Chaos Magick - Atheistic "Prayer" - How to manifest without belief in spirits, by instead focusing your intent or Wish through ATON

Ever wondered how to formulate a prayer from Atheistic scientific view?

Edit Note:
Due to the many requests about the oxymoron of the Word “prayer” being used here - it’s only used due to the reference material (Pictures) you see below.
Please note, that the Process is more based upon wishing, like a wish towards birthday candles, or a lucky charm, than meaning “prayer” as in talking to a deity. Since the whole point here, is to help those which feel they can’t successfully talk with a spirit.
Or, simpler, just think that such a thing as spirits doesn’t exist.

The text of the prayer would go a litte bit like this:

May the Corona Virus kill none of my family or close ones.

  • The Word Atom simply usurps the Word Amen.

after all,
they both correspond to the same source.

Aton, the disk of the sun, regarded as a deity in ancient Egyptian religion


But where the Religious Theistic person may consider Amun a God, or THE God or something like that, the Scientific Person simply accepts the fact that the Pyramids stood over Millenia and according to many scholars wouldn’t be possible to be built with todays tools.

As such, it is less on the fact that there was some kind of Pharao Guy…

…and much more about the fact, that back then they already had the Word Atom defined as the smallest physical unit, and had pre-determined huge junks of that Scientific Knowledge, we now consider as common knowledge.

Besides, from a mental viewpoint, the Atom even kind of makes sense, since everything we see around us, all the objects and materials, including even the Humans and Animals, is made up of those Atoms.

So, telling the Atoms to behave in a certain way,
is a nice and clear shortcut around having to deal with all that spirit mabo-jumbo.

Instead, you’re just approaching it from a hermetic view, if at all:

As below, so above,
As within, so without.

Since everything is composed of Atoms,
they technically structure the World around us (including us),
and therefore can be used to create any change needed/asked for.

Now there’s only the problem of talking to an non-animated object left.

Fortunately, we now have an age in which this isn’t as crazy as it may have sonded a couple decades before:

We’re now completely fine with people talking to little Plastic boxes in their hands, or bigger devices in front of us. There doesn’t even have to be a Human involved.

A simple “ok google” or “hello Cortana” or “Hello Siri” is quite enough to get started with talking to a non-living, non-human item.

So where’s the problem with saying: Hey Atom, do this and that for me.

  • That, my dear friends, would have been considered mental illness for hundreds of years, and yet - today it’s considered completely normal and totally fine.

Enjoy Your Spirit free Spells and prayers. xD




Of course, if heavily involved with String Theory,
you could use the Word “Quarks” to finish prayers aswell.

No idea how well that one lines up, tho.

Since those Quarks are rather a new kind of term.

Back then, Bio-Engeniering was just fine,
and the Ancient Pharaos (God-Kings) spliced Human DNA with Animal DNA,
as recorded in various Scripts and Paintings from back then.

So Gene Modification was fine back then,
but they probably didn’t use atomic bombs like we do today.

But hey, who cares?

If you know, for you and your interpretation of Reality,
that Quarks is the crucial, importend unit, and not Atoms,
then say Quark instead of Aton.

Just be careful of the Quantum Entanglement.

Since Einstein already called that stuff "Spooky Action at a Distance".

After all, the Science might become a bit to “spooky” otherwise.





Im not sure if this is coincidental, you posted this as a fun idea yes? Since there is no Atheistic prayer lol


For me Amen is a hidden way of saying Em An. Or the Mother, AN. As EM is mother in Hebrew and Anna is the mother (of Mary). Anna also is mother in Turkish I thought.
Not here to argue or say that you are right and I am wrong (or the other way around perhaps :grin:)
I’m just fond of An in every form.

And, in the secret doctrine Blavatsky gives Anu as meaning atom as well if I remember correctly. So, we may even agree to An extent.


Nope, this is not sarcastic or ment to amuse the reader.

Sure, plenty of us, especially those who’re regularely having spirit communication,
will consider this to be bullshit, and funny.
But, to be exact, on the same scale we lough about jesus being part of the trinity and god, while every other human isn’t.
Atheists honestly belief there is only physical matter, and no spirit in existance.
For an Atheist, we all are crazy idiots that hallucinate and lie to ourselves.
Just like various faith systems criticise each other.

Regardless of that, i honestly and genuinely wrote this to prive exactly those people an alternative.

Techniqually, their Magick when applying the base structure i just described, will range somewhere around the area of direct manipulation of matter, or Alteration Magick in that sense.

That’s not much different to what we do through our work with spirits,
and to be techniqually exact, when they do apply this, they’re at the very least using their own spirit, in form of their consciousness, mind, self, to act.

That’s not much different to the Pagan Concpet of commanding the reality through spirits to act in a desired way.

Indeed, it’s supposed to provide an alternative and an access point into Magick / Reality Manipulation, to those who struggle to much with the Concepts and beliefs society tought them.

It’s like the Ancient in Dr. Strange explaining to him:

We use energy from other dimensions to create Weapons and Shields.
But if you will, you could also simply call it Coding, Re-Programming Reality, instead of Spellcraft or Witchcraft.

Regardless how you view it,
the process isn’t much different.

But this can help a lot of beginners in a sense,
since it’s a direct access to manifestation,
without having to go through the common issues we normally get from people trying it the first time:

“what is a sigil? why should that work, i don’t believe in that.”
“how do i open a sigil. How can i percieve the Spirit, i don’t hear / see anything, i don’t think it worked.”

Instead of relying on a spirit to work with,
in this technique the basic idea is to interact with the Universe directly.

The whole “Law of Attraction” stuff is based on a similar concept,
and the fact that there are many religions and attempts to explain the same methods from different viewpoints,
is a clear proof that the Human society natrually haves a tendancy to need more than just one possible solution / answer.

