Coding and programming

I will be undertaking an intense coding and programming program for the next 12 months or so. I want to be able to grasp things easily and retain knowledge and also be good with the technical computer stuff
Please recommend demons of learning especially those that will help learn a skill such as this
Thank you


It’s a an Angel….

Ambriel, Arch Angel of Gemini. I will quote from to book Angels and arch angels by Damien Echols:

Some Reasons to Invoke Ambriel of Gemini
• When studying for exams of any sort, in order to retain the information you’re learning
• To protect technological devices, such as phones and computers (or even to help make the internet run faster and more efficiently)
• When writing anything from books to posts on the internet
• Any time you wish people to understand the underlying ideas
beneath your words
• To facilitate communication between partners, whether they be
business or romantic
• To promote your work or gain publicity for any endeavor

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Nice, thank you. Never worked with angels before. I hope he doesn’t mind

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You can also chant this mantra I received from the archangel Metatron while you study:

As for demons, King Paimon is the master of all arts and sciences.


Thank you

She was never a demon, but Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer, might be helpful: