(Controversial) What Are Your Thoughts On God

I believe in the Absolute Reality (Brahman) (Spirit) such an essence is quite literally the One that dreamt up all 3 planes of existence, Causal, Astral, Physical, I myself have had experiences with the higher realms and knew inside me I was heading for something even bigger, the best explanation for what I am saying can be found in the Gita, and the Mahabarata and the Vedas, the Gita is a literal conversation between God and Man about the nature of many many many thing in relation to Creation and its various respective laws and worlds and beings.

One must comprehend that due to Spirit being beyond vibration, attribute, shape and name, beyond anything finite in any plane that has ever existed or ever will, it cannot be fully comprehended unless through complete Gnostic Realization of the Self (Atman), as the Self is quite literally the water drop that must go back in the Ocean (Spirit).

But such a realization is not easy as we are in constant battle within, the Ego and the Self, and there are many factors at play.


Genesis 3:23.

And the lord said “Man has become like us. He must not be allowed to eat from the tree of life.”


I love sithis ( all ahil the dark brotherhood) and Lord hircine is who I’m bound to any way I see your point just had to say I love Skyrim to

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I feel like the Christan faith and their God don’t exist why say so much bs in the Bible if your going to allow it like don’t kill and you allowed ppl to kill and killed your self causing ppl grief then saying there there I’ll give you a piece to help you out then take that price away shortly after to put them through another trial ugh I’m sorry this just pee es me I am not saying that no one should believe you know I have a firm believe that ppl should be who they are and if they want to believe pink is a God then ok so be it but as for me I know there are gods and other deities I know they are demons and even unexplained beings who walk the earth I just don’t believe some one can be all good and still hurt those he claims to love


"God entered creation, so creation entered God. For what our hearts have seen, so do we thus desire. A life of dreems fulfilled in eternal youth in the Kingdom of Eternal Fashiones,
as we journey into the heart of God in the dead of night thru a midnight sin

In Jessa(Jesus) Mariya(Mary) € Sviryanis(John) nema Imirtales

(Side note: Jesus and Mary are the great sorcerers of the Most High, who has many friends in every realm and light imaginable. Insane benevolence guys, insane benevolence :slight_smile:

Once you guys, if you haven’t already, experienced what Jesus calls worshipping the Transcendant Essence in spirit and truth, you’ll see how much ecstasy this Source guy actually has. The Ghost is God within, the Son(or Daughter) God with, and the Father of Lights(Sacred Realms) is God Transcendant(above and beyond); together they exist as One. It’s an awesome experience actually, feelings Its power flowing thru you, healing all the secret wounds of your solex divine. Then you begin to worship the divine within each other and then in all created things. That’s when you experience the “fullness” of this spirit of worship that these ill fashioned Jesus culture people that everyone around us seems to think are ill fashioned when in fact they experience great ecstasy that would blow and melt the secret insides of your solex divine many times over.

*The Three in the One *
became the One and the Many Eternale

Love Star Currents
In Jesus name


I’m talking about a almighty creator, the actual god that created everything there is.

Imaging a bath full of sand and imagine that the bath plug from beneath the bath was pulled. Here’s the thing: a film was taken of the bath slowly emptying of sand. Then, that film was played backwards so the bathtub appeared to fill – and that’s how the almighty creator actually created the multiverse!

Adam and Eve are future humans transported back in time to begin the human race!

Do you believe in such a being?

Yes, as an impersonal balancing device.

If not why?

Because it’s bull shit. It’s just little old you anthropomorphising whatever it is you perceive as reality.

If you do believe in such a being then why?

Experience based upon hypothesis. Anyway, Anton LaVey proclaimed “the actual god who created everything” as an impersonal balancing device. “…but thy will be done…” so why pray?

Have you ever had a experience with such a being?

Assuming I did, what would it be to you? Anyway; yeah, once one lazy afternoon in 1981 I happened to have coffee with “such a being”. He/it’s a real prick. Looks like a very well dressed businessman with a constantly exploding head of brilliant fire but no smoke or ashes. Always going on and on about how great and mysterious and powerful he/it is. A couple of times I was worried that the hard word was going to be laid upon me. I was only 17 or 18 years old at the time.

