A Fool And His Many Errands!

OK tonight is Damabiah “Connects you to your psychic gifts”.

Nothing too much to report here. Raziel came and went rather quickly without the lovely energy from last time.

Damabiah appeared as a yellow orb but with a faint outline of an angelic being inside (or at least my version of an angel). I said my piece and that was it. No conversation or anything :man_shrugging:

Wow! It’s been 3 weeks but not without incident.

3 weeks ago I had a week off work by myself. My wife was to meant to take it off as well and we we’re going to go away for a short break but her work got in the way.

Not a problem as I have been looking after my father for the last 5 years until he died recently a large backlog of jobs and built up that needed to be done in the garden, the house and loads of magic as well. So enough to be done to keep me pleasantly occupied for the whole week.

My plan was to do the garden in the mornings and then some small jobs around the house or do some errands in the afternoon.

That was the plan anyway.

I first 2 days went to plan but by the 3rd morning I felt incredibly tired and but also relaxed and slightly euphoric (!). Every time I sat down I ended not moving lost in my own thoughts with time literally flying by. By the end of the 5th I felt this incredible surge of power and felt that anything was in my grasp and that all I had to do was just to focus and reach out and it was mine. For example, if I wanted to learn a new language then I would learn it no time.

There were wonderfully powerful feelings and it felt as if the whole world was mine for the taking.

Alas as soon as I went back to work it all faded away…

So the moral of the tale is as Timothy Leary would say, “tune in, turn on and drop out”. I hardly looked at my laptop that week and the amount to tv was minimal as it it seemed so intrusive.

Unfortunately I’m a keyboard jockey by trade staring at the screen for 7 hrs a day and then going home and doing again for another couple of hours (:exploding_head:). For the last fortnight I’ve tried to keep the myriad (and petty) distractions of big tech to a minimum. I have felt the sensations come back slightly as if on a threshold but obviously I need more peace and quiet which won’t happen until my next week off.

So interesting times and plenty to think about…

It’s been a while!

Shortly after the last post I had a stubborn cold that just wouldn’t leave for a couple of weeks. After that my magical batteries were flat and needed recharging.

So here we are! Fully recharged albeit going into the Xmas festivites season so gonna have to be a bit more patience…

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though. Whilst waiting to get over my cold it got me thinking about my bucket list. As I’m getting older bucket list are now coming to the fore especially since my father died and that’s the end of my familial duties to a large extent.

One on my bucket list is taking DMT aka the god molecule. Much research on the 'tube suggests you can extract it yourself. The fact that it’s illegal matters not to me these days, so if the cap fits wear it…

This lead onto magic mushrooms (which are also illegal) and finally Salvia which is not illegal. So I plucked up the (dutch :wink: courage) and ordered some 5x potent sage from a Dutch (where else? :laughing:) site. A week or so later it duly arrived.

One evening I sat down with a pipe and took the plunge. Bear in mind this is my first trip ever! Salvia is intense… . I nearly panicked at first as my arms turned to rubber but I recovered and plunged into a 5 minute rollercoaster ride into cartoon land :crazy_face:

Salvia is not to be messed with and given the utmost respect. A quite place where you can’t be disturbed whilst in the right frame of mind.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: That’s why teenagers were put on this Earth.

After a couple more trips I decided to purchase a 'shroom kit. Golden teacher to be exact.

Again looking around the web I decided that if I’m going to do this I’ll do it right. So I bought a thermostatically controlled propagator. Not cheap as I could only find one manufacturer! The kit I bought required an optimal temperature of 24C and relative humidty of over 90%. Luckily the money was well spent as the first flush was 250g and the 2nd 100g (should have taken photos!) . I’m trying for a 3rd flush and that should be it.

The 1st flush have dried out and I’ve blended into powder. Last night was spent shovelling into capsules. So what to do next? Micro dose over the next 6 weeks or so or go for a big trip? Decisions, decisions :thinking:

I’ve offically shroomed. I’m on leave this week so on Tuesday I decided to take the plunge and took 2 grams worth. And…waited and waited… and nothing happened. So after another few hours I took another 3 grams… and nothing happened.

