CHANGE YOUR LIFE - Jinn Binding Ritual In The Sahara Desert (Most Intense Ritual For Hire I Will Probably Ever Perform)

Change Your Life - Jinn Binding Ritual (Most Intense Ritual I will Probably Every Perform).

For years I have been friends with a Arab man, a few months back his fathers friend contacted him, a very old man who could be called a seer or sorcerer specialising in Jinn Magick. He has been known to literally create miracles, things that even I as adept cannot explain at all with any method or form off logic. This old man said to my friend he is associated with someone who is a “dajjal”.

A man who is a embodiment of evil, darkness and the powers of hell, a wicked and terrible man. My friend laughed and told me the story and he said it could be me, I laughed it off but a few days later he called me again and stated he had explained to the old man, that I perform “Rituals, Spells and so forth” putting it in laments terms. It was discovered that I am that “dajjal” I am that embodiment of evil.

I thought nothing off it until the old man demanded to speak to me personally, my friend being a traditional Arab he said that he must honour someone older than him and therefore pleaded me to speak to him.

He translated the whole conversation to the best of his abilities, this old man explained his journey of becoming a adversarial wise master. He would journey into the deserts and would fast for a long time without food, without sleep and so on. He would actually urinate on the Quran, he would burn the Quran and smother himself in the ashes. He would steal the animals that were about to be sacrificed by the Muslims for “Eid Al-Fitr”.

He wants to meet me and bring me to a very ancient powerful Jinn, more powerful than Shaitan himself. I approached the man with interest and I stated

“Look while this may be interesting, what’s this all about” he hung up and the very same night I became violently possessed to a degree that I have never experienced before. I begged my friend to contact the old man, believing that he was connected to this. My friend told me that if I come to Tunisia I would be apart of a ritual, near the Sahara desert. I thought to myself really I’m gonna go all the way to the fucking desert. I have to literally travel across the globe, to perform this ritual. I have to invest my money, I have to exhaust my body, my mind, heart and soul into this.

Animal sacrifice, blood letting and a ancient Arabic magick ritual all tied into one, with me bringing my knowledge of western black magick and this old master in Arabian magick combined. He explained to me that if I do this ritual and I join him, I would not only be initiated into one of the oldest Jinns known to man. I would also have under me the very powerful jinn that would serve me and heed my will. With some negotiation and back and forth planning, this man agrees to allow me to Invite the entities that have caused miracles in this masters life, into the life of my clients.

  1. Are you trying achieve any goal and find that demons and gods haven’t been able to complete your goal. This Jinns are extremely closer to this physical world than almost any spirit and can manifest almost any desire you have.
  2. Are you looking for a spiritual empowerment dedicating the power of the ancient evil spirits of the desert to, enhance you in all ways magickally.
  3. Do you need a Jinn bound to you, to protect you, heal you, guide you, teach you the magick that remained secret but now brought to the public by me.
  4. Do you won’t this Jinn to attack, or manipulate people in your life, bringing to you opportunities for business, your career, love and romance or to destroy all those that have come against you
  5. Are you willing to step into the ancient path of the desert magus, to be initiated into a world that have rarely been discovered by any magician.
  6. Are you looking to purchase a actual tribal ritual filled with members of the traditional Jinn magick village. To infuse a ritual performed on your behalf with more power than you could possibly fathom.
  7. Do you have a petition you want to bring into this ritual, in order to kick start your mundane development and your spiritual ascent.
  8. Any desire, any goal can be achieved with such a ritual for these entities do not discriminate.

All of this and more is impossible, I know I’m gonna have a target painted on my back for showing and even releasing this. I even have to have security come with me on my journey, to protect me from actual terrorism. If you purchase your spot in this grand Jinn ritual, in the scorching desert, you will receive a video no one else will see. Uncensored blood letting, animal sacrifice and the actual live ritual taking place with these ancient denizens of the desert.

I am travelling across seas, fasting, exhausting myself and immersing every aspect of my being into this ritual. I am doing this not only for myself to be introduced into a path of Jinn magick lost and forgotten but also, I am doing this for my brothers and sister to reap the rewards off once in a life-time ritual.

All this for the price off £600, pm me for the reason and goals you want to succeed in, for being part of such a ritual. I will invite you into this nexus of power that the ancient desert magus once were apart off.
Do not miss out on this once in a life time ritual, I will be going within two months to do this, join me now and awaken a power that has been growing since its entered into its own spiritual hibernation.




It reminds me of a talk i had with an associate of mine, and actually confirms some things. I was told Muslim black magicians get much of their power by defiling the “Big Three” holy books, by pissing and ejaculating on them while keeping them hidden away in a notably filthy place, and it’s this blasphemy that opens the gate to their power and the ability to command djinn.

You are being given a rare and fascinating opportunity. I can’t take part unfortunately, but I wish you good luck and hope for your safety.


Jinns are very powerful, one of my muslim friends told me that in islam the jinns have a enormous power holding. And they are very manipulative, according to islam during the judgement day these jinns will come as gods to take people into hell and people will follow them because their magick is beyond any spirit


no in islam, evil jinns go to hell themselves

Definitely brother this opportunity is once in a life time.


Hopefully you come back and become power. Ask the jinn to allow you to have its power

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Well i heard there are good and evil jinns, and they are invisible creatures. Even in quran, jinns are mentioned in several chapters


yes there are. but jinns dont have authority over hell and heaven in islam

So let me see if I understand this correctly.

You want us to give you money to travel halfway across the world?

Also, this dude sounds sketchy as hell. The fact that you just met him and that he’s all “if you want all of this amazing power, you need to leave your home and fly to another country” makes it sound as if he doesn’t have your best interests in mind.

Tunisia also has a reputation for tourists getting kidnapped. What makes you think he’s not going to kidnap you and sell you on the black market?


no to do a ritual

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Why do you need 600? Is it for expensive tools or something?

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Pro tip: exercise greatest caution with tap water :+1:t2:


yes it seems

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I was asking @C.Kendall

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Can’t blame the guy for wanting the recoup his losses, plus it’s no different than other ritual for hire services in that aspect. The greater the toll on the provider the more expensive the services. You are coming across unnecessarily antagonistic here.


they are able to take any physical form they like…Many people have sighted strange looking creatures all over the world - and it seems more plausible all the sightings of such creatures may have been Jinns parading in different forms.

They have the ability to possess minds which is strictly prohibited in islam

Muslims say god gave them those powers as a test for them but meh…

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Gifts For The Participants - As it’s customary in their world.

The Animals To be Sacrificed - This is for the most important part of the rite.

The Pure Moroccan Incense - Special expensive blends which need to purchase.

The other array of ritual tools and their price too.

Just a portion of these goods carry with it a expense with my own pocket which I am willing to do, even if no one purchases such a ritual as many may not be ready for its effects. Then of course is the price for me doing the actual ritual on their behalf and obviously it’s nice to make a profit.



just be careful as it could be dangerous

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yes they are i think. I have heard of people calling jinn to steal cash and deliver it to their house

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