For Help With Coding Conjure Ada Lovelace

Lady Ada Lovelace is considered the world’s first computer programmer. She was a student of Charles Babbage, the inventor of the Analytical Engine which is a direct ancestor of the computer.

She wrote programs based on the how the device operated. Much of her work is still used today.

I’ve always struggled with coding. Then I daydreamed about a young Jane Austin-era woman who was a genius for her time period. She was at her desk doing complex equations beyond her time. It was Ada Lovelace.

She told me just call her Ada. “No Lady Lovelace nonsense” she said. Just invoke her and she will help you. She appreciates an offering of a rose or two. She is a lady after all…


She is a bit “cheeky”. Reminds me of @Lady_Eva actually. As far as an “altar”, a couple roses on a computer keyboard and/or an old math textbook will do.


Sounds amazingly necromantic :wink:

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A bump…

I feel that somebody needs some coding help…


This might be what im looking for.

Id just like to personally thank her. I have a long road but with her I am off to a good start.

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Bump that again…


Your description of her response was actually QUITE like Ada, considering she was QUITE like her dad, who was an absolute panty-dropper.

I can only imagine how Ada will respond to me when I summon her.

“My dad was a panty dropper, but I’m a gambler.”

Miss Ada along with XaTuring should be an unbeatable combination in dealing with computers and the Internet.