Connecting with spirits ("demons") through Tarot

Just sharing a little experiment I did (I’d like to know your experiences with this as well!), since I’m considering working with other spirits besides the ones I currently work with (Fortuna, the Moon, Diana).

I’m beginning to focus my studies on Beelzebub, Dantalion, Forneus, Vassago, and Saspu (couldn’t really find too much information about the last two), and I decided to do a quick check up on how open they are to me working with them before I actually do (it’s the first time I connect to these by the way), and these were the cards that came up for each:

How the connection would be (compatibility/openness between each and me) + What each has to offer to me:

Beelzebub: 4 of Cups + The Emperor
Dantalion: 8 of Cups Rx + Ace of Pentacles
Forneus: The World + King of Wands (alright! this one is looking good!!!)
Vassago: The Lovers Rx + Page of Cups
Saspu: The Chariot Rx + 8 of Pentacles

They were really straightforward when it comes to what they have to offer, huh? I was actually a bit shocked to connect so well to each of them from the get go because, like I said, it’s the first time I ever contact these. However, most were quite problematic when it comes to how open they are to connecting to me (except for Forneus)…

The cards that came up for Vassago are particularly confusing because they seem to contradict themselves… except they’re not, so I must be missing something. And I’m not sure of how to interpret the 8 of Cups Rx when it comes to Dantalion, but either way Forneus seems quite open to me!

Note: I didn’t do any evokation or anything, I just grabbed my deck, focused and did a quick check without any rituals.


Vassago: I come to tell you that there is something that I don’t like of you

Edit to add: When you read the cards from right to left, the messenger that is the page shows that the union doesn’t happen. The page is the letter he in the Tetragrammaton, thus represents you.

Edit to add 2: In Hebrew, those two cards read זה as הז seems not to exist
Here is a the dictionary entryזה

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Yikes, strong. Glad I did a quick check-up before actually doing anything.

I pulled them in two different lines and not from right to left though: one line for the compatibility/connection above, and the one for what each has to offer to me below, but your interpretation still stands, makes sense!


Check the dictionary that I linked, it can be very self explanatory

I have 0 knowledge of Hebrew, but if I’m reading it right the overall message would be something like “this just isn’t happening, go elsewhere”?

And what’s your take on the 8 of Cups Rx that came up for Dantalion?

The 4 of Cups for Beelzebub seems mostly neutral to me, but not too enthusiastic either… like a polite decline. Overall, the prospects for the connection to Forneus is looking better (or maybe not?).

I’m helping Vassago, not you. If I got that word from the cards, I would think that he is trying to show me something that is in the reading. That “this” could mean that he is showing you what he doesn’t like, which probably is in the Page

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So… he kinda swiped left on me… :pensive: I’m so glad I asked through the cards first, and also that I asked here so you would enlighten me on this!

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Due to the nature of that ה in the Tetragrammaton, I would interpret that he is telling you that you lack some important skills in order to work with him properly, if you get those skills he may like you more


So, I kept thinking of the things you told me of Vassago and decided to reconnect to ask him a few questions to clarify:

What does he not like about me? 4 of Swords (that I still have some degree of fear blocking my own path?)

What would he like me to do about it? The Wheel of Fortune Rx + 7 of Pentacles Rx (I keep getting through these that now is not the time… that he’d like me to be in a place in my life where I can really invest more time and effort than what I currently could? but that I can’t for now)

What does he think of my skills currently? 9 of Swords (alright then… wait, this makes sense with the pointless fear from the 4 of Swords, except this adds a dose of anxiety, which can be true, yep)

What skills would he like me to learn or enhance to work with him properly? The Devil Rx (wait, what? either I have much more to learn in general (like the bunch of books I still have left to read on the subject), or he wants me released from my fears and anxieties… or both)

I think I’m being too benevolent with my interpretations… which is exactly why it’s so hard for me to read for myself :pensive: The Lovers Rx showed a major disharmony and conflict, so perhaps his concept of me is much more negative than I can see here.

Vassago is great for divination workings, you should talk more to him using the tarot, and let his own voice talk to you instead of your benevolence

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Yeah… but he’s clearly not open to me so I better not bother him anymore and focus on Forneus instead, which was the only one that appeared more positive to me.

Little update about the connection to Forneus on my other post

Liked reading this because I can very much relate. No ritual or anything, I just get the urge to inquire about certain spirits who have suddenly been popping up quite a lot around me. Sometimes, I even try to scope out which spirits are the most compatible for me regarding workings by shuffling and picking from only the Minor Arcana cards, as there is a list of correspondences of each (Goetic) spirit to a card.

I agree that they are indeed very straightforward lol. Most of the time, you’d just know from the get-go who wants to work with you or not at all. I agree as well that Forneus’ reading seems the most positive so far, but maybe I wouldn’t discount Dantalion and Saspu just yet? I have not worked with both of them AT ALL, so it’s perfectly okay for you to not mind my reply here, but here’s what I see:

With Dantalion’s reading, I immediately got the impression that the relationship would require some sort of emotional sacrifice? As if you have to let go of emotional baggage, wounds, etc. and walk away from certain things you held close to your heart and embark on a journey to the unknown under his guidance? I feel like he is offering you something positive too with the Ace of Pents, something that can be a stepping stone for you career, finances or other practical endeavors. It’s just that the compatibility between you lies in you leaving something behind first and bravely walking towards something much better but remains unseen for now. Over-all, the picture I get is a working relationship with positive potential too if you water that seed—in this case, turning that 8 of Cups upright and making the emotional sacrifice. It may also simply mean that you will be asked to go out of your comfort zone by him when it comes to how you feel and deal with your emotions… tests, if you will. And when you do accept and respond to the tests correctly, a fruitful and positive relationship may begin.

With Saspu, I’m interpreting it over-all as more of a strict teacher student-type of relationship, but I’m feeling it’s not without positive benefits too. The Chariot RX feels like your connection would be quite unpredictable and lacking control unless YOU take over the reins and control how the relationship is going to proceed. What are your boundaries, do’s and don’ts, specific goals in mind, etc. I feel like the lesson might even be harsh because what he/she has to offer you is 8 of Pents = a card of consistent hard work. Reminds me of this well-known spirit I’m currently working with now, actually. :grin: But in that 8 of Pents lies a positive opportunity for you to completely better yourself too, I think. Like Dantalion, he/she may help you with practical endeavors as long as he/she sees you completely working your ass off for it. At times, I even get that he/she may test your patience and dedication to your craft or your relationship with him/her.

At the end of the day, it still depends on what you are currently looking for and feel like you’re ready for. So I understand why you may not choose such trying relationships because IME, it can be heavy and tiring indeed. Frustrating too. But you know, the harshest teachers make the greatest mentors and allies… and in time, the fiercest friends and most devoted protectors too.

Wishing you well on future workings with your spirit of choice! Do keep us updated on how things are going with you and Forneus as well. :green_heart: