CHANGE YOUR LIFE - Jinn Binding Ritual In The Sahara Desert (Most Intense Ritual For Hire I Will Probably Ever Perform)


Cant you simply astral there and do it as soul?

Why put your physical body at risk? Sure, I am certain I could speak with you in the astral, but I really dont want to see you in an ISIS beheading video…

As far as being the embodiment of evil, meh, I can follow that. I haven’t looked very deep into you, out of respect for your privacy, but I can see that there is definitely a spark there that has ignited.


So could I piss and ejaculate on them. and gain power? Or do I have to be a muslim/former muslim for that?

I second this.

It’s so exciting that you get to do that. That desert in itself will be super powerful even without the ritual. You’ll come back once again a changed man. Be safe on this adventure!


d word?

oh i see

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i forgot you were his daughter

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My jealous brother is stealing my soul, though some blood binding and so far I havent found a way to stop him, if I bind him then i bind me and he undose it, if curses him, then i’m cursed too, if i use my hands to kill him it’ll ruin my life, but if I do nothing im dead, even in death, is there a jin that can fix this, idk why i’m askin i’m broke.

I don’t know why you’re getting hate. Here in China the Taoist priests and sorcerers accept money for services beyond the temples and wayshrines. Hell, I’ve had ppl in my wife’s village ask me for assistance in banishing because there are so few Taoist/Buddhist/Llama priests and monks. I’ve never done what you’re about to do in the desert mate, but I know what level of entities you’re dealing with and the huge risk to your person that you’re taking (without taking into account the other dangers of travel) I wish you the best. Please share a tidbit of your experiences when you get back.

Edit: the ppl don’t always pay with money bc they are so poor here. They do it with homemade liquor, food or whole animals.



Can you tell me when this takes place. How to pay with U.S. currency. Is this still available?

Can you send me more info at [email protected]? How to pay in U.S. money and when this offer ends?

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@C.Kendall sent you a p.m …thanks

Having a couple of years of experience in Jinn magick I feel responsible to warn people about a few things.

First remember that Jinn are not highly ascended beings similar to demons or angels so don’t expect them to behave the same way.

Second is that these spirits are not quote soft spirits meaning they do not live in higher dimensions and in fact they live in the in between so they’re more physical compared to other spirits which is why they’re so fast at bringing the results and their presence feels so strong so getting rid of them is not easy at all if one tries to mess with you and if they decide to mess with you your life will be a living hell.

And also remember that all these dark beings we work with even the Divs are still considered ascended beings with high levels of understanding but the Jinn are not.

And just to prevent any misconceptions I should add that when I say they are not ascended beings I am not referring to the entire race of these beings but referring to the ones you’re most likely to encounter .

And last thing I am not discouraging anyone from working with these beings in fact it is beneficial as long as you know what you’re dealing with and take the necessary precautions .

So take care folks :wink:


@C.Kendall I just PMd you about this ritual. Hope to hear from you soon when you get a chance. Thank you

This has been my experience also…Spot on.

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How can I be a part of this ritual?

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I must say that my interest is piqued! When is the deadline exactly? Is there any other way I can contact you so we could discuss this further? For whatever reason, I’m unable to PM you. Thanks!

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Oh, okay, I understand. Thanks for the explanation.