Chakra Merging Meditation Redux


You never actually kept me up to date, did you keep doing this for a while, and if you did, what results did you get?


Ah yes I kept doing it until the spirits I was working with got me doing something kind of different.
All in all I don’t have chakras now. Much better this way.
The exercise is great for burning out clogged ideas of not “being able to” to noticing what freedom feels like. And go from there :wink:


Good to know that it worked for you. I’ve thought about switching to a pore-based system, where instead of the chakras, using the pores in my skin to breathe energies. Actually, in Bardon’s Initiation into Hermetics, he instructed people to ‘breathe through’ their pores.

The only reason why I haven’t yet is because there is some usefulness in the chakra-based systems, like ease of knowing when you are seeing crazy energies just out of sight.


Dragons breath is quite relaxing


This is a updated version of the Chakra Merging Meditation Redux from @Anziel_Merkaba. I got permission to post this material.

This is a pore breathing technique not a chakra meditation.
However the OP recommended me to use this technique instead.

To properly begin this exercise, you will start with a pore breathing, where you visualize energy flowing into and out all your pores as you breathe. This will make your energetic body more malleable for the main part of this exercise.

Once that is done you will fill your body with energy (by conscious intent and will) , until your body is completely charged.

After that, start to push the energies into a circle, so they flow around your body like a hurricane spinning around a central point.

As the energies start to spin and flow, breathe in more energies through your pores and feed it into the spinning vortex. You will find that you can hold a greater density of energies when they are moving around your body like this, so keep filling yourself up with energies until your entire body is as full as you can possibly get it.

Once you are fully topped up, just let go of the vortex so it spins under it’s own force and stabilizes, as you exhale, feel excess energy flow out from your pores, and as you inhale, feel more energy flow in. As you breathe, you will vent energies and take in energies.


I know its an old thread but I want to say thank you for this! After doing this I feel like im floating and hyper charged

Good ole bumb

Check for updated version (in this thread) by @calcined

When the practisioner is done, he or she should place the gardered energy in the (real) lower dan tian. By inhaling and focusing on the location and exhaling pushing it in the storage center.

In qigong, on the inhale you gather qi, on the exhale you compress qi into lower dan tian. It’s on every breath.

After doing 9, 18 or 36 breaths like that, then I focus on the microcosmic orbit or other exercise that I wanted to do with the qi. You can also experiment with gathering it to middle and upper dan tians, the latter beig the standard 3rd eye meditation, but too much of that can make you imbalanced and give you a headache, if you store in the lower dan tian first and move it from there that’s very safe.