By now it was 9pm and I gave up mistified that I was 'shroom proof. I sat down and closed my eyes and there in all it’s CGI glory, was the fractal weirdness of the 'shroom universe. Bizarre, open my eyes and you wouldn’t be able to tell I was tripping balls. I was expecting strong visuals which is what confused me but perhaps that’s just me. God knows how long the I had been properly tripping before I closed my eyes :grinning:

Anyway by 10pm I was chilled whilst slightly euphoric and this lasted for a couple of hours and very nice it was as well! In the end I needed to go to bed but… the minute I closed my eyes there was the CGI fest. All well and good but I now wanted to sleep. But sleep wasn’t to come until half three ish…

So the moral of this tale is never expect a trip on the 'shrooms to be the same as Salvia. You really need a good part of the day to be put aside to really appreciate them. I think I had the CGI’s for at least 6 hours! Next time will be a nice summer’s day sitting in the garden or down the local the wood.

In the meantime I’ll microdose and see which rabbit hole I disappear down :wink:

New Years resolutions - DMT and and amp up the Salvia, perhaps up to 20x potent.:nauseated_face::grinning:

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I’m bit frustrated at the moment as I can’t do much occult stuff as I would like. Work has raised it’s ugly head insofar as my boss has left I need to cover for him for the until the new boss starts in 6 weeks time. Even then for the the next month or so thereafter I’ll need to “baby sit” the new boss.

Still not all bad as I’ll get a nice “loyalty” bonus for just turning up each day plus paid overtime i.e. one of the rare times in my working life I’ve got management by the balls :sunglasses:

Due to to the unpredictable nature of my workload I’ve decided to concentrate on a couple of areas and nothing else and keep grinding away.

So first of all I’ve been microdosing the shrooms for the last couple of weeks. So far I’ve noticed that I’m not fazed by covering for my boss - no stress, just emotional and mental equanimity so thanks shrooms! This is good news as a good mate of mine who’s interested and has mild anxiety episodes so this maybe the perfect medicine for him :crossed_fingers:

On top of my daily 30 min meditation I’ve also been doing @C.Kendall “the chant of the flames of the godhood”. Basically you imagine a black/crimson/yellow/orange flame inside getting larger when you chant the mantra.

The jury is still out on this one. It’s a good visualisation exercise but I’ve haven’t noticed any changes yet. I shall carry on for another month or 2 and see where we go.

Lastly but by no means lastly - I’ve also been doing @AdamThoth 3 sun meditation.

Gotta say this has impressed me. I don’t do the spiral staircase to reach the void. Mine’s some very old steps in a cave with ancient symbols/sigils on the wall/ceiling which I can’t discern. The steps lead down a cave pool which is pitch back. For the last couple of days when I step into that my whole self disappears and it’s just blank. Each day the sensation is getting more intense and longer.

Is this ego death? No quite yet as I can still feel my own physical body. Today I thought I’ll do it for 10mins before lunch and I “resurfaced” 40 mins later! It wasn’t totally blank for all that time as my mind is still not that disciplined but I was shocked by the total loss of time. It also helps to wear an eye mask and ear baffles (the ones used by road workers) to block out alll distractions (including my wife :sunglasses:).

So there we are, now back to YouTube as I need to see how I extract DMT form 250g of mimosa powder…


Exhausting times at work, I’m getting too old to do 2 jobs at once. I’m going back to the old days of all work and just existing outside of it. That’s not a life but merely a zombie existance as far as I 'm concerned. Still only a few week to go hopefully and then hand over to new younger boss with my blessings! It’s got me thinking of bring my retirement date forward a lot. So much I want/need to do occult wise and just not the time.

I’m still chugging away at the 3 suns meditation. Now no longer at ego death but in the twilight zone between the Theta and Delta brainwave states. Theta is when you’re asleep and Delta is the deep unconscious sleep. It’s interesting to say the least as there is a fine line between actually falling asleep and being a deep meditative state. I crossed it today and I managed to end up with a fit of coughing. I think some saliva when down the wrong pipe :nauseated_face::grin:

Saying that my normal meditiation practice has improved as I can now attain longer void states so bit by bit I winning the war with the monkey mind mafia :+1:

I’m still doing Conner Kendalls mantra/flame meditation. I can hold my visualisations a long longer with this then any others I’ve done so good stuff there.

On the subject of Mr Kendall and being the Fool I’ve decided to subsidise his Tunisia beach holiday er… sorry ritual in the desert :grin:


So no pressure then Connner :wink: If this goes well that should give me an turbo boost on my path.

And lastly sitting in the side porch is a defrosting glass dish of, hopefully, DMT crystals…

Well what a hellish couple of weeks at work and I’m exhausted.

New boss has been bottle fed, burped and potty trained so hopefully I can start getting my life back and move on occult wise.

Things have not been helped by Conner’s little beach holiday. I’ve have rituals done before on my behalf and if they’re of a dark nature then there will always be consequences. In this case a whole run of (albeit) minor bad luck that can’t be dismissed as coincidental.

Over the course of 6 days:-
The new outside door on our storage space was split in half in the gales we had. If I had locked it properly it wouldn’t have happened.
I broke a zip on a coat that made it unuseable.
My wife dropped a whole bottle of vegetable oil over the kitchen floor and it’s still sticky now!
She also managed to ruin her phone - a whole load of hand moisturiser leaked all over it in her bag.
Inattention of my part resulted in cocking up the smoking of the DMT so I only got a small hit.:cry:
Various face palm errors at work.
…And the insomnia, I always get that. Out with the hypnosis tapes and a week later I’m now back to normal.

It’s no all doom and gloom though. The 3 suns meditation comes on leaps and bounds. I can very easily lose myself for an hour easily. The monkey mind keeps poppping up but I’m pleased to see that in the vast primordial black soup that is my unconscious there doesn’t seem to be anything nasty lurking there… yet…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

In a fortnights time I’ve got a week off by myself and boy am I going to chill out. I’ve managed to set up a bitcoin wallet (what a ball ache that was as well!) and on the darker corners of the web I’ve found some obliging purveyors of mind altering substances (assuming they’re not scammers). So I’m gonna stack up and go for it if I can.

I need mescaline (that’s the peyote cactus), LSD, and various members of the Tryptamine family.
I should be receiving soon 5meo-dmt. Not heard of that one? Try licking the back of one of these chaps

If it gets stressed it releases a toxin that can kill you :nauseated_face: needless to say it’s a lot safer to have the laboratory version :wink:

I’ve also on impulse ordered some more 'shroom kits. Not the best of moves because if they produce as much as my last crop, I’ll have enough supplies to last for the next 2 years :crazy_face:

The whole point of this disregard for law and order is not to escape my life because it’s so awful (it isn’t), or that I feel that I’m powerless to change things (I don’t). I’m just envious of those that have seen aliens, machine elves or journeyed to other realms and dimensions. If I can achieve that without blowing up my brain cells then I’ll be a happy bunny.

So depending on how this goes my next entry may be extremely interesting or…
image :wink::grin:

Over a thousand views!! Really?

image :smiley: :upside_down_face:

So what’s been happening then since? Well national drug week has curtailed due to my wife having to work from home from wednesday due to the C-Virus fear porn. :disappointed:

However I did get the chance of Tuesday to have some home made shroom fun. This time I followed Terrence McKenna’s suggestion to be on your own, ingesting on an empty stomach and being in the dark. So at midday I knocked up a smoothie added 4g of the best home made Golden Teacher shredded mushroom and then carried on with my life waiting for the effects to kick in… which took about 10 mins. I crashed out on the settee and put my eye mask on.

It would be fair to say that the enxt 2 hours was a wonderful ride into the unknown, the unknowable, the bizarre and down right surreal where this reality blended into shroom world… The only thing that really stands out is that at one point I was looking up a hill and on top was a really huge red and white striped mushroom. All around the me was a whole army of smaller red and white shrooms going around the hill alternating clockwise and anticlockwise. The were all shouting “HAIL THE KING OF THE HILL” and I got caught up into it and starting shouting (in my my mind I think :man_shrugging:)
In between the giggles. Surreal is not the word!

