Compare Astaroth (Ishtar-Inanna) to Lilith in terms of saving a life

Greetings, BALG! I have lurked on 4chan/s /x/ and a few Discord chats, and I’m here now! On the off-chance that you don’t call me pathetic, could you explain to me the differences in terms of female domain between Astaroth (or Ishtar) and Lilith? From what I have gathered, the former is a goddess who was pretty dommy and went to the underworld, and in the guise of Astaroth is rather high-IQ, whereas the latter symbolises pure raw individuality, coupled with anger and spite?

My case (exceedingly pathetic and ignoble, I know) is trying to sacrifice my life to make a random girl who probably remembers of my existence not terminally sad.

What this is NOT: a love spell, creepy, stalkerish, dangerous to anyone but myself (a freaking adult), political, or lying. Neither am I in a hurry. Thank you. (Will expand more on this if you don’t gang up on me and slander me or something.)

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Don’t you worry, I’m not saying it out of a fear of being triggered (what a famous word), it’s just that I’ve asked two Discords, and they both gave me a response which amounted to a toxic masculine version of “abandon the girl” (yes, toxic masculinity coming from Lilith appreciators sounds funny, my word choice might be a bit finicky). And if they deny the basis for my intentions, or even the very veracity of my claims, discussion stops. I’m ready to be offended, I love being challenged, but the conversation needs a modicum of connection to work.

The thing they clutched onto was my low self-esteem, which is a really complicated topic because my “mental” is so ridiculously strong, I can never imagine myself being possessed without my consent. I can’t meditate, I don’t hear spirits, I’ve ordered a Tarot deck for divination/communication, but it’s still en route to my Ukrainian town.

Returning to my original inquiry, I would say that I don’t have much to offer, and that it all seems rather childish, but I did reach out to Astaroth on 07-25 in an ad hoc hypnopompic state (post-dream), and got a response as per the OP. And on 08-17-18 I did a proper ritual, considering my meagre resources, with burning juniper incense, a contract (petition?) and a few droplets of blood (but without any meditation). Not too sure which one works better, ritualistic without the frame of mind, or the mind without the ritual.

And again, returning to the OP, I wonder whether I should have reached to Lilith first. Sure, folks call her a not even a goddess and very spiteful, but maybe that’s closer to what I need? Or can I call to them both? I have tried somewhat, but again, without meditation it’s not like I can get any proper responses.

That sounds like it was within their rules though. We don’t do identity politics here that’s also against the rules, and we do not use people’s responses as an excuse for making personal attacks. Please do not insult anyone here taking time out of their day to offer an opinion by calling them names like “toxic”.

You don’t have to like an answer, you don’t have the thank the person, but you do have to civil in public about it to keep an account here. My suggestion is to simply move past Reponses that do not work for you.

This, while being a valid if rather obvious option would violate the rules on not questioning the OP. If the question was more open like “what should I do?” this response would not violate the rules here.

Why, though? You can call them both in the same ritual if you like.

Everybody is different, the best thing you can do is try it all ways, build experience and then keep what works for you and stop doing what doesn’t. I would say “intention is everything” so if you did a ritual but didn’t really put much energy into intending what you wanted as the outcome, probably not too much will happen.

I recommend you use the search function at top right, we have ten years of millions of posts and there are a few that will disagree with this, and others that will. Many people find Lilith to be protective and mothering for example.

Again my best advice is, experience it yourself, make your own relationships in person and then make up your own mind. What is true for other people is usually at best partially true for you. It’s the nature of the energetic interactions that change these thing.

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Alright, I did put in plenty of emotion, it’s just that I feel deaf. Maybe I’m too materialistic, or just can’t make myself believe I can hear anything? Or even some hubris on my part making me feel I don’t have to listen? Would a one-way request be that bad? What can they even tell me anyway?

No that’s fine. You can use petitions and also sigil working, two common methods that people without developed astral senses can use to make requests.

Scroll down a tad to the section: “Contact that doesn’t need astral aka psychic senses” and see if that works for you

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