If that wasn’t the case,
we would have had just 1 Religion on our world all along,
since there’s been plenty enough of Battles,
exctinctions, etc. to erridicate all “false” concepts and only leave the one correct over.

Yet, that’s not the reality we live in,
nor is it any reasonable to assume this to happen anytime soon,
since diversity is a natrual aspect of living matter,
as we can see by the bio-diversity of Plants and Animals on this Planet.

No, you indeed point out the exact thing i was looking to adress here.

That there are different interpretations,
and this should provide one which doesn’t rely on belief into invisible forces (which is the definition of magick, to have physical results from using unseen forces), since those particles can be seen in laboratory and be used in accordance with the scientific method.

  • For the magick perspective, it doesn’t make that much difference, since the Physical Matter is spawned from non-physical, Mental, Concepts and Energies, and physical Matter can be recognized as Energy instead of matter aswell.

The whole subject of String theory, is trying to adress and explain that gap, between the physical interpretation of matter, and the frequency, wave behavior.

The Quantum Physics is a part of closing the gap between science and religious / spiritual viewpoint. Which originally stem from the same source.

Since The Physcial Chemistry and Elements, was originally including spirit and when including Spirit is considered Alchemy, but then was seperated from spirit and defined as non-living matter and living beings.

We got plenty of stuff that points back to that decission,
like the fact that to a huge degree humans considered plants / animals as objects and not living, feeling matter.

It’d be a bit extensive to go into that subject however, since it’s been a debate that’s been going on quite a while, to differentiate what is “alive” and what isn’t.

The Guide above, is trying to leave that conversation out,
and just give a strong pointer to how the mechanisms of magick,
can be accessed from a purely atheistic viewpoint.

Since even with considering those Pharaos false gods which only claimed bullshit and were just regular normal humans like everyone around them was aswell, that doesn’t change any of the facts of them knowing about Atoms, and having had used sophisticated Machinery or Techniques, to achieve results difficult to rival with todays means.




oh i get it better now, yeah i thought this was the point of your post, i just found it an oxymoron, as Atheism is lack of belief in Theistic concepts, and prayer is usually associated with a theistic or spiritual practice, but still, Atheists can pray i guess to something or someone they consider to be spiritual, but it makes little sense to me still as that would include the belief in something not of logic which generally goes against general Atheistic views of today, especially considering the rise of materialism and shunning of everything spiritual.

so this makes little sense to me but it still makes sense i guess if one wants to fit their beliefs to suit a self made spiritual practice


Probably because it IS an oxymoron? It is a best in incorrect use of the word prayer.

You don’t get to just unilaterally redefine established words in the English language:

Maybe dude means meditation. But English isn’t his first language, and it’s not the first time his definitions have been confused. :woman_shrugging:


yes meditation would be better as a word imo


But the ‘earnest request or wish’ in the first definition suggest that it doesn’t HAVE to be adressed to a god right?
(Sorry, English isn’t my first language either…)
I googled the etymology of ‘praying’

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“obtained by entreaty” means “begging” - you are begging another being for something. Which is related to prayer - making a request f another, which may be denied. It’s right hand path thinking, giving power to this third party.

Why would an atheist be begging another for anything? Atheists don’t acknowledge the other exists.


While we are on the subject, what do you think of Lavey? I find him to be quite intelligent imo

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I don’t think I agree.
The ‘other that doesn’t exist’ could be anyon or thing. The atom that @Yberion named, ‘the Universe’ or even subconscious of the one you are putting a spell on. But I am theorizing this way too much, and probably don’t understand the language good enough.

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I’m not sure, I’m sorry I haven’t read any Levey.


Hes the author of the Satanic bible, Anton Szandor Lavey, hes the one that started the church of Satan in the 70s,

He is the one that conflated black magick lhp with Atheism :smiley:

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No I know who he is - he’s his own meme. I just have a lot of other stuff higher up the to-do list.

Wasn’t there a whole thing where he recanted everything he said and left the church, and they had to start up another group to carry it on? Doesn’t exactly inspire one to read it.


apologies i assumed you didnt know

im not sure Ive heard of that, he seemed like an intelligent individual, perhaps he left the church because the disciples of him started going against the teachings, sorta overdoing the satanic look of it, purposely inciting fear out of fun?

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Not sure. My understanding is that the CoS declined badly at the end, the one that exists today is more like a reconstruction.

I’m thinking of the Temple of Set, started by Michael Aquino, apparently because he didn’t like the direction Lavey was going in, so they did the right thing and spun off thier own thing to run it their way. I don’t remember what the exactly issue was, but the Temple of Set is well respected today.

If this is a representative quote, I’m reading Lavey as basically a closet christian that never recovered.
I disagree with pretty much every piece of xtian cosmology and concepts, and have no use for it’s language personally…

So this - is nonsensical rubbish: because is 100% xtian - so much so that the objects in it are so warped it only would make sense to another xtian.

"The old gods did not die, they fell into Hell and became devils.”
– Anton LaVey

Whether that makes all Satanists actually xtians I don’t doubt. Methinks they protest too much.


ive heard something similar, though am not sure if he actually said so, but i dont believe there is anything wrong in that sentence no? maybe i am looking at the concept that a Fall is not a bad thing in its own


that i can agree today i think

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The operative word is ‘believe’. It deends on your cosmology.

In MY cosmology,

  • there’s no such thing as “hell”, especially not in this context,
  • “* devils” - is a fairly useless brain-dead xtain term meaning anything they don’t like *“I don’t know, therefore ‘devil’” *
  • gods can’t die
  • and they’re not “old” (what does that even mean for a god)

There’s pretty much nothing sensible about that, and it tells us a lot about his cosmology - it’s xtian.