Between hours 2&3 I took off the eye mask and was trying to work out which reality I was in and which one I preferred when I opened my eyes. I made some dinner for myself (let’s be honest here a microwave special) and went to to the loo. These caused a great debate with myself as to whether I was real, the dinner was real or whether the loo actually existed :crazy_face: All this was accompanied by numerous fits of the giggles.

Hours 3-4 I calmed down and got very philosophical and the hour after there was just a nice warm afterglow in my body.

So there you are ladies and gentleman, how to do a good trip. The only after affect was some insomnia that night with constant lucid dreams and very mentally tired the next day. I belatedly worked out that the shrooms really blew open my 3rd eye, luckily I have a spell to close it down.

On a more mundane note (well in comparison anyway!) this week have given the chance to catch up on some rest both physically and mentally and also to have a good think about the way forward. In particular getting back working those stack of books I started last year.

Time to get the magical mojo back and shove work down the ladder considerably. Hopefully more postings on the way…

I have this book on Kindle, Lucifer and the Hidden Demons. Do you think the author has really contacted separate Deities or are all these listed spirits just masks for Lucifer AKA Beelzebub but with different tasks, the author lists many demons under paimon as well.

Heres an example: Corilon is pronounced as CORE-EE-LON. CORE as in CORE. EE as in SEE. LON as in LONG. First summon Lucifer. Then summon Beelzebub. Proceed to summon Corilon. The Pathworking of Corilon An emerald lake surrounded by mountains. The body of a dead snake, its eyes white. You stand at the edge of a fast and foaming river in the moonlight.

Good question and at the moment I don’t know.

That’s why I need to plough ahead through most of the gallery of magic type books to get a handle on them and come up with my own conclusions.

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Have you had any success with the book and it’s workings, using his pathworking or mental imagining? Have you received any signs of success, visions or perhaps physical signs?

Yes and no.

Borob - Create a veil over and object or place - tick - those that have seen the 3rd bedroom don’t hang around and look at my “collection” and comment on it.

Iloson - Skilled at listening - tick

Eberon - sense the future - tick

Sagarez - radiate sexual potency - cross - nothing!

Anamalon - arouse sexual thoughts in others - cross - nothing!

Dagulez - “to appear younger” - tick - people take 5 years off me.

Gramon - Dignity - pass - not sure on that one.

Buriub - influence through the calm power of your voice - I would say tick

Sumoron - discover gifts and abilities - noticed recently

Apormanos - depths of sexuality - cross

Ilekal - people telling the truth - tick

Damabiah - psychic gifts - tick - noticed recently

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What is the collection is this occult or something else?

Yes, occult - I have tarot decks (70+!), books, occult objects, altars etc

I may reveal my temple one day…

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Nice, I feel a séance coming on lol…

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Wow! :astonished: What a fortnight this has been in the mundane world!

I’ve been working at home for the last fortnight sharing the dining table with my wife as the new office as the UK is now in virtual lockdown… and my new boss has resigned! Luckily working from home will take the edge off senior management harassing me and they’re going to have to be doubly nice to me.:sunglasses:

I think we can say the world will never be the same going forward, certainly the economy will tank after the virus has passed and that will create even more chaos. We will look back as 2020 being the defining year when everything changed…

One of the advantages in lockdown is that I can now concentrate on The Great Work as I have no excuses now. Nothing on the TeeVee, no sports, no social gatherings with family/friends, no idly spending time at looking for things to buy as there really is only food left and household goods out there.

It’s taken about 10 days to get my equilibrium but now I am starting to get into the magical groove.

I’ve gone back to the Raziel’s Path of Power and restarted that. So next up Yabamel “make your life easier to manipulate with magic”. Nothing too exciting happened, Yabamel appeared as a golden global but with an outline of what we would percieve to be angelic, probably just for my benefit :grinning:. Nothing was said so I thanked the big Y and moved on.

