Reminder For The Jinn Ritual For Hire

All those that are interested in this, must let me know soon as possible as I will be heading to the sandy deserts in February.

Message me for me details




You could have just bumped your original thread.

Also, don’t get kidnapped. As I said, Tunisia is notorious for kidnapping tourists, so stay safe.


Oh yeah didn’t think about that :joy: and don’t worry I got quite a lot of protection out there, thanks though :blush:


can you release any info on the jinns themselves your using?

Or have a videos on your youtube about jinn as a topic?

Hi. Hope you have a safe trip. Im very interested in this type of work.

Omw i just saw the date. Im a year late lol

Have a safe trip, would love to hear about it when you get back!

Guys this is an old topic just reminding you all this was a while back

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