CIA Occult Surveillance

First, after bizarre paranormal experiences and psychic attacks, I was communicated by some force (probably a spirit) that I was in regular communication with that “they are watching you from the sky, have fun with it.” I’m not one to have “fun” with this sort of thing, though I can see how one would. I reported my experiences to the CIA, which involved my writing changing. Letters and words I would write would move on paper. It is crazy. Once, an entire piece of paper disappeared in my pocket and then reappeared. These are only a very small amount of the crazy things that were happening to me. Drones, that are seen at night, follow me wherever I go. Sometimes, there are many, about five at a time. Why would they need five drones following me and not one? Also, they appear to make it obvious so I know that I am being followed. For example, every morning as I would ride my bike to church they would be ahead of me and align right in front of me. Mostly it is just one drone as it was when I was riding my bicycle to church in the morning. The CIA never contacted me back regarding the emails I sent them, which were sent as reporting a security threat. I have always been self conscious and being followed makes this worse. I also suspect that they are monitoring me. For example, they probably are monitoring me as I write this. I also suspect they are reading my thoughts. I know I am being followed throughout the day as well, because anywhere I go, the drones will be visible there at night. I bet that there isn’t some way for me to obtain whatever investigations are going on with me, is there? Would the freedom of information act apply to this? This has been going on for 8 years.

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Try posting on, they have a lot of fast turnover of topics but someone might be able to help, or give you some suggestions.


No freedom of information act doesn’t pertain to ongoing investigations or covert/classified operations/experiments etc…

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There are, you just have to sit on them hard enough…

they are not spiritual, they use voice to head and talkbox technologies, but they are useless, and soulless beings…

do not mix your spiritual practices with what feds are doing, they dont have pact of mediumship, so they are offending death, if they would be spiritual/medium, they wouldnt be observing from they “skies” :slight_smile:

embarassing people… stay with occult

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i think this is actual adult-occult

i do understand that you dont :slight_smile:

Honestly doubt the CIA gives a poop . If electronically a site like this were monitored, it would be because the occult is somewhat a fringe topic despite how out in the open it is. The only thing monitoring it woulld be algorithms looking for trigger words. I don’t think some poor fuck is sitting down deliberately browsing the forum unless he or she is a practitioner interacting with us.

We can’t forget that the CIA, and other branches generated post WW2 are into the same stuff as we, although from a militaristic perspective. That is can all of this be weaponized (my interest as well although certainly not on the federal pay roll))…

Eyes from the sky need not refer to drones or government agencies. I can give u a hint. Lord of the Skies…Beelzebuth or another entity is probably the reference. I’d laugh my ass off, hysterical with laugher if some guy in a suit in a federal building is tasked with going over the forum, let alone a number of…That’s patently hilarious, because the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, and it’s various alphabet agencies are WAY MORE ADVANCED in regards of the occult. They would have had to use it to fight wars, and they have exceptional talent such as Reitred Col. Michael Aquino, who’s a powerhouse in his own right. And no I am not an affiliate of the ToS…

We’re like kids in kindergarten here, in comparison to what would be the equivalent of university proffessors within the government’s occult complex…Im so sure they give a fuck what we are doing in dayschool…What I am saying in a somewhat arrogant fashion (and no I am looking down on no one even though some of what I state may be taken that way. )I undermine no one’s personal growth development or knowledge but need to drive the point home that Uncle Sam doesn’t give a fuck what a forum of practitioners are doing…It’s not like we’re all in an organized lodge or anything. Im sure it attacts individuals who may be in occult lodges, but this forum itself is an open forum…How brutally suspicious (sarcasm intended)

It’s dubious and hard to beleive drones are chasing u around town…I mean shit dude, are u able to call up something that can annihilate an entire army (sort of has a Hollywood feel to it…Im sure the power to layout an entire modern militaristic unit ; only in so far as power is concerned (treading cautiously) would be a wet dream to most practitioners…Personally I wanna shoot lightning from my hands or control it when it storms…shit any of u able to do anything resembling fantasy magic in movies, definitely need to hit me up…Im all for power just for power’s sake! Gonna need it to rebuild the world and repopulate :grin:)


Honesty sounds like you have Paranoid Schizophrenia, you should go to the doctors and ask for a Psychological Evaluation.

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Honestly, I love how quick people are to diagnose and quote serious and rare disorders every chance they get.


It’s not rare and it’s more common than you think, but schizophrenia or not idk, this guys just seems like he should try?

Yep. Approximately 1% of total population are schizophrenics according to many statistics.
The most common, indeed.

It is somewhat strange to think that the CIA hasn’t better things to occupy themselves with, but lets not forget that not all conspiracy theorists are nutties.


its kinda ABC of feds to come debunk every comment that goes too close :wink:

AND secondly, you really talk about skitzofrenia on magic forum ? isnt whole occult, based of things that are higher than human perception ? so everything with spirits are skitzofrenia to feds ? … ?

im glad lady eva is asleep, she would close this topic already… posession or not, im just worried about you :slight_smile:


I agree but that is still millions of people and one can experience paranoia / psychosis without necessarily being schizophrenic. Myself included. I also find it odd this person believes the CIA have been after specifically him for the past 8 years. If he was so certain the CIA was onto him then why would he post about these events on a public forum the CIA could monitor?

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Mental health is important. And schizophrenia has nothing too do with the occult.

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There are actually threads out there devoted to magickal help in treating psychosis and mental disorders along with prescribed doctor medication.
It appears for some people, it’s also ABC to tweet without thinking.:wink:

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yes, i am psychotherapist myself.

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That doesn’t prove your point.
You should know that magick is actually hacking one’s mind to access the higher consciousness. I wonder what mental illnesses are. Malfunctions of our neural system. If you can hack your mind into getting to see entities and talk with them, I don’t see why magick can’t help with quieting voices in your head ,thus helping you cope with schizophrenia.


because there are non spiritual sources to this phenomena, like voice to skull technology, it doesnt affect your spirit, only to your physical vechile

understand ?

its not telepathy, it does not use same parts of brain/being that telepathy and spirit communication

and that is what feds are trying to do with this… but subconciousness knows how to protect yourself… so they wont success… and they will be goddamned

EDIT: its not hacking, its about vibrating on same level on physical vechile than you do on your highbeing/godsoul/system, being netjer

" " Netjer " (net-CHUR, net-JAIR) is the Kemetic term for God. It is normally used in reference to the Self-Created One – the source of godhead from which the Names (the Many gods and goddesses) spring forth. You may see Netjer referred to as both Netjer and God in Kemetic Orthodoxy."

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Because I am not hiding anything. I have contacted the CIA myself asking what the hell is going on?

I know all about paranoid schizophrenia. Psychosis would rarely, if ever, entail seeing a drone or drones following you around everywhere you drive for long periods of time. People who I am with have seen them too. Can paranoid schizophrenia make things magically disappear? Can it make messes that you clean up, repeatedly reappear over and over again every time you re-enter the room? No it can’t. I do hear voices and I know that the voices are from outside forces, such as spirits. There may be a link to schizophrenia and negative spiritual entities. People ask why would the government or whoever waste so many resources on me by doing this or why would they give a crap. I do not know. I do not think of myself as special in any way. In fact, I am below the average person. I have an average IQ, but I lack motivation.

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Excuse me but-

What does that have to do with what we were discussing…


I do not believe that the government is using v2k on me. There are in fact spiritual aspects as to whatever is going on.