This morning I decided to to take 2g of shrooms for a less intense trip. In fact is was so less intense nothing happened :upside_down_face: I’ll try next Sunday with 3g and see what that does. In the meantime the next harvest is on it’s way and I’ll hopefuly post some pictures later on this week when they’re ready to harvest.

Just before the lockdown I was madly dashing around buying stuff and I bought these 2 books off Amazon

image image

There’s already a thread about Succes Magick so this book piqued my interest. Damon has a managed to breakdown the dense and complex world of Enochian Magick into a simple ritual pathworking. There’s no spells for specific problems per se, rather 49 rituals for various concepts such as confidence, endurance, eagerness etc. Each one builds on the last so by the end you will be in effect, a new improved person. Each ritual should be done once a day for 7 days, so doing this properly will take 49 weeks although you do it a your own pace (which in my case will be forever :grin:)
The actual rituals take only a few minutes are pretty simple so this will be good exercise in self discipline if nothing else.

I started the first ritual tonight called - “Vision” and we’ll see how that goes.

Right! The cat wants her tummy tickled so thanks for reading and do be safe and healthy in these unusual times…

I beginning to like this lockdown. Very little traffic on the roads, hardly any aircraft in the sky and life generally slowing down and life a lot quieter. Obviously old age is creeping up on me, next stop the nursing home :smile:

I’ve learnt that I don’t miss the TeeVee in general (no more fear porn!) and especially football (sockerrrrrrr as our American friends would say) which has greatly surprised me. I’ve haven’t had a drop of alcohol since the start of the lock down but I can hardly take the high ground there if you’ve read previous posts :wink: which leads very nicely onto… The DMT trip…

I’ve extracted DMT successfully a few months ago but the trips have been… well… underwhelming. Reading on the web a beginners dose is 20mg and and a strong dose is 80mg. We’ll I’ve tried both and all I got was fractals and on the higher one a nice warm, relaxing glow in the top half of my body. The maximum time spent was 5 mins.

This time I went balls to the wall and 120mg… and bingo! First of all there I saw thousands of small strands of colours mainly red, orange and yellow at first like this


Then I saw as was in a building which was round with loads of round rooms with these strands streaming through. In the background was a very funky dance beat which gave me the impression this was the root tune of all dance music! I wish I could remember it as it was sooo catchy and I could make a fortune from it :smile:

The strands seem to end up streaming vertically in lines and I saw a snake/serpent slithering through into one of the rooms (I seem to be in the main hall which was pretty big) and then I saw some strange beings. They didn’t interact with me and I didn’t know what to make of them and then suddenly the vision finished. Overall the whole trip seemed to to take on an Aztec/Inca/Mesoamerican vibe (despite the music :grin:).

Afterwards and thinking back, I get the impression I may have seen some angels and that I wasn’t supposed to see them. Contrary to JCI and New Age teachings, angels are not fluffy little cherubims types or all white beings with halo’s and wings. From what I’ve previously read, they can be downright weird and scary looking and the cherubim forms are them dressing up for our benefit so we don’t freak out. You could say I caught them undressed without their make up on :flushed: :smile: Who knows?

Needless to say, being the Fool, I’m gonna ramp up DMT production, angels or not :sunglasses:

In other news, the Success magick rituals are well, going successfully. I’m now three weeks in and on the third ritual which is Pathway (the previous are Clarity & Vision). They’re are quite powerful rituals once you get into the groove and I might write more about them in further posts.

Right, time to go as dinner is ready and it’s a curry YUM YUM :grinning:

I dont quite understand if any of this have worked for you

Some do some don’t.

If you look at my post from March you’ll see I listed some of the spirits I contacted and the results I’ve had.

One of the first rules of magick is that you should not be too attached to wanting the result. So if I’ve mentioned something that I’m doing but no followed up on it, it is either -
a) it hasn’t worked
b) I waiting to see if it’s working
c) the result may manifest over the longer term.

If there’s anything specific you wish to ask about feel free to ask…

Thank you. I was not asking about rules but about specific results. :slight_smile: