INCANTATION SUMMARY - I invite you to share all your incantations here :)

Tal Shata Alsh-Tu
Tolu Shatu Lam-Aske

  • incantation to channel Hellfire,it strenghtens the witch

“Dragul Zi Nath, Esh Ma Matu”

Source: workings with Lucifer
Purpose: protection in the spiritual and physical realm.


Aralataz Metza

Channeled from my shadow who says to shout this one (either out loud or internally) to perform acts of incredible physical strength (think something like Samson). It’s supposed to have a cumulative effect meaning the more you use it the more your natural strength increases. I’m not quite sure how to test it since I don’t really want to break any of my stuff. If anyone has a suggestion just let me know.


i want to lower someones defenses how can i do that


thats great to know mate

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  • Matter rise / mather embody. ~ Rosecrucian Powerword of Creation.

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Thank you, i once tried to establish something similar for non religeous visitors / members from balg.

Sadly, my intentions were misunderstood and misinterpreted a bit there.

i mainly rely on my own Conjuration;


-create / begin ritual / begin spell;


  • Close, Complete, bring to fruition; Manifest as desired; aka. so mote it be / so it is done.

the Sillibiles of Aum Ohm Zui follow the P E N rule.

Photons, Aum
Electrons, Ohm
Neutrinos. Zui

Wassa means “already done. // Fulfilled. Solved. Granted. Permitted/allowed to happen / manifest.”

As an Rosecrucian,
i suggest you to use AumOhmZui through this perspoctive,
to gain full results:

Aum, God Father,
Ohm, God Son,
Zui - Holy Spirit.

Trinity is established between them,
and represented in the all seeing eye of god /triangle eye.

YHWH / AGLA can be used to give it a Quadric / Cubic Shape on top,
Next permutation would be the Circle - representing the Cosomos / or creation as written in the old testament;

From there you could step it up by adding the Elements,
and the Zodiac.

Or, in the Faith reliable way,
the acolyt / adept can add the offerings of a olive twig,
a fish, red whine, and a thorn-crown for the circle.

The Cross of opens it’s rose pedals when the adept opens it’s heart,
according to Rosecrucian doctrine,
and so the AGLA / YHWH / INRI becomes a mendatory step when using the offerings instead of alchemy / elements.

That’s, how i’d advise any RHP practicioner to go about it,
if i was asked.

:fire: :dizzy: :fish: :sunrise_over_mountains: :fountain: :latin_cross: :church:

I don’t want to go into Helion / El Shadday, Elohim, Adonai etc. tho.

I suppose,
i could still learn quite a bit from you there,






There is also the LHP magic word AGLA for the practitioners who banish the sephiroth filth:

Athah Gibor Leohlam Azerate

And HVHI Chavajoth and this is the formula of West-South-East-North

Both are excellent for channeling current 218 and are Left Hand Path



yeah But The Sound MATHREM resonate on the spirit energy connected to our physical reality, thus it makes it easier to manifest anything faster with that Sound cause it draws the energy from the surrounding area and condense it.
When you Put Aum/om in your sound you do affect things but it start from the deepest part of our beings /universe until it reaches our physical reality, which takes a very long process. So for things to manifest rapidly In matters hours minutes or hours we use MATHREM, the fasttest results i had was to manifest 3800 pounds in 25 minutes from nowhere.


The MATHREM is to be used before the ritual??? Or after??
It’s to vibrate the word???


your draw energy from the surrounding area while you vibrate MATHREM, until you are filled with the energy, Then you start to visualize what you want in a very condensed way while vibrating MATHREM


Thank you!

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It sounds like Matrel the name of the Watcher. Very powerful

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Another masonic Word to activate dead matter, sigils, puppets and so on: Maben

:fire: :snake: :fire:


“Taima Reyhma Auma (Om)”
To assist in trance, astral projection, shamanic journeying, or anything that requires linking your consciousness into a projected body outside your physical one. The added Om isn’t neccesary but if you feel it supplements what you’re doing use it. I don’t do it every time but sometimes I do, just let your intuition guide you.
Source: channeled from my Kitsune buddies


If i just do magick sigil, this will good for me?


This is interesting to learn i will start using it in my meditation e.a basically touched on this as well in his works. I been watching in learning. Here there be real magicians…

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This post is long overdue.

Here are some thaumaturgical (miracle working) and psychokinetic incantations I’ve channeled from my Shadow. I personally believe there is no limit to what can be done with magic as long as you have the knowledge to do it. That being said, I have not used all of these incantations as of yet, however I have definitely had experiences with spells I’ve channeled from my shadow before so I trust greatly that these will work given time and raising enough energy.

Two notes: Many of the incantations I’ve channeled, in addition to having effects in the moment, are also simultaneously mantras. Meaning the more you use it, the more you will come to innately possess the powers and effects it causes. In addition, It would be wise to do an energy raising chant before doing these as they all revolve around effecting energy. Many of them also raise energy innately, so there’s a plus there.

Areosolotzo Oretego Orus:

This incantation is used for aerokinesis, or the ability to conjure wind and manipulate the air. Once the wind is called, you can guide it with your limbs, especially arms, hands, and fingers. It can emanate from your palms if you wish.

Over time with enough use, you become “one” with the wind and the power becomes instinctive without having to say the words.

Oribzella Oribzello Orus:

This one is used for something that is a bit tricky to describe. Basically what this is used for is electronic interference in the form of “psychic broadcasting”. The closest parallel I can draw to this is psychic photography, the ability to imprint mental images onto camera film. However this is different because this is used to project psychically onto electronic screens of all types; TVs, smartphones, tablets, etc. It channels your unconscious psychic power (the dormant but enormous powers locked within your subconscious mind) and projects it into the digital format. This incantation can also be used for something I won’t write here, because in complete honesty it could be very dangerous and I’m not sure how many people even on an occult forum would believe it. DM me for more details, if your interested.

Bueabalo Mekatzira:

This incantation is used to make a target spontaneously combust (explode into flames) by directing energy at the target. Those of you who are experienced with using wands to direct energy should be good with this one. Be careful where you do this.

Kyamatar Meklaka Shyubarshez Miyoko:

This one is used for physically raising the dead at their grave. It is powerful, but ideally used by a group of people who are circling the grave and collectively chanting and visualizing the dead raising.

Well that’s all for now. I have many more incantations and will definitely be channeling more in the future. I’m also seriously considering publishing a book of incantations once I’m done compiling them into a single document and have tested them further.

  • Rayne


U knw it be a great book and top charts,. I hope many guys suprt you work.

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turn my body anticlockwise?
Is this helpful with shadow work?