After that I gave up on L ucy in the S ky with D iamonds. The prospect of rectal romance and getting my back passage whitewashed by the “almighty creator” became a supremely frightening, almost inescapable, spiritually constipated dead end. And I couldn’t tell anyone.

No derailing the thread and stick to the topic, thank you.




@C.Kendall Yes, He is One, but many. Oneness is all. Its funny you bring this up, but at the same time it is a topic most people do not contemplate that God created itself and we created separation from God. Most people believe that God is Yahweh who only wants worship and slavey when that isn’t the truth. I know that because I’ve had encounters with Oneness. RA is similar to Oneness or just simply another name and Mask to Oneness in Egyptian pantheon. He/She is the Androgynous source of all creation.

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I think we are within a computer simulation. God is a programmer.


And He is has a great sense of humor, makes me laugh a lot…Super bright, like to flash beams of light at my face while I’m about to sleep.

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youre pretty :blush:


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What Are Your Thoughts On God … the actual god that created everything there is
Do you believe in such a being ?.

Not as such, no. Not as a thinking being that does things the way a human would.
I generally avoid the g-word altogether, it’s another one with too much baggage meaning too many things to too many people to be a useful label. Entity, being, spirit, construct, egregore, daemon are all words I would use in most cases instead. But not today.

If not why ?.

I generally avoid the g-word altogether, it’s another one with too much baggage meaning too many things to too many people to be a useful label. Entity, being, spirit, construct, egregore, daemon are all words I would use in most cases instead.
But not today.

I resonate with the idea of the Tao. I see the source of all creation, incarnate and discarnate, including what most people call their gods, as the pure potential of the Tao. Which I think is the same thing as the void.

As soon as you put any kind of label, idea or handle on this concept, it’s not the Tao directly any more, you’re just dealing with a pointer to the void, of which the word “Tao” is exactly this kind of pointer. In void meditations you never really get to the void, you as a creator being create your own gate through which to conceptualise and access it’s energy. This still works to access it’s potential, but will not cause your dissolution.

The thing about potential is it risks change, in for the form of creation, and like a stone at the top of a hill with gravitational potential energy, it doesn’t take a lot to get it rolling… and then all hell breaks loose :slight_smile:

From the Tao (that cannot be named) came the One, from the One came the Two (Yin and Yang) from the Two came the Five (elements), and from the Five came the ten thousands things (nature).
And that’s just the process for one multiverse. Welcome to hell. There’s a lot of them though, infinite potential is infinite.

Have you ever had a experience with such a being ?.

I don’t see how this is possible. To experience it would be to be it… to be it would be to lose all form and idea of yourself, all particle integrity and all thought, and return to the void to become pure potential again. I love doing void meditations but this is not really experiencing the Tao imo.


Misinterpretation by Jews of the Pythagorean concept of One. One is similar to some Esoteric Taoist perceptions of Tao.

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I don’t believe the Tao/One cannot be named. I believe it actually means that one cannot teach it to another, we understand the same concept in different ways. Look at Greek fire and how it was never used in China, look at how we got gunpowder from China via the Mongols, and how we used it in ways they didn’t think of. These are examples of how cultures perceive differently, but all individuals within a culture perceive differently too.

Robert Anton Wilson said we each have our own universe, our own reality, that we just happen to overlap in some small corner of it.


I’m loving this so far guys keep it coming, all very interesting :slightly_smiling_face:


I honestly don’t care about a higher power.

The lower powers are egotistical and incompetent as is, and you know, As above so below…

Rather not worry bout it


LOL your too funny

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What a sync. This was literally the ONLY word that came to mind when I thought briefly about the topics question.
Thanks a lot for that.


It’s not so much that there is or isn’t a god

Maybe there shouldn’t be one


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If everything and everyone emanates from the same source, the summation could be ‘God.’

I assume most people here work, or have worked, with the Qliphoth/Sepherot, and in traditional Kabbalah, the formless nothing essentially (and intentionally) partitioned itself, thereby creating the universe.

And certain entities do speak in that sort of parlance (ie. The first to break off).

Either way, if there is an omnipresent God, it seems impartial.