(Controversial) What Are Your Thoughts On God

Go back through history! In almost every single culture that has lived, there has been a creation story. Dark and Light. Men who claimed to be Prophetic messengers. Women who were Priestesses.

The idea of Monotheism came from somewhere and in some way. Where is The Book of Judas? The Books of Women? Why doesn’t anyone acknowledge that Light and Dark are synonymous for the inner-self?

There was one who said it best - to much light and to much dark is not good. When combined, it becomes purple.

Do I believe in a God? I’ll respect a person for who they are and what they practice for the rest of my life. If I’ve learned one thing - a person better DAMN respect the unknown. Or they are blindsided by truth. Exactly like I was.

Anything that invoked fear in my mind is to be stayed away from. I’m no longer scared of Black Magick nor the Dragon Current, because of what I now know. What it’s teaching me.

I’ve learned respect for others who are stronger than me. I’m learning strength. And about a willpower I never knew I had.

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Great thoughts here guys and it’s all stayed on topic this is awesome, I’d like to hear more on this subject, it’s interesting.


This is more like the gnostic view, correct? I am very curious on this view. Do you recommend any good books on it?


God is fucking dead. The Self is all there is all. Rage against togetherness.

Its vile and disgusting the old gods that actually created this verse and everything in it is reduced to demons by fucking humans.

Lucifer should be honored by all humans.
Humans wondered why they suffer when they choice to reject their own Lightbearers?

Humans choice lies over truth.


Okay all very interesting here’s my two cents.

God & Me

I had always felt a powerful force that was transcendent in comparison to everything else.
It was in everything and everyone, it was a glue that held everything together.

As I developed the skills necessary to feel it, touch it, see it and then follow it, I was obsessed.
In the spiritual planes I would surround myself with different types of currents and energies.
All completely different, once I learnt how to dissect the currents I could see that there was a underline power that they all possessed.
Hidden deep within the currents was the same essence just it mutated or emanated differently over time.

I knew that there were notions that the essence that flows through everything and makes up everything isn’t a new one.
That formless, immaterial, immutable and primordial power. It was eternal, it was limitlessness, yet it was limited to the emanation it manifested in. When ever this limitlessness took anthropomorphic form, it was limiting indeed.

There are titles for this different all over the world, “Chi”, “Spirit”, “Ying & Yang”, “God”, “Prana”, “Soul”, “Goddess” you name it.

Some believed this to be a simple force, others believed it to be a actual sentient being.
In the path of the dragon, it is the fire of the primordial dragon that moves through all the planes, realms, world’s and dimension’s.
It is also emanated through us as the fire of the dragon, which is the kunda force/kundalini.

In various other beliefs it is God whether it’s one being like Allah or a trinity like The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit. There are many more theories and beliefs like even in fiction, in star wars it could be theorised that it is “The Force”.

To me I don’t really believe in a God, that is all seeing, all knowing, all powerful, that it created everything and controls everything.
I just haven’t seen anything to support that, of course this is my own experience of my own reality. Then again I do believe in the all encompassing force, yet it’s difficult because it leaves me questioning if it is truly self aware, is it conscious. I mean if it’s all encompassing, I have had the thought that it is conscious and aware because we are the emanations of that force.

So are all the other life forms that are sentient, are we then all vehicles for it ?. Experiencing life and reality in a different way, different perspective and observation. It’s a interesting thought, I have experienced the source of all things, I’ve merged with it and become one with it and then through the anti-transmigration process have come back as a physical emanation of it.

Yet what lyes beyond that ?, Does anything lay beyond it ?. All very interesting thoughts.


Who are you? What do you want? Who is your Self?

I think each time a cell divides is a miracle. I think the entire point is that we have to get to know ourselves. Define it. And fight for it. And to breed in one way or other keep life going.

War is love, I once heard it said. No one dares to mentions dark love actually exist.

Love is the point in all it right and sick forms. I think we only exist as ALL expressions of love itself.

To feel. To Know. I always thought the ‘simple’ hand on other’s face encompasses my own believes well enough. To complete whole universes simply touching each other.


Some say God is Love…


gnosis.org check out the nag hammadi library there are English translations on there I don’t recommend any books as they only ever just boil down to somebodys opinion on the matter. It’s good to have prior knowledge of Christianity, Judaism or at least a bit of lurianic Kabbalah before reading just for contrast. I have had no trouble getting the gist of it from the texts themselves. ^^ hope this helps.

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Interesting, that’s about how I look at it.

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I’m curious and confused about this subject. On the one hand, if the Roman emperor Constantine had not decided, for political reasons, to declare Christianity the official Roman religion would Europe and then America ever have accepted Christianity on the scale they did.
On the other hand I’m comfortable with the Hindu Einseinian view of God as the universe/impersonal.
What confuses me is when some LHP occultists talk about God as an actual supreme being.

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Islam is antichrist, muhammad is the false prophet, mecca is the image of the beast and Allah is Satan!!!

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The Trinity is the belief in ONE God but three in nature not three Gods!!! And the forces you speak of Chi and Ki ect. are a part of YHWH but but not YHWH as a whole!!! That part was blown into adam giving adam life and the ability to give life!!! Life gives life something has to die in order for something to live!!! The image of YHWH is Father = (Godhead), Son = (God and Holy Spirit in flesh) and Holy Spirit = (The Holy Spirit of Life of The Father and Son) = YHWH!!! The image of YHWH in which Man was created is Mind = Father, Body = Son and Spirit = Holy Spirit!!! Mind, Body and Spirit = Man!!! Man’s Spirit enters our reality though a mortal Body and the Mind is the Consciousness Of The Body and Spirit!!! If the Trinity meant that there was Three Gods then every person on the planet would be three people!!!

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I am my own higher power, in the sense, I do believe there are ancient Gods, as the great grandparents and such of Gods like the Annunaki/Lucifer/Enki, the Olympians, and so forth that created things, the Primordial Gods. However, I do not view them as my higher power, I view them as my equals. Beings I’ve known long before reincarnating to this life and beings I came in contact with again in this one. The creators of demons, angels, yokai, Jinn, Valkyries, and so forth. They don’t control my life, they don’t affect my overall well being in life, but they do affect my personal life in the bonds I make and rekindle with them. To me there is no higher power, there is no God with a capital G, God to me is the male form of a Deity, just as Goddess the female form of it, and that can interchange given the many deities who don’t care which you call them.


There are no beings which is real - I mean Yahweh, Allah etc are just egregores. The same is applicable to demons, angels, jins, besses and etc. They are just beings which are created and feed from people who believe in them. The only different thing is dead’s. When particular person dies there is a some kind of leftover which remains for some time around the grave. After that the grave is just a hole in the soil. There is no creator at all. :slight_smile:

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I think you mean residual energy on what is left behind lol.

This is something which works … I don’t care what is it exactly but definitely is not “soul”.


It’s not supposed to be soul, that’s something else. The leftover energy is just what you leave in an everyday setting, everywhere you go, touch, etc. You leave a residual fingerprint. Death is only different because it’s the “soul” leaving so a larger print is left behind.

If it exists really. Never-mind. It becomes too philosophical.