll consider whether to merge it into the main topic:

People sometimes post without searching for existing topics, especially about current events that they find worrying, it’s human nature, no big deal. :sunny:

Be Courteous

This forum has members from all over the world, including developing nations which lack the infrastructure to provide quality medical care for a large number of people, and we also have members in countries where the outbreak is causing severe strains on healthcare provision.

So not everyone lives a long way from the prospect of infection, nor can everyone reliably expect quality healthcare if they do fall ill. And people handle anxiety about illness in different ways.

  • Rudeness, derision, or mockery of anyone asking for help or sharing their anxieties, are all completely unacceptable, and will be met with disciplinary measures where necessary.

This is not the time to flex your keyboard warrior putdowns, people who are frightened don’t always make perfect posts, nor use Search before posting.

  • Please be civilised & mature, and Mute the topic if it bothers you.

If you believe a post breaks forum rules or could lead to problems, again, please flag it using “Something Else” as described above.

I have linked some information about simple spiritual protections in the main thread linked above and if anyone has questions about those methods, please post them in that topic